18 Famous People Who Had Skin Cancer

Famous People Who Had Skin Cancer

The most prevalent cancer in the United States, skin cancer, cannot be prevented by wealth, talent, popularity, or beauty. There are a few famous people who had skin cancer.

Celebrities may appear to be larger than life, but they are just regular individuals, just like everyone else.

They are susceptible to UV damage just like everyone else. 

For the sake of their profession, they frequently have flawless skin and caramel tans, yet they are just as susceptible to skin cancer as anybody else.

A skin cancer diagnosis can drastically affect one’s life and inspire increased caution, including increased sun protection and regular skin checks.

These are some public figures’ responses to their own skin cancer scares.

These are 10 famous people who had skin cancer at some point in their lives.

We have done the hard work and research just for you, and we hope you have an interesting ride with us on this train.

1. Bob Marley

Bob Marley
by murdelta is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The first person on the list of famous people who had skin cancer was the late Bob Marley. Under his toenail, his cancer first showed itself as a dark patch. 

According to Biography.com, doctors recommended amputating Marley’s toe, but Marley rejected it due to his religious beliefs. 

His entire body subsequently experienced the cancer’s spread. The terrible passing of Marley, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, serves as a warning that people of all skin tones should be alert to changes in their skin.

2. Jeff Rossen

Jeff Rossen assists clients in overcoming life’s obstacles in his capacity as a national investigative correspondent for NBC. He recently disclosed one of his own. 

The Emmy-winning journalist shared details of his skin cancer diagnosis in his book Rossen To the Rescue: Secrets to Avoiding Scams, Everyday Danger, and Big Catastrophes.

Rossen informed the presenter of the Today show, Matt Lauer, “I was diagnosed with melanoma.”

As a dad, it “scared me.” Among the famous people who had skin cancer we have Jeff Rossen.

Rossen’s diagnosis prompted a 2012 special report to air.

There is no proof that sunscreens with an SPF of 70, 80, 100, or more offer greater protection than those with an SPF of 50, despite the fact that consumers may be willing to spend more for them.

3. Kyloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian
by Eva Rinaldi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted updates on her website and app in August 2016 about her skin cancer worries.

She said, “I have moles all everywhere, and a few years ago, I noticed one growing under my breast.

Biopsy results showed it to be benign. But, during a subsequent examination, medical professionals found skin cancer in a suspicious mole on her back. 

The Kardashian informed her fans that 8 inches of skin were removed from her. Although there was a lot of flesh to remove, it wasn’t really uncomfortable.

The Kardashian sister, a strong advocate for the cancer community, had two moles on her back removed, one of which was a melanoma.

She now gets medical checks every three months and always takes care to follow the ABCDEs of sun safety.

4. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Khloé is not the only one who has experienced a skin scare.

As you can see, Caitlyn Jenner is also one of the famous people who had skin cancer.

Recently, Caitlyn Jenner uploaded an Instagram selfie of herself without makeup, revealing the red, raw tip of her nose.

She captioned the photo, “I recently had to get some sun damage removed off my nose.” 

5. Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge of the Real Housewives of Orange County, exposed her left butt cheek on Instagram in August 2017, emphasizing a crucial point: “This image serves as an example of what melanoma looks like.” 

The mother and fitness enthusiast uploaded a photo of her sutures following mole removal surgery. 

Along with reassuring her supporters that she is melanoma-free, she asked them to obtain a full-body skin check. On our list today, Tamra Judge is one of the famous people who had skin cancer.

6. Bethenny Frankel

Days after Tamra Judge went public, reality star and CEO of Skinnygirl Cocktails Bethenny Frankel revealed her personal fear of skin cancer.

On our list, we have Bethenny Frankel as one of the famous people who had skin cancer.

To get rid of a minor tumor on her face, Frankel had Mohs surgery. She later received confirmation from her doctor that it was basal cell carcinoma, the most typical kind of skin cancer.

7. Witney Carson

Witney Carson’s dermatologist delivered some heartbreaking news concerning a little mole on her foot days after the dancer discovered she had been selected for the roster of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

She informed Daily Burn that although it was strawberry in color, it was a standard size. A sample was sent to the lab by her doctor. Melanoma was shown to be the diagnosis.

