77 Ethiopian Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Ethiopian Baby Names

Although they are not common in the United States, Ethiopian baby names are a good option if you fancy exotic names for your child.

Ethiopia is one country with a rich cultural heritage, and you can see that in their children’s names.

There is no such thing as family surnames in Ethiopia, as they only use their father’s first name as their last name.

Ethiopian baby names are diverse and as such, are Islamic or Biblical in origin. Here is a list of some interesting Ethiopian baby names you could choose from.

Ethiopian Baby Names for Girls


Usually, Ethiopians name their children after days of the week and the order in which they were born. Abena is a day-inspired name that means ‘born on Tuesday.’ This name would be an excellent choice for your baby girl.


Afia is another day-inspired name that comes from the African language you could consider for your little girl; the name sounds so modern that Americans can conveniently give it to their girl child. This name means ‘born on Friday.’


The name Aisha is popular around the world within the Muslim community, including Ethiopia. It is the name of Muhammad’s favorite wife, which makes it a beautiful name. One famous bearer of this name is the popular television personality Aisha Tyler. What’s more? The name has a myriad of variations like Ayishah, Aicha, and Ayesha.


This is a melodic name largely connected with a Verdi opera about an enslaved Ethiopian princess who gives her life to save her people. The name Aida means “happy.” One famous bearer of this name is Aida Turturro, who played Tony Soprano’s sister in ‘The Sopranos.’


Akosua is another lovely day-inspired name that means ‘born on Sunday.’ It’s a name of Twi origin.


The name Amara is an attractive, firm, and stylish variant of the name Mary which means ‘grace or bitter.’ It is a multicultural name; its Sanskrit meaning is “immortal,” and Mongolian meaning is “peaceful.”


This is one lovely name to give to your little princess, as it is tied to different African cultures. The name Anika means “sweetness of face.”


Baraka is a sweet-sounding name and the female version of the name Barak. It has a resounding rhythm and positive meaning that makes it common with African families.


Bathsheba is another beautiful name that would suit your baby girl. This name belongs to the daughter of the queen of Shea, the ruler of Abyssinia. The name Bathsheba means “daughter of the oath.”


Behati is the African variant of the name Beatrice. This name became so popular by way of the Namibian Supermodel Behati Prinsloo. The name Behati means “she who brings happiness.”


This is a very friendly and gender-neutral name and the feminine variant of Daniel and the short form of Danielle and Danita. It is a beautiful name to bless your girl child with.


This is a sweet-sounding Ethiopian name that your little girl will appreciate. The name Diarra means “gift.”


Edna is a semi-biblical name and the name of the loving mother in the Apocrypha. The name has resurfaced in the list of baby names with the increase in names honoring ancestors and dead family members.


Eshe is a lovely name and a variant of Asha. It is also related to the Arabic name, Aisha. This name and others such as Vivienne and Zoe are becoming popular in American states. Diani Greene, daughter of American rapper Talib Kweli, has this name to be her middle name. The name Eshe means “life.”


The name Fana is a simple, delicate, and extraordinary name that means “jungle.”


Faizah is an exotic Arabic/African name that means “victorious.” Before now, this name was uncommon in the Arabic community, but now it is appreciated by Ethiopian parents.


Habiba is a very popular name among the Muslim-dominated regions in Africa, Ethiopia, and Somalia inclusive. The name means “beloved.” It is a lovely name to consider for your daughter.


This is another African Muslim name that refers to the nurse of prophet Muhammad. The name Halima means “gentle and humane.”


Ife is a simple Ethiopian name that will make a good choice for your baby girl. It is an uncommon name in the United States and Europe. The name Ife means “love.”


This is a lovely and sweet-sounding baby girl name that means “section of a tree.”


The name Jamila is of Arabic origin, often used in many African countries, including Ethiopia. One famous bearer of this name is Jamila Singer, a character in Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight Children. The name Jamila means “beautiful.”


Kadida is another sweet-sounding name to give your little girl. It is the African variant of the Arabic name Khadija. Peffy Lipton and Quincy Jones used this name for their daughter.


Kamali is an African spirit that protects babies from sickness. Its meaning is “protector or spirit guide.” One famous bearer of this name is the popular designer Norma Kamali.


Kayla is a name of Arabic origin that gained popularity through the soap opera “Days of our lives.” Lately, people also heard it in “Desperate Housewives.”


The name Kia is another sweet and straightforward Ethiopian girl name that is now connected with a Korean car label. The meaning of Kia is “season’s beginning. “


Liya is a name of Hebrew origin but peculiar to the Ethiopians. English speakers spell the name as Leah or Lia, while others see it as the Russian variant of Lily. One famous bearer of this name is Ethiopian supermodel and philanthropist Liya Kebede.


This name is a beautiful name that your little girl will live to appreciate. It is inspired by the Ethiopian artist Lola Monroe, who was nominated the best female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET awards.


Makda will make a unique name for your baby. It is the Ethiopian variant of the Hebrew name Magda.


This name is the Arabic and African version of the biblical name Mary. Since Mary is going out of style, her variants are becoming more popular. The alternative spelling is Maryam.


