39 Unique and Exotic Boy Names From Around the World

Exotic Boy Names

Do you know that a person’s name says something about them? It can tell you where they came from and their cultural background.

Unique baby names are becoming more and more popular. Besides, parents want to give their children an identity that sets them apart from everyone else in the room.

Here are some of the most Exotic boy names for your baby worldwide. Try one out for your son today!


Calisto is an Exotic boy name of Latin Origin. It means kneeler and is generally used as a surname. Calisto was first listed in 2001 when ten babies had Calisto as their name. (2016 U.S. SSA) Which version of Calisto do they like better?

Yet more popular alternative forms of Calisto are currently ranked on the top 1000 list. These forms of Calisto were used by previous generations at one time but have become less common today. 


Contrary to popular belief, Cathal isn’t just an Irish name—it’s also a prevalent choice in Scotland and Ireland. It was one of Ireland’s most popular Exotic boy names in 2016! The meaning of Cathal is noble or battle-hardened. This exotic boy’s name translates to Charles or Charlie in many cultures.


Here are other Exotic boy names. Chiwetel Ejiofor is a British actor who was born in London. He gained fame as Okwe in Dirty Pretty Things in 2002. 

Meanwhile, in 2005, he won an Academy Award for Best Actor as Fiddler in Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss. His name was initially inspired by a fellow actor, Chi Mgbako, whom he met while performing at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.


Here’s a variation on an old favorite that is receiving increased attention. Cowell is also spelled Qowell, towel, or cole, so check for correct spelling before using it. Its brief appearance (Cowel may remind you of Gary or Paul).

Moreover, there’s no way Cowel would be considered exotic unless your name list has included Alexander, Ezekiel, Beau, or Noah.

Suppose that’s been your list ( how many times have we seen those Exotic boy names on baby name lists?). Then Cowel might just fit right in with some others out there in our country’s neighborhoods.


Perhaps not as well-known as its female counterpart. Dechen might be an excellent pick for your son if you’re looking for some Exotic boy names. This Tibetan name means protector of religion.

Besides, If that isn’t enough to make it appealing, note that it’s also a surname in Mongolia. There are also some lovely variations in the spelling; Dechéne is a common spelling variation.


Decal is one of the Exotic boy names in both English and Hindi. In English, it means conquest, while Hindi can mean wealth. Deshal is also spelt as Deshaldip or Deshlak. 

Plus, It’s a less common name than you might think, which may make your son stand out if he chooses to use it! While there are many other names for boys starting with D, Deshal may be worth considering for its meaning.


A.J. is one of our top 10 popular boy names – it can also be used as an Exotic boy name. Aj is an unusual first name for males but a very prominent last name that has been popular since 1880 when it was given to five newborns in New York City (It’s currently at #67). 


With its medieval Gaelic roots, Ebrima has an elegant flair. It makes it perfect for parents seeking uncommon Exotic boy names with a long history.

The name means one greatly loved in Fula, a language native to many of Africa’s West African nations. Few popular alternative spellings include Ebru, Ebryan, and Eburran.

Ebrima Alridge may be a well-known musician in Jamaica who sings traditional reggae music. He also launched one of Jamaica’s most prominent recording companies.


He was coming straight out of Mexico. Efrain is appealing, and Exotic boy names are perfect for parents looking for something fresh. According to Baby Center, Efrain comes from a Latin word meaning firm or hardworking. 

Meanwhile, when we first see it. We tend to think of fluency in French or Spanish and typically associate it with sophistication. However, similar names are available in other cultures as well. 

At the same time, you can try using other spellings such as Éfren (Spanish), Efrén (Latin American), and Efren (English). Even Anfernee for more familiar combinations! Each spelling is sure to offer its unique take on your child’s future personality: Could he be a hardworking Spaniard?


This Old German name was traditionally a girl’s name that began to be used for boys in Germany in 1900. The meaning Fabian is a craftsman.

This is also a male English name, used since before medieval times, derived from Latin and French elements. Similarly, in England, it is only used as a male name.

It ranked #245 in popularity for boys born in 2016 here in the United States. It has been relatively uncommon as a surname, but it does have some variants, including Fabiani’s and FabiÃn.