A stunning turn of events occurred. “I’m overjoyed. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to express my passion, and now I’ve received the devastating news that I have cancer,” She spoke.

Carson’s foot has a noticeable scar following surgery, which serves as a reminder of “this battle that I went through and the success that I had after that.”

8. Summer Sander

Summer Sanders, a swimmer with Team USA, returned home from the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona with four medals, including two gold ones.  

She admitted to ABC News Radio that she never wore sunscreen while exercising. Summer Sanders is one of the famous people who had skin cancer.

In order to protect her family and herself from the sun, Sanders now advocates for skin cancer awareness and takes numerous safety measures. 

9. Melanie Griffith

This actress, who was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe, may be best remembered for her role as the feisty protagonist in the romantic comedy Working Girl from 1988. 

You may know her better as the mother of Dakota Johnson from Fifty Shades of Grey. Griffith is also a multiple skin cancer survivor, something many people might not be aware of.

Griffith had surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma from her nose, according to a September 2017 report from US Weekly. 

In December 2009, the actress’s agent stated that she underwent surgery to have the early stages of skin cancer from her face removed. Melanie Griffith is one of the famous people who had skin cancer.

10. John McCain

John McCain
by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Threats to his health, including numerous bouts of melanoma, don’t seem to faze this tough-as-nails senator.

In 1993, McCain had his first encounter with this potentially fatal variety of skin cancer. 

He received a 2017 diagnosis of glioblastoma, a particular kind of brain tumor. He tragically passed away in 2018.

John McCain is one of the survivors of skin cancer, and he also made it to the list of famous people who had skin cancer.

11. Kenny Rogers

Country music icon Kenny Rogers joked while posting a photo of his bandaged face to Instagram in May 2014, “But you should see the other man!”

The three-time Grammy winner and recent induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame revealed to the world that he had “a little bit of skin cancer removed” and advised everyone to “go get tested.

12. Jimmie Johnson

One of NASCAR’s top drivers, Jimmie Johnson, earned his 83rd career victory on June 4, 2017. Jimmie Johnson is one of the famous people who had skin cancer.

 The following day, the racing champion tweeted to comfort and warned his followers: “Kids, wear sunscreen.”

13. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman
by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

During the production of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hugh Jackman’s nose developed a bloodstain.

He reasoned that he might have cut himself. His wife advised him to have it examined. The analysis was of cancer of the basal cells.

The Australian has since had treatment for numerous skin malignancies. In a photograph of his bandaged nose posted to Instagram in February 2017, he announced his most recent diagnosis.

So to speak, Jackman has “skin in the game” in a real sense. In addition to getting routine skin checks, he also works for a U.S. company that produces Pure Sun Defense.

14. Michelle Monaghan

When this actress was diagnosed with skin cancer, she was going through a very significant professional period. Her spouse was the one who pushed her to get it checked. 

However, if she hadn’t gotten it checked, things would have been drastically different. She recovered and is still employed now.

Michelle Monaghan is one of the famous people who had skin cancer, and she is also a survivor.

15. Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen, a well-known talk show host and producer, was persuaded by a friend to get a spot on his lip examined.

When he discovered it was a melanoma, he promptly adjusted his approach to sun protection. 

16. Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor, a famous actor who had many malignant moles removed in the early 2000s, has since committed himself to abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol, two behaviors that raise the chance of developing further cancers.

17. Donal Logue

Donal Logue, best known for his performances in “Sons of Anarchy” and “Vikings,” had a close encounter with cancer in 2013 when he detected a growth on his scalp that turned out to be a squamous cell carcinoma. 

He is much more diligent about sun protection now that he has fair skin and red hair.

18. Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton was a big star and one of the best-liked actors of the 1970s and 1980s, but she also had an exceptionally light complexion. 

She acknowledges that prior to receiving a squamous cell carcinoma diagnosis on her face at the age of 21 when she was a young actor, she was constantly attempting to tan.

These days, she uses broad-spectrum sunscreen on her face every day.

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