50 Scandinavian Boy Names for Your Baby

Exotic Scandinavian Boy Names

Scandinavian boy names usually have unique meanings that make them special to those who bear them.

These names can be traced back to the ancient era of the Vikings and also to different Norse stories and gods.

If you’re looking for a unique and perfect name for your baby boy because you’re expecting a new addition or interested in learning about Scandinavian culture, this article has covered you with the most exotic Scandinavian male names.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best-known Scandinavian boy names from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Scandinavian Boy Names

1. Aaren

Aaren is a Scandinavian boy name of German and Dutch origin. It is a name with different meanings because it means high mountains, inspired, or lofty. This is one name that your little boy will appreciate.

2. Alrik

Alrik is a sweet-sounding boy name of Scandinavian origin with the meaning “one who is noble.”

3. Ansgar

This is a name your little boy will grow up to love, and it is a variant of the name Oscar. Give this name to your baby, and he’ll forever be grateful you did. The name Ansgar means “gentle friend.”

4. Anker

This is another nice name of Scandinavian origin to give your baby boy as it means “a manly harvester who is very strong and brave.”

5. Ansfrid

Ansfrid is a popular Scandinavian baby boy name that everyone loves as it is like a blessing to the child. It means “a person always protected by God.”

6. Anders

Anders is a popular Scandinavian baby boy name of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark origin. The name Anders means “manly.” It is one of the most masculine names any boy can have. It is a variant of the name Andrew.

7. Arne

Arne is a very popular name in different parts of Scandinavia as well as Norway and Denmark. It is another version of the old Norse name which means “Eagle.” This name was common among boys during the 1910s, 20s, and 30s. Arne has also gained power in Sweden with the version “Arni.”

8. Axel

This is one of the best Scandinavian baby boy names in the world. The name Axel has a rock and roll feel to it, plus it has a very soft meaning behind it. Axel stands for “defending men” or “my father is peace.” This name is commonly spelled with a “k” in Denmark and Norway as in “Aksel.”

9. Axil

Axil is one of the lovely Scandinavian boy names that means one who is a “peace lover.” People with this name turn out to be great leaders in life.

10. Bjorn

Bjorn is a very popular name among the Nordic regions, and it is a name that evokes an idea of power and strength. It’s popular in Hungary, Farose Islands, Iceland, and Sweden. The name means “bear.”

11. Bo

Bo is a simple and attractive Scandinavian baby boy name that your son will appreciate. It has its origin in an old Norse nickname Bua, which means “to live.” This name is most common in Denmark, Sweden, and most of the Norse countries. The variant of Bo in Sweden is Bosse.

12. Bodie

Bodie is one of the cute Scandinavian boy names, and it is a proper name for your baby. The name Bodie means “one who is sheltered.”

13. Casper

Casper is a friendly name popular in various regions of the world. It comes from the name Chaldean which means “to treasure.” Kasper and Gasper are alternative spellings to this name.

14. Daube

Daube is a Scandinavian male name that means “bird, dove,” Remember that the dove symbolizes peace and harmony, so you want to pick this for your child.

15. Eero

Eero is another Scandinavian baby boy name that is often underestimated in the world. For modern parents searching for a unique name for their child, you should consider this name as it has a unique sci-fi vibe. One notable bearer of this name is Eero Saarinen. The name Eero means “ruler.”

16. Eggert

This is an uncommon Scandinavian boy name that will give an identity to your little one. Eggert means “a high potential person.”

17. Einar

This is one of the top listed Scandinavian baby boy names that will sit well with your child. Einar means “lone warrior.”

18. Emil

Emil is a trendy and classy Scandinavian baby boy name that means “industrious.” It is currently one of the most suggested baby boy names.

19. Erth

This is another cute Scandinavian name your son will grow up to love, and it means “earth.”

20. Eric

This is a Scandinavian baby boy name with a significant impact. The name Eric means “an eternal ruler.”

21. Gunner

Gunner is one of the ancient Scandinavian male names that comes from the compound words for warrior and war. Gunnar was a prominent figure in Norse legend, and it is a favorite name amongst many Nordic regions. Other variants of this name are Gunner and Gunther. The meaning of Gunner is “a bold warrior.”

22. Hannes

Hannes is another Scandinavian boy name that sounds strange. This is the Finnish version of the German name “Hans.” In Finland and Estonia, the name Hannes means “quick-minded” and loving.”

23. Hendrixx

It is a Scandinavian male name and the variation of the name Henry which means “a ruler.” People with this name turn out to be very determined and wise.

24. Ivar

Ivar is a lovely Viking name that originates from Norway and Iceland.  This is a name that sounds a bit like “Igor, (the horror movie people know from Frankenstein), and it means “god” or “warrior.”

25. Jens

If you’re looking for an interesting Scandinavian male name to give your child, you should consider this name. It is the Scandinavian version of the name John. This name is derived from Johannes, a popular name in Sweden and Denmark.