Faustus is a name of Roman origin and means auspicious. It has been used as a name in England since at least 1455. It was initially used for boys, but it also started for girls after 1612.

Likewise, as an Exotic boy name, Faustus is rarely used as a baby name today. In 2008, less than five babies were given the name Faustus. At peak usage in 1956, 0.011% of baby boys were named Faustus. 

However, this number has decreased significantly over time. Though in recent years, there has been a slight increase in popularity for girls. With their highest ever recorded use being four babies in 2014 (ranked #61710), the 2006 movie.


Thanks to their diverse heritages, Latin American countries are full of unique-sounding baby names. Felipe is an excellent choice for parents looking for something different. It’s a name that doesn’t sound like anything but carries an exotic sense. 

Though it may appear French at first glance, Felipe originated in Spain as Felipe, short for one of two much longer names, Ferdinand or Philip. According to Baby Center users, Felipe has been ranked 764 in popularity among boys in America.


You’re likely searching for something different when thinking of Exotic boy names. It’s unique in a way that fits your family; Florian is a charming choice. It can be used as either a first or last name.

Nevertheless, it typically functions better as a first name because it’s shorter than other options like Miles or Landon. It falls on the gender-neutral side of things if your child identifies as male or female in adulthood. Then Florian should work well in any scenario.


Sometimes referred to as a Japanese breeze, Akio has a calm, peaceful sound to it. In Japanese, Akio means the color blue, which is why several football teams have had players with that name. If you like Kiyoshi (meaning pure in Japanese), you’ll probably also like Akio. The French spelling of Akio is Akoi.


Altair means the flying eagle in Arabic, which is not commonly used in English-speaking countries. But has been gaining popularity as one Exotic boy name. Altair was #346 on The Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby names for boys born in 2012. 

It rose from #355 to #346 between 2011 and 2012. Its ranking jumped from #534 to #355 between 2010 and 2011, more than its previous peak rank of 544 between 2006 and 2007.

Meanwhile, it’s at least 100 years old—maybe even older—so you can imagine how much history lies behind it.


Adomas is a Greek name meaning adored or loved, and it’s also a Hebrew boy name that means lord or master. In Arabic, Adomas has also spelled Adamos, which means mortal man. The Arabic pronunciation would be ah-DAHM-us. Several parents have used these Exotic boy names in recent years. 

For example, David Beckham named his son Brooklyn Joseph David in 2013. A year later, actress Jennifer Garner gave her son that first name.

As well as his middle names of John Christopher and Samuel Adams (from American founding father, John Adams). 

In addition to being used by famous parents. Adomas has also been used on television shows, including One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries.


The name Asher is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, the meaning of Asher is Joy or Gift from God. Compare with another form of Asher. The popularity of Asher has been growing since 1880-1889 and reached its highest position in 2014 at #115.

However, you can view rankings for all time, recent or current: Boys (lower on the list). SOURCE: USAGE OF NAME BY YEAR TO CREATE THE ABOVE CHART.

According to data published by The Social Security Administration, girl names in pink were updated as of May 2015. Based on Social Security card applications for births that occurred in previous calendar years.


It is named after one of America’s best-known literary lawyers. Atticus Finch, Atticus as Exotic boy names has a little rockstar appeal. And with seven syllables, it rolls off your tongue relatively easily. 

Hence, Harper Lee first used Atticus in her Book To Kill A Mockingbird, published in 1960. In 1996 Oprah Winfrey gave it to her son when she published her famous Book of a baby named Oprah’s Book of Baby Names.


The name Baris originates from the Turkish language and means Byzantium. This was a city in Turkey. Ottoman Turks conquered it. The ancient ruins of Constantinople can still be found in Istanbul today. 

Similarly, the history of Baris is associated with a young soldier named George Akropolites who served under John VI Kantakouzenos.

A Byzantine emperor at that time. During one of his military campaigns against Ottoman forces in 1352 AD or around that period.


The name Beauden is also one of the Exotic boy names we have! The meaning of Beauden is little wolf cub. We don’t have any information on what country or language Beauden originates from. 

In addition, we don’t have any additional information on what language or country Beauden may have originated in. The popularity of Beauden is ranked #13430 in current boy’s names, with one occurrence. (Average #1172)


Booker is a distinctive Exotic boy name used in both England & America. It is a form of the Old English surname Book derived from bucga – ‘buck goat,’ possibly with patronymic addition.

