34 Most Popular Exotic Girl Names!

Exotic Girl Names

If you want an exciting name for your expected child, there are various exotic girl names you can choose from. Such terms will make her stand out among the rest of the crowd.

From African and Spanish to South Asian and Greek, there are various options that you might not have considered before. 

Here are some of the most popular exotic girl names that are perfect for you. Exotic girl names are unique names.


Adelita is one of the exotic girl names. It’s a Spanish pet form of Adela. Adelita is a Spanish female name meaning little noble, a feminine variation on Edelweiss and Adelaide. It also means little soldier or fighter.

However, it has not been ranked in the top 1000 names given to baby girls in 2011. Also, the United States Social Security Administration does not have data on Adelita as a first or middle name. Exotic girl names are names you can subscribe to.


According to The Baby Name Wizard, Aelita is a derivative from Greek that means bright and shining. If your baby is a genius, it’s perfect! Be aware that Aelita has been rising slowly in popularity since 1988.

Meanwhile, there is no assurance whether or not it will rise further in ranking. However, Aelita is a solid pick of an exotic but unique girl name.

We love its meaning, bright and shining, as well as its history and sound. And best of all, it comes with no trendy connotations whatsoever, 

Moreover, It feels classic without being old-fashioned. Exotic girl names are names you can vouch for.


Aida, one of the famous exotic girl names, was originally a variant of Aidan that is Old Irish in origin. The meaning of Aida is fire. You might also like Darian or Adriana in Arabic and Aliana in Azerbaijani. 

Also, Arielle or Helaine in French and Aerilyn or Ardell in Armenian. These are just some of our top picks, but you can find many more here. Remember, we have over 1000 baby names to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that fits your unique style.


Beinn is an example of an exotic girl named after a beautiful Irish island. Beinn is a rare but intriguing choice for parents who want something unique and other-worldly. The origin of Bebinn lies in Greek mythology, and it’s one part of two separate goddesses. 

Furthermore, the first half, Bebhionn, is derived from Befion, which means little flame. The second half comes from Banba, meaning woman. Irish-language variations include Béibhinn and Bíobhinn.

However, If it’s not translated into English, these versions may be considered an alternative to Becky or Jenna. I guess you are getting familiar with exotic girl names.


Benoite, a name on the list of exotic girl names, is a beautiful French name that means bright. It became famous after being given to a character in a novel titled Camille by Alexandre Dumas.

Benoite Camille dies young, and her soul is sent to heaven before its time. Camille was played onscreen by 18-year-old actress Rachel Berry from Glee.

Benoite has also appeared as a character in several movies, including The Magnificent Seven in 1960. This feminine French first name is more than what it should be.

Perhaps because people associate it with death or find it difficult to pronounce, nevertheless, consider Benoite if you want something unusual but not too unusual that few people will know how to spell or say correctly. Exotic girl names are good to go with!


Catira is a Spanish variation on Catherine, meaning pure. The Persian origin makes it similar to other appealing exotic girl names like Katarina or Kamaria.

Catira isn’t a common name. But it could make its way into popularity due to being featured in a Star Wars movie only briefly.

Therefore, If your little one loves sci-fi and fantasy, consider naming her after one of Yoda’s aides from Star Wars. ‘Attack of the Clones’ in episode two.

Has she always wished she was a little more intense than her peers? You might consider using Hyundai as a middle name for added effect.


Elham is a Persian-origin female name meaning sunrise. This is also a variant of Helen. Other variants include Eleonora, Elen, Elene, and Eli. In Turkish, it means graceful or beautiful.

Furthermore, in Albanian, it means light or radiance. Elham is a beautiful exotic-sounding female name. It can be used as a stand-alone first or middle name.

The popularity of Elham has been on a steady decline since 2009. The year with the highest popularity was 2007, which was given to 1,319 baby girls. Since then, its popularity has steadily declined. 

Meanwhile, In 2017, only 44 babies were named Elham. So far in 2018, there have been ten babies named Elham born.