26. Josef

Josef is a Scandinavian name common in almost every region, so if you’re looking for a religious name to give your child, then Josef is the ideal name. The name Josef means “rising of God.”

27. Kai

Kai is a common multi-cultural name with origin in Norway, wales, Germany, and Hawaii. The name is considered a very attractive name in Denmark due to the character named Kai in the Snow Queen, a book by Hans Christian Andersen. Kai means “restoration” and “recovery.

28. Lars

Lars is another popular Scandinavian male name that you can easily spell. If you’re familiar with the popular drummer from Metallica, Lars Ulrich, then you might be a fan of the name. Lars comes from the word Laurentis, which translates to “man from the place of laurel.”

29. Lief

Lief is a popular Scandinavian name of old Norse origin that’s common in Sweden and Denmark. The name Lief means “heir” or “beloved.”

30. Magnus

Magnus is one popular Scandinavian male name that you’d have heard no matter where you stay. It is a name that’s pretty big in pop culture; the name Magnus means “great” or “powerhouse.”

31. Mathias

Mathias is a name of royalty with Norse and Hebrew origin. This name is common in regions such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Mathias is a unique and exotic version of the name Mathew.  Alternative spellings to this name are Mathios and Matias. The name Mathias means “gift.”

32. Nanne

Nanne is a cool Scandinavian boy name that refers to “a caring and passionate person,” this name is very attractive, and those that bear it end up with success stories.

33. Nils

Nils is a name of Danish origin often used as an alternative to Niklas. If you are familiar with the rock guitarist Nils Lofgren, then you already know this name. Nils is a lovely name for a powerful guy or a future leader. Its alternative is Nike, and it means “victory of the people.

34. Odin

Odin is another sweet-sounding Scandinavian boy name because its cool and delicate sound makes it more suitable for your baby boy. It is a short, sweet name that means “a yellow flower, daffodil.”

35. Olafur

This is a very popular Scandinavian name that has its origin in Norway. It comes from an Old Norse word that translates to “ancestors relic.”

36. Osmin

This is another lovely Scandinavian baby name that will suit your child and make him feel safe and secure. Osmin means “one who God protects.

37. Osburne

Osburne is a unique Scandinavian name that translates to “one that brings the most productive or prosperous time in someone’s life.”

38. Oswy

If you’re from a religious family and in search of a name that will suit such, Oswy is the go-to name. The name Oswy means “one who is a friend of God.”

39. Oslo

It is a popular Scandinavian boy name and the name of the capital city in Norway. This is a great name because it is easy to spell and remember. It is a common name in Norway, just like Olaf and Odin.

40. Otto

Do you want your son to live a luxurious life? Otto is the perfect name! It is a name of German origin and appears with names such as Otho and Otis in traditional German names. This is an attractive Scandinavian male name that means “royal” and “rich.”

41. Raum

Raum is an unusual Scandinavian boy name but with an exciting sound. This name has a connection with mythical kings, it was the name of a legendary Norwegian king, so it’ll be a nice name if you’re searching for a name connected to royalty. The name Raum means  “big.”

42. Soren

Soren is a soft and sweet-sounding Scandinavian boy name.  Although it has a harsh meaning, it has emerged as a very popular name outside of Denmark. It is also a common name in the literary world. The name Soren means “severe” or “stern.”

43. Stieg

Stieg, sometimes spelled “Stig,” is a popular Scandinavian male name with its origin in the Old Norse term “Stigr.” Currently, this name has gained more attention thanks to Stieg Larsson, a popular novelist. The name Stieg means “wanderer.”

44. Sven

Sven is an uncommon Scandinavian boy name that you might have heard at anytime. This name appears very often in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It is also gaining a lot of attention from other regions following the success of the frozen movie, where Sven is the name of a friendly reindeer. It means “young boy.”

45. Stellan

Stellan is a popular Scandinavian male name of Sweden origin. It has gained a lot of popularity thanks to actors like Stellan Skarsgard. This name also has some origin in Germany, meaning “peace” or “calm.”

46. Tassilo

This is a lovely Scandinavian male name you can consider, and it means “a brave protector.” Give this name to your son and watch him save his known ones from harm.

47. Thor

Thor is a nice name to give your child as it is a powerful name that comes from Norse Mythology. Thanks to Marvel movies, the name Thor has become so popular. Thor means “god of thunder.” If you’re looking for a cool and different version of this name, then you should try “Tor” instead.

48. Valedmar

Valedmar is one name that’s trendy in Sweden. It is a sweet Scandinavian boy name that means “a king.”

49. Von

For those who are not familiar with Scandinavian male names, the name Von will sound pretty strange. Von is of German origin and is inspired by different languages in the Norse countries. Von is sometimes used as an alternative to the name Vaughn. The name Von means “little” or “junior.”

50. Viggo

In the world today, it is important to be competitive to succeed, and for that to happen, you need a fighter’s spirit. It is a Scandinavian name connected with warriors and great fighters. The name Viggo means “fighter on the battlefield.”

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