The first recorded bearer of Booker was one Ailward Buc(c), born in Worcestershire, England, in 1286. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Booker, a carpenter turned landlady whose tavern provided George Washington’s headquarters during New York’s Battle of Long Island. It may have inspired Washington Irving’s short story Rip Van Winkle.


Brien means fierce little one in Gaelic. It is a Welsh variation of Brian. But it is more popular than its inspiration in Wales. This name is mainly popular with those of Irish ancestry. 

Moreover, It ranked #403 in 2017, dropping 11 spots from its peak at #382 in 2016. The name peaked at #1 in 1991, when it was given to 93 baby boys. In 2017, it was given to only 23 baby boys, making it less popular than ever.


In Latin, belvedere means beautiful view, a relatively common name for baby boys in Italy. When naming your little one, you might find that you’re stumped trying to come up with Exotic boy names. That is unique but still appropriate for your child. 

However, sometimes inspiration can come from unexpected places—even an Italian word denoting a garden building.

Belvedere is also a surname derived from an Italian phrase meaning pigsty, so if you don’t love pigsties. Consider choosing another name for your little boy.


Vancho is a Spanish boy name meaning new. It is a common male name, which means it will be simple to pronounce for your family, friends, and colleagues. Vancho is ranked at number 30 in its native language of Galician.

It was also ranked as the Exotic boy name for babies in English. It has not been listed among other baby names in our database.


Varam is a name with linguistic roots in multiple languages, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, and Gujarati, which means wealth or money in many of these cultures. It is an excellent pick for parents looking for an alternative to famous names like Jacob or Daniel. 

While you may have never heard it before (or seen it in writing), it has been used as an Exotic boy name for about 20 years. The name was initially born to Indian people who immigrated to Canada.

 Although you won’t find Varam on most baby name sites today (most likely because of its unfamiliarity to non-Indians), it could make an attractive option if you’re looking for something authentic that hasn’t yet become overused.


Wayan is a common name in Indonesia, but it’s more than that. It’s also an Indonesian word for weave. Wayan is a prime choice for parents looking to pay homage to their country of origin. And also give their son a particular name at once. 

More specifically, Wayan is one of many ancient Japanese names that have endured through time. Because they’re easy to pronounce yet still hold cultural significance.

You’ll notice several similar Exotic boy names on our list. Hence, Wayan happens to be very popular in his native country. As well as other countries with large Indonesian populations like Malaysia and Singapore.


Xaloc is a Basque name for boys meaning The early morning wind or Morning Zephyr. The name Xaloc is most commonly given to English and Spanish-speaking children. This Exotic boy name is currently at number 129 in popularity for boys. 

Meanwhile, the Spanish word xaloc is pronounced as hal-ohk or hal-ook and means Falcon or hawk. Xaloc can also be given as a nickname to kids with names starting with X.


The name Zelek is a unique baby boy name. Zelek’s meaning is protection. Zelek is of Polish origin. Unusual and Exotic boy names similar to Zelek include Zel, Zelph, Zelophehad, Zemirah, Zeniff, Zenoza, Zerah, and Zerach.


Yasin is a name of Arabic origin and means someone who gives. Famous people who have these Exotic boy names are André-Yasius Ntep (born 1993) and Cameroonian footballer; Andrey Yatsenko (born 1985).

Belarusian footballer; Boyd Tinsley (born 1962), American violinist, member of Dave Matthews Band; Cale Yarborough (born 1940).

Others include American race car driver and NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee; John Kofi Agyekum Yudawiri II (1910–1986).

Ashanti paramount chief in Ghana atLeif Erikson Day. Leif Erikson Day is an observance in the United States that takes place annually on October 9.


Zubair is a name of Arabic origin. It means ‘one who lives in Basra.’ This is a name for your son if you want him to grow up as an individual with uniqueness. If you are looking for Exotic boy names, Zubair will not disappoint. The term also has some religious significance, making it even more attractive.


How about Yakob for a baby boy? Yakob is a Hebrew name that translates as supplanter. The meaning of your boy’s name is one of many factors in choosing a baby name. 