If you are expecting a baby girl soon, why not give her an exotic name like Elham? But, if your last name is already Khan, then maybe not. Strange girl names are such that can be recommended to your pals.


Elvire comes from a French word meaning little elf, but it’s not too familiar. It’s one of those names that rarely appear in everyday conversation and only pop up occasionally. It may be because it’s unique or someone is using it.

 Of course, if you’re searching for a unique baby girl name, then Elvire could be a good choice! It’s also feminine compared to other unisex options like Eliot and Jaxon. Many choose boy names as girls’ middle names. 

Having an unusual first and last name can be fun if you’re into adventure! What do you think?


Esilda is a Swahili name, meaning we are happy. This is a tremendous exotic baby girl name if you want something unique and authentic.

Esilda used to be more popular among Spanish speakers in Florida, but it hasn’t been ranked in over a decade. So it’s rare. There are no top one-thousand names with Esilda as a suffix or root.

As a result, your daughter will stand out without having to use her middle name or initials. Tilda is one of the famous exotic girl names you can name your daughters.


Fiadh is a Celtic and Gaelic boy’s name meaning Young deer. Fia, Feivel, and Feibheal are more vernacular forms.

Fiadh is also used as a form of Fire in Irish mythology and Gaelic legends. Fiadh was a fairy queen in The Black Donnelly Trilogy by Patrick McCabe.

A soldier’s horse in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and an old dog in Walter de la Mare’s poem To A Fat Dog In The Park.


Fitria is a rare exotic girl name, number 333 on our popularity charts. It has been more popular in years past. So, if Fitria is not yet in your family tree, it might be worth considering a new addition. 

Typically, the highest popularity ranking for Fitria was #204 in 2011, with 29 occurrences. A similar or related spelling could be Fattoria. Exotic girl names are beautiful names.


One of my favorite exotic girl names is Franchesca. Its meaning and origin are from France. The name Franze is a variation of Frances, which means free one. It’s a beautiful, feminine, and unique name that I think can be used as a great baby girl’s name. 


An example of a popular exotic girl names’ Gadise’ is pronounced gəd-ee-zay. The name Gadise is a version of Gadyss of Greek origin. It means follower of Christ.

 Although Gadise is typically considered a female’s name, it has also been used as a boy’s name. Other forms or variants include Jadzia and Jaddeus via Belly Ballot. 


Godiva, one of the exotic girl names, is a unique name. It was legendary, though probably fictional, a woman from the 11th century in England.

Godiva was said to have ridden naked through Coventry in protest against her husband’s excessive taxation on his citizens.

Furthermore, according to legend, only one person looked at her that was Leofric, her husband. Other accounts say that everyone in town gathered around to watch and that monk came up with a cloak.

This was just before she passed by so that she could keep riding without being seen naked by anyone else.

 However, it worked. The taxes were cut back significantly. This wasn’t Godiva’s only claim to fame, according to legend. She later died while trying in vain to reconcile her son with his father-in-law after they’d fallen out.


For those interested in a Gaelic word, Grainne is a good one. The meaning is sorrow. It’s not exactly cheerful, but it’s pretty. This is probably best suited to people who want their daughters to have unusual names but don’t care how people say it sounds. 

Nevertheless, there were zero Google results for Grainne, which means your child will be unique. Exotic girl names are names for special girls.


Carolin, an example of an exotic girl name, is a beautiful-sounding name. It’s derived from Harry and Caroline, which are both classic and classy.

Most parents don’t realize that Harolin is one of few names that doesn’t have any spelling or pronunciation issues whatsoever. It’s easy to pronounce and spell.

This makes it an excellent choice for parents who don’t want to spend money on fancy-sounding calligraphy letters. 

Most importantly, It also has a special meaning. It means crowned with love in Hebrew. This beautiful meaning can be used to connect with your daughter as she grows up.

Moreover, It’s also used to encourage her to find ways to crown others with love when she becomes older.


In Sanskrit, Ila means gold, and it’s also used as a version of Ilah, Arabic for God. A Hebrew variation of Ilah is one possible meaning behind the New Testament Greek-derived from Elle.

