80 Filipino Boy Names for Your Baby

Filipino Boy Names

Filipino is a complicated language made up of different languages, and it’s recognized for its repeated syllables that seem pleasant to the ear.

Filipino baby names are all lovely and unique ways to preserve the Philippines’ rich culture.

Not only will you hear traditional Tagalog names but also Italian, Spanish, and American names, as the culture has many ties to other cultures.

There are a thousand and many more names to choose from, but where to look and how to find the most suitable and amazing name for your baby boy can be a challenging task for you.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your newborn an exotic name, have a look at our extensive list of Filipino boy names.


Aaron is one of the common traditional Filipino boy names among different cultures. The name Aaron means “high mountain”. 


This is another Filipino boy’s name that is very popular. This name means “sea or water”. 


The name Abraham is a very popular name and is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of this name is “father of nations”. 


This Filipino boy’s name spelled as (Adam) means “first man on earth”. It is of Hebrew origin and it is a very popular name among different cultures. 


The name Ace is among the most popular Filipino boy names and it means “unity”. 


Adonis is a name of Greek origin, it means “extremely good looking, handsome”.


This is one of the Filipino boy’s names that is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Agapito is “loving, kindness and charity”. Spanish name from the Greek word “agape”.


The name Akio is mainly a Filipino boy name that is of Japanese origin that means “Bright, Clear, Husband, and a Man.” 


The name Alejandro is among the cutest Filipino boy names. The name is pronounced (al-ay-HAHN-droh) and it is of Spanish and Greek origin, and the meaning of Alejandro is “man’s defender or a warrior”.


The name Alex is a unisex name, and it is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Alex is “defender of humankind or a warrior”.

Albert / Alberto

Alberto is the romance version of the German name Albert. Used in Portugal, Italy, and Spain, it also has several variations like Albert, Albertus, Adalbert, Elbert, and Adelbert. This name means “noble and bright”. 


This is a Celtic surname that originates from Ireland, and is common in Wales, Scotland, and England. Allen Means “little rock”, “harmony” “great” and “handsome”. 


This is a unique Filipino baby boy’s name which means “waves.” Also, a short form of Alfonzo and Alphonso.


The name Andrei, is a Filipino boy name that is of Greek and French origin meaning “man or warrior”.


This is one of the coolest Filipino boy names that have a special meaning. It is the Spanish version of the name (Andrew). The name comes from the Greek Andreas and has an exotic, debonair flavor, meaning “brave”. 


The name Angelito is a unique Filipino boy name that is of Spanish origin that means” Little Angel”.


 Angelo is an Italian boy name and surname which means “angel”, or “messenger”.


This is a widely used and traditional Filipino baby boy name that means “worthy of praise and value.”


This is a feminine given name from the Filipino (Tagalog) language. In the Philippines the name means “day, sun, to shine brightly”.


The name Arnold is a name derived from an old German name that means “eagle power”. 


This a Filipino boy’s name that is derived from the Ancient Greek “Astēr”, meaning “star, aster”


Axel, also known as (Aksel), is a German, Scandinavian, Dutch, and French masculine name that means “Father of Peace”. 


 Bagani is a Filipino boy name that means “Warrior”. 


Bagwis is a one-of-a-kind baby name that means “long feather” in Tagalog. Along with other popular baby names in the Philippines, this name is gaining popularity. 


The name Bayani is an old Filipino baby boy name that means “hero.”


Ben is the short form of Benjamin. Benjamin is derived from the Hebrew words ben (son) and yāmīn (right side).


They derive the name Benigno from the Roman Imperial name Benignus and mean “kindly,” “good,” or “benign.”


The name Bien is mostly a Vietnamese boy’s name that means “ocean” or “sea.” In Spanish, it also means “good, fine.”


The name Benjie is a variation of the name Benjamin that signifies “son of the riggh.”


Bulan is an Indonesian word that means “moon.” In Filipino folklore, it is used to allude to the God of the Moon.


Crisanto is a Filipino spiritual name that means “Christ.” When compared to Christian or Christopher, it has a unique sound.


Cesar is a Latin name that means ‘long-haired.’ They named it after the delicious Caesar salad dressing.


Carlo is a name of a French origin that means ‘strong.’ It’s a nice, short name that doesn’t even require a nickname!


For parents seeking a classic name for their baby boy, Diego is a great option! It literally means “the one who replaces” and also refers to a city in the United States called San Diego.


Danilo is a sweet boy’s name that means “the Almighty is My Judge.” Danilo is a Tagalog variant of Daniel!


Efren is the Spanish version of Ephraim, which means ‘fruitful’ in Hebrew. Ephraim is the name of Joseph’s second son and the founder of one of Israel’s tribes, according to Genesis. Ephrem is also a viable option. 


Eric, sometimes spelled Erik, is a common boy’s name that means “honorable king” or “everlasting ruler.”