For example, if you’re looking for something that starts with another letter, or you’re looking for more unique baby names.

Then you might want to choose another name. But if you like Yakob best and it fits well with your last name (or isn’t too hard to spell).

Besides, it may be worth adding to your shortlist of Exotic boy names. Keep in mind that most people don’t know how to pronounce Yakob. So don’t be surprised if others have trouble figuring out how to say it!


Xavier is a Latin baby name that means ‘new house’; it’s ranked #81 on our Exotic boy names popularity charts. You can find it used in at least 19 countries worldwide.

Although Xavier was originally a French baby name, it has spread to English-speaking countries worldwide. 

Meanwhile, it is most commonly given to English (British), Spanish, and Portuguese boys. Its usage is roughly even in each of these language groups.

But it is much more prevalent in England than it is in America. In its native country of France, there are 4 Xaviers for every 100 boys.


One of American parents’ favorite new Exotic boy names is Tomi, especially for little boys. This name (pronounced Toh-mee) is widely used in Nigeria, meaning peaceful warrior. It was just added to both U.S. popularity lists in 2015. 

Additionally, If you like Noah and Liam but are looking for something more unusual, Tomi could be a great choice. Nicknames: Tommy, Mo


In Irish, Teague means little fire, this Exotic boy’s name comes from an ancient Gaelic word meaning fire or flame. However, some people of Irish descent have it as a name. Many more know it in its anglicized form: Tadhg. 

However, the nickname Tige is less common but still used for both boys and girls. So you don’t need to worry about gender association there. It also shares his Gaelic meaning with another name. That was made famous by an iconic Irish hero: Cúchulainn.


Tau is an Exotic boy name of Hawaiian origin, a variant of Taro (Hawaiian). See, for example, golfer Nick Faldo. People named Tau include footballer Michel Taúder and musician Antoine Taúbaut.


Taranis is a Celtic mythological name that means thunder. Although these Exotic boy names sound tough, Taranis is a pretty cool name for your little man. Not only does it mean thunder. 

Yet, it originates from Galicia, an area of northwest Spain known for its mystical scenery. Taranis was once believed to be one of several gods in the Gallic religion and a god of war who commanded storms and lightning. 

However, these days Taranis will sound cool when your son introduces himself to all his friends! Boys like Taranis tend to be strong-willed leaders. Who aren’t afraid to go against society’s gain if they think something is wrong or unjust.


Tane, which means spirit, is a Maori name, meaning it’s culturally New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your little boy! This unique male baby name has some cool nicknames like Tanner or even just an easy-to-say T.

However, it’ll fit into your family tree with other greats like Zachary (Zack), Jason (Jay), Spencer, Drew, or Ryan. Tane may also be spelled as Tannin or even Thane if you prefer. If you’re looking for something more specifically Australian, try Hampton or Darcy.

These Exotic boy names are at least a little more familiar to Aussie parents-to-be. And they’ll still give their son a great-sounding cultural name.


Sulaiman is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic, the meaning of Sulaiman is Soloman’s people. Solomon was a Muslim ruler of Israel, and it was also a Hebrew name in medieval times. The son of David, he was famous for his wisdom. 

Additionally, he wrote sayings and songs that are still part of Jewish tradition today. The Qur’an mentions him as one of God’s prophets.

The famous names chart says that Sulaiman has been an Exotic boy since 1880. In English-speaking countries, it is not ranked anywhere on popularity charts in other countries.


Suijin is a Japanese name meaning water God; it is one of the Exotic boy names most commonly given to babies. The female version of Suijin is Seiji.

Other forms of Suijin are Sūjin, Suiken, Sujigen, Sumyung, Sumyōn, Suknyung, Suknyo. There have been eight bearers of Suijin in Japan since 1901 when it was given to a newborn baby boy.


If you’re looking for Exotic boy names, there are ways to create something new or choose a traditional option. First, you can start with a list of exotic names already established in American culture. You could also look at languages other than English to find inspiration. 

Otherwise, you can simply try combining sounds and syllables until you’ve found something that feels right. Regardless of your method, it’s important to remember one thing. Just because a name is unusual or foreign doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. 

Additionally, just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it isn’t unique. The world has so many different places and cultures within its borders. Why should we limit ourselves when naming our children?

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