It was traditionally used in conjunction with Elijah and its masculine counterpart Eli. Nonetheless, parents are more likely to use Elle with Ellie or Ellie Mae than any other spelling variation today.

Ila has additional meanings associated with nature and life in several African languages such as Yoruba, Igbo, and Xhosa. Exotic girl names are great!


Jocosa is a Latin variant of Jocelyn. It is also a Spanish variant of Zoe. The meaning of Jocosa is youthful. Jocosa may be a combination of Jocelyn and Jacinthe. 

Furthermore, another possible origin for Jocosa is English, which means God will add. While there are no direct female versions of Jocosa, there are related feminine forms like Jocelyn and Zoe. They could work as variations. Exotic girl names are lovely and classic.


Josiane combines Josie and Anaïs, making it a unique exotic girl name. It is one of French author Colette’s many pseudonyms Originating in France. It is also considered a unisex nickname for Josephine, which is also on our list. 

Josiane isn’t commonly used as a girl name in English-speaking countries. Though, people born outside these countries may recognize it. The Hebrew word Yochanan means Yahweh has favored me with a son of God has selected me with a son. 

Notwithstanding, in other languages, this variation can be translated differently depending on your culture or language. Does this article on exotic girl names make meaning to you? I guess it does.


Kaimana, another name on the list of exotic girl names, has been used as a baby girl name since 1880. It is used chiefly in English and is also prevalent in Hawaiian. Kaimana is pronounced as KYE-Maa-Naa. It is an alternate form of Kaimana, Caiman, and Cayman. 

The meaning of Kaimana is river and ocean. Its origin is Hawaiian. Ulaia as an exotic girl name: Ulaia has been used as a baby girl name since 1986.

It is predominantly used in Spanish, and its origin languages are Basque and Old Greek. Ulaia means beautiful. Dalia as an exotic girl name: Dalia has been a baby girl name since 1984. Exotic girl names are names worth desiring!


There are many languages in which Karina is translated, and they’re all beautiful. There’s no one-word equivalent to how wonderful Karina sounds.

This Latin origin means Pure. If your baby was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, Karina is a great choice.

Furthermore, many famous women share their names with Karina. Such is Karina Smirnoff, Kat Graham, an actress, and Nikki Sixx’s daughter, Karmen Aska.


Kateri is one of our favorite exotic girl names. We couldn’t believe how cute and unique it was the first time we heard it. We were shocked to discover that Kateri was not only a great first or middle name.

Interestingly, It could be used as a last name too! It’s derived from a Native American word meaning Little Turtle. Also sweet and exotic at once. Exotic girl names are cute names!


Kava means crowned in Tahitian. It’s also a word for heavenly breadfruit in some Polynesian languages, according to Baby Name Wizard. 

Kava is from French Polynesia, French Island, but its meaning makes it perfect for any baby. Keava was No. 67 on the top 100 U.S. baby girl names of 2016, according to The Social Security Administration. This was in 2016 data for births registered in 2015. Not bad at all!


If you’re considering naming your daughter Lalita, it’s a beautiful Hindu name that means bright. It can also be spelled Lali or Lalitha. The only downside is that it’s pretty standard. 

Numerically, in 2010, there were over 17,000 girls named Lali in America alone. Nevertheless, if you love Sanskrit names and are drawn to their softness and femininity, give it some thought! What is your take on exotic girl names?


Liadan means little and dark one in Irish. It is also a Gaelic version of Layla, a Hebrew name meaning night or dark beauty.

Liadan is a reasonably uncommon girl’s name in North America, although it has started to gain popularity with modern parents. In Ireland, Liadan can be both a given and a family name.

Historically, it can be traced back to several figures from Irish mythology who were important historical figures. Though they are no longer used as personal names.

Their mythological stories have inspired new baby-naming trends over time. Exotic girl names cannot be ignored when naming your kids.


Limbani is a rare exotic girl’s name with African origins. It has a unique sound. Limbani is currently number 208 and could grow in popularity as time passes.