The Spanish variant of Fernando is Fernandez. Fernando is a common Filipino name and fantastic choice of name for your boy.


Gilbert was popular in England during the Middle Ages, having been brought by Normans. It comes from the German word ‘bright.’


Genesis is a Greek word that means “beginning of something.” It’s also the title of the Hebrew Bible’s first book.


Gabriel is a sweet Hebrew name that means “God is my strength.”


Gregory is a short form of gregarious and implies “alert.” Gregory is a popular name for saints who have their origins in Greek mythology.


Isaac is a Hebrew name that means “laughing” in ancient Hebrew. Isaac was the long-awaited son of Sarah and Abraham, 100 years old at the time. Isaac Newton is one of the most prominent bearers of the name.


In the Philippines, the shortened variant of the Spanish name Francisco is known as Isko. We think it’s a fun alternative to Francisco, which is stuffy. 


Isaiah is an uncommon Filipino name for boys, which means ‘Yahweh is salvation.’ 


Joshua is a traditional Hebrew name that signifies ‘Yahweh is salvation.’ Joshua is a well-known figure in Israelite history who led the conquest of Canaan.


Jose is a derivative of Jose Rizal and is a Spanish variant of “Joseph,” which means “he shall add” in Hebrew.


Juan, the Spanish version of John, is popular not only in Spanish-speaking countries but also in the Philippines. In the world of sports, particularly football, the name is well known. Juan means ‘the Lord is gracious.’ 


For parents looking for Filipino baby boy names that begin with the letter J, Jerome is a pleasant option.


Kevin is a very popular Irish boy’s name that means ‘gentle and attractive.’


Keanu Reeves, the legendary action movie star, popularized the name, which means “cold breeze of the sea” in Hawaii


Kyle is a sweet Scottish baby boy name with a Scottish background. It literally means ‘narrow, straight’.


Luis is an unusual Filipino name that means ‘glory and warrior.’ It is of Spanish origin.


Lester is a common Filipino name with an English origin that means ‘ haven.’


Omar is a Hebrew name that means “talented speaker.” This name derives from Arabic and means “prosperous.”


Mauricio is the Spanish version of the name Maurice which means ‘dark-skinned.’


Melchor is the Tagalog name for Melchior, one of the three kings who came to see Jesus when he was born. Melchor’s meaning is ‘city of the king.’


This is a fantastic name for your gorgeous young man. Makisig is a Tagalog name that means ‘beautiful.’ This name has a lot more glamorous and refined sound to it than a typical Filipino baby’s name. Mickey is an adorable nickname. 


 In Tagalog, the word Magtanggol means “to defend.” This name had faded into obscurity, but it has flashed on the baby boy list.


This is a sweet Filipino baby boy’s name! Nelson Mandela, the adored president of South Africa, is a renowned bearer of this name. It means “son of the champion.”


Nathaniel is a Hebrew name that means “God’s gift.” 


Nino is a name of Spanish origin that means “infant boy.” This is another popular name for a first-born child.


Nicholas is a popular Filipino boy’s name with a Greek origin that means ‘victory of the people.’ 


Nimuel is a brilliant choice for parents searching for a simple and unusual name for their baby boy. Nimuel means “peace.”


Patrick is a common boy’s name that comes from Latin origin. The name is well-known in Ireland because of Saint Patrick’s role in the country’s history.


Rommel is a sweet and musical name for boys that means “to create a noise.” This name would be well-suited to a Romi nickname! 


Rodrigo is the Spanish form of the popular name Roderick. We think it has a better beat than the original.


Ryan is an Irish name that means “royal descent.” 


Ronald is a confident and masculine name for boys! Ronald Macdonald was a well-known bearer of the name. It means ‘ruler’ or ‘advice.’ 


Sinag is a Filipino word that means “bright beam.” This is an odd name for a Filipino boy, however, it is very popular.


Sherwin is another nice name to give your boy. It means “quick runner” in English. 


Sofer is a Hebrew name that means “writer, author.”


You can also shorten Steven to Stephen, which is a popular boy’s name that means ‘a garland.’ Are you considering a moniker? This one would be great with Stevie or Steve! 


Vincent is a Latin name that is given to several great people! The primary character in Entourage has immortalized the name! It means ‘to conquer.’


Vito comes from the Latin word vita, which means ‘life.’ Because life is valuable, and your son is valuable, what better way to begin than with his name, which means “life”?


Venancio is a prominent Tagalog name used by Filipino military officer Venancio Serrano and Filipino army general Venancio Concepcion.


Vergel is a rare and traditional Filipino boy’s name that means ‘good luck.’ With this name, he’ll promote happiness and optimism. 


Wilfred is an old English boy name that means “desires peace.” It will naturally associate peace and tranquility with your boy’s name, making it an outstanding choice!


Yanni is a Hebrew name that means “God is kind.” Yanni, a brilliant Greek composer, is the inspiration for the name.


Zenon is a Greek name that means “guest” or “visitor.”

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