10 Popular Festivals in Virginia You Shouldn’t Miss

Festivals in Virginia
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As well as its extensive Atlantic coastline, Virginia reaches from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains.

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Charlottesville property, is one of the original thirteen colonies.

A living-history museum, the Jamestown Settlement, and Colonial Williamsburg recreate life during the colonial and revolutionary periods.

However, Virginia has many cultures in which festivals are on the list. Here, we’ll discuss the famous festivals in Virginia.

Why shouldn’t we be celebrating all the time like Virginia? Thanks to its strong military roots, deep historical ties, and love of culture, the Old Dominion celebrates everyone.

Throughout the year, 10 Virginia festivals are a must-attend.

1. Virginia International Tattoo Festival

Virginia International Tattoo Festival is famous for being the most patriotic of the Great Tattoos in the world.

In some cases, the name can be misleading. Ink tattoo artists will not be showcasing their thing at this festival, but they can attend.

Also, massed military bands perform military music as part of a ceremonial tattoo.

Watch the marching orchestras and bands or the dancers and drill teams that follow the marching music.

More than 1,000 performers from eight nations will conduct patriotic and honor-related performances.

2. Virginia Highlands Festival

In Abingdon, Virginia, the Virginia Highlands Festival dates back to 1943 and has been a part of the environment for generations.

Its goal is to preserve the culture and traditions of the people of Southwest Virginia.

However, this event is an excellent opportunity to hang out and see some of the topics local citizens are enthusiastic about.

Explore the festival and Abingdon for a beautiful history lesson and an insight into the culture of Southwest Virginia.

3. Neptune Festival

Neptune, the king of the seas, rules over Virginia Beach every September.

In addition to seafood, arts and crafts, and entertainment, the annual Neptune Festival honors the city’s “seafaring heritage.”

An international sand sculpture competition and a yearly wine festival are part of this free festival.

Visits by individuals from all over the world are made to the Orange Crush King.

4. Pungo Strawberry Festival

Pungo Strawberry Festival is one of the many festivals in Virginia.

Annually, nearly 100,000 people visit the Pungo Strawberry Festival, which takes place over Memorial Day Weekend.

There’s a parade, three stages of live entertainment, and a carnival at the Strawberry Festival in addition to strawberry picking! With your own freshly picked strawberries, you can celebrate the start of summer.

5. Historic Garden Week

This historical state is plenty of fantastic sights to check out all across the state.

Historic Garden Week is one event you may not be aware of. The city’s historic gardens, residences, and landmarks are open to the public each spring.

However, over a week in April, Virginia’s spring hues are on display. The event has been in existence since 1924, making it a historical event.

6. Oceana Air Show

Military pride penetrates Virginians young and old, and the Oceana Air Show is a testament to the state’s rich military heritage and generational pride.

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels perform during this yearly air display at Oceana Naval Base.

Also, it is well known that the Blue Angels are role models and goodwill ambassadors for the United States Navy and Marine Corps around the globe.

Rob Holland, the GEICO Skytypers, Scott Scooter York, and Bill Leff are among the other performers.

7. Virginia Film Festival

It is a four-day celebration of Virginia’s unique film history and is held in Richmond, Virginia.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of “Breaking Bad” and a Virginia native, is a frequent keynote speaker.

If you would like to know what movies are playing, check out their website. He added, “Today, the Virginia International Film Festival is a cultural icon in Virginia as well as one of the nation’s most respected regional destination film festivals.”

8. Norfolk NATO Festival

NATO Fest in Norfolk recognizes NATO and its member countries, and it’s a significant part of Norfolk’s history.

Norfolk, Virginia, has been home to NATO’s central command since 1953 when it was founded.

However, every year after then, the festival has continued to be a party.

In addition to providing NATO member states with a military exhibition, this event also gives the public a chance to see the military strength of other nations.

The festival’s goal is to promote cultural interchange, promote international peace, and showcase the finest of Virginia.

9. Chautauqua Festival

Wytheville in Virginia is a small town with a passion for art.

Wytheville’s art committee was created in 1985 and has been conducting art festivals ever since.

However, it is organized by local artists in various disciplines, including music, crafts, and classic art forms like painting.

So, it would be best if you don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated events in Wytheville!

10. Richmond Folk Festival

Richmond Folk Festival is a celebration of Virginia’s artistic soul.

Twelve thousand five hundred people attended the event last year to take in all of the worldwide music, food, and culture that was on show.

Moreover, this free event takes place in the state capital every October.

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