Also, Limbani is ranked among female celebrity babies named Limbani, including actress Limara Adams, born on January 16th,1993. Other celebrity babies named Limbani include actress Amanda Ryan-Bujalski, born July 23rd, 1981.


More and more parents are getting creative with their daughters’ names. While many parents still choose classic and traditional baby girl names, some go for something unique instead. Maeve is a unique Irish baby name that has recently increased in popularity. 

Meanwhile, it may not be on your radar yet. Many predict that Maeve could become one of 2018’s biggest baby name trends. It’s adorable nickname options. 

Moreover, It will also play well with strong sister monikers like Kate or Ava. What do you think about Maeve as a girl’s name choice? Wao! Exotic girl names are just exciting names.


Luigsech may be a rarity today, but it is far from an unheard-of name. Its popularity has been on a steady incline since 2009. The Welsh translation is fair-skinned. Believe it or not, Luigsech means light-skinned in Gaelic.

Although, many different spellings can make it confusing, such as Luiseach and Luicesach. In French, a form of Luigsech goes by Lucette or Lucie.

In Portuguese, Lucy or Lucia, and German, Louise though pronounced somewhat differently. It has Interesting variations such as Lygia, Lucia, Lukeisha, and Luisita.


In Hawai’i, Manu is a traditional Polynesian girl name that means ladybird or butterfly. It is one of several bird-inspired Hawaiian girl names. Other bird-themed girls’ names include Aloha, Hawaiian for love, Hoku, meaning star, and Puna.

Meanwhile, it means heat in Hawaiian. It’s also a word used to describe volcanic lava. Some less-traditional but still intriguing choices are ʻAkilina and Kalei. Both are Hawaiian girl names with meanings similar to Mahina.


Marise is a lovely Italian girl name with a bold and charming sound. If you’re looking for an exotic and unique character, Marise is perfect! Why not consider it your daughter’s middle name to add some flair.

Moreover, If your daughter was born during late autumn or winter, name her Marise to commemorate her season of birth. Like a cute baby name idea with family ties, it might be worth checking out. 


Medora is a beautiful name that means guardian in Latin. It’s a variation of Medea, from Greek mythology, that is, the sorceress who killed her children.

Another fun and exotic choice are Tennyson, after poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. Perfect as a nickname or full-name choice! It’s a nature name with literary ties, making it one of our favorite unique baby names. Nicknames include Tenny and Tenni.


If Meital is what you’re going for, it means who plays with lions. While this may seem strange to call your daughter, Meital and its derivatives are very common in Israel. You might want to consider Meital if you wish to use a unique name others won’t be able to find.

In addition, Meital is sometimes given a nickname or middle name, e.g., Miriam and Meital. This can be another good way to ensure that no one else will have your baby’s exact birth certificate. Exotic girl names are lovely!


Melisande is an exotic girl name that means people. It can also be traced back to Greek origins meaning sweet-scented. Melisande was used as a feminine name in England and France during medieval times.

In those places, it was associated with St. Mélisende, who was once depicted on altarpieces and stained glass windows. 

However, this no longer occurs in English. Still, Melisande remains relatively common in parts of Europe like Portugal and Belgium and non-English speaking nations like Germany, where it is known as Melissa. Exotic girl names are impact-making names!


Nandita, one of the exotic girl names, means unique. It’s a perfect name for your daughter if you want her to stand out from all her friends. It’s also an Indian name meaning happiness so it might appeal to those proud of their heritage. 

Nandita is a Sanskrit word that can be interpreted as a sweet fragrance, though some believe it means flower girl.

There are many other meanings associated with Nandita, but it generally means something sweet and enjoyable. Exotic girl names are delightful names!


This is a great post because it addresses a question that people might have. Many look to their favorite celebrity or television show for inspiration when deciding on baby names.

Nonetheless, they should consider trying something different as well. First, knowing what a character is to you and your family rather than its meaning sounds best.

This guide will help you find more exotic girl names than most celebrities! It’s enjoyable with strange girl names!

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