Marjani is a lovely name and is connected with the Arabic name Marjina. A famous bearer of the name is the Iranian graphic novelist Marjani Satrapi. The name Marjani means “coral.”


This is a name of spiritual significance that has been gaining popularity. The Ethiopian-born model Gate Maya Samuelsson is a famous bearer of this name.


Maaza pronounced as ‘mah-zah,’ is an Ethiopian term for the pleasant scent of the yellow daisy flower. The name means “aroma,” and it became popular through the Ethiopian-American novelist Maaza Mengiste.


Neela is a name of Sanskrit origin and the variant of the name Nila. This name spread through Ethiopia by the Indian population living in the community. The name Neela means “sapphire blue.”


Nuru is a simple and stylish name that resembles the western name Nora. It is the Ethiopian variant of the Muslim name Noor, which means “born during the day.” A famous bearer of this name is the Senegalese singer and songwriter Nuru Kane.


Nyala is another sweet-sounding baby girl name with its meaning to be “mountain goat.” This name became popular ever since it was given to a sultry character in a 1940’s movie.


This is a strong and soft Ethiopian name with an ‘S’ zest that is unknown in the western world. The name Subira means “patience.”


Taci is one strong and singular name that will make an excellent choice for your baby girl. The correct pronunciation of Taci is ‘Tah-shee.’


Zala is a simple name that means “someone from southwest Ethiopia.” It is the name of the character in the video game “Untold Legends: Dark kingdom.” It is easy to spell and pronounce.


Zoya is a name you won’t regret giving your daughter as it is an East African origin name. It is not only popular in Ethiopia but also in Arab countries. It is a name widely used in the U.K. and the U.S., and some people even consider Zoya a Russian and Greek variant of Zoe.


Zuri has topped the list of baby girl names since 2013, and it is an Ethiopian name that moved to the female side when a zoo in Ohio used it for a female giraffe. A bearer of this name is Zuri Ross, a character in a Disney show “Jessie.”

Ethiopian Baby Names For Boys


This is a globally popular name of Hebrew origin. It is a gentle name that will suit your baby boy. In the old testament, Aaron was the elder brother of Moses.


Abel is a biblical name and the son of Adam and Eve. It means “willing, capable, ready, competent.” Two popular bearers of this name are movie directors Abel Glance and Abel Ferrara.


This name has been popular from the beginning and popular among Ethiopians. Abraham is the name of the founding fathers of the Jewish people, and it means “father of multitudes.”


Ahmed is another beautiful name choice you could consider giving your little son as it means “greatly praised.” The name Ahmed is one of the variants of the name Mohammad.


Ajani is a charming mid-century name that would suit your little boy. It means “the victor.” You could shorten it to Aja for a nickname.


Alimayu is an outstanding Ethiopian name to bless your child with; it means “in honor of God.” One famous bearer of this name is prince Alemayu of Ethiopia, who ruled from 1861 to 1879; renowned actor Wesley Snipes also chose this name for his son.


The name Amadi is an original and attractive baby boy name derived from one of the Ethiopian languages. It sounds like the Arabic name Ahmed. The meaning of Amadi is “tree man.”


This is a very popular Ethiopian name that would be nice for your son, and it’s a name with many positive meanings. It is related to words and names in languages such as Yoruba, Thai, and Hebrew. You should consider this name for your child.


Barack is derived from the Arabic name “Mubarak.” This is an African name popularized by the 44th American President. The name Barack means “blessed.”


This Ethiopian name is gotten from the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria, which means “blessing of God.” It is the name of the famous author of the book “Things Fall Apart” Chinua Achebe.


Emanuel has gained so much popularity in Ethiopia, and it is the spelling variant of Emanuel. The name fully revived its glory in the year 2014. Emanuel means “God with us.”


Ephrem is one sweet-sounding name to consider for your child as it is the name of the second son of Joseph and the founder of an Israeli tribe. It is also the Ethiopian version of the Hebrew name Ephraim.


Ebo is a day-inspired Ethiopian baby name. It means “born on Tuesday.”


Daniel is a sweet-sounding name to give to your cute baby. It sounds both modern and classic and ranks high in the top 20 baby name list.


Djimon is a friendly Ethiopian baby name pronounced as “Jee-mahn.” A famous bearer of this name is the Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou.


Although Genet sounds too much like French, it is an Ethiopian name. The name Genet means “Eden.”


Gyasi is a lovely name with a rhythmic beat and an Egyptian origin. This name means “wonderful baby.” Now, who doesn’t think their child is wonderful?


This is a traditional Arabic name that will suit your son, especially during hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca every Muslim must make at least once a year.


This is another beautiful name you would consider for your son, and it is the Arabic variant of Hakeem. One popular bearer of this name is the Nigerian-American basketball player Hakim Abdul Olajuwon. The meaning of Hakim is “Judicious.”


Jemal is the African version of the Arabic name Jamal. A famous bearer of this name is the English-American soccer player Jemal Pierre Johnson. The name Jemal means “handsome.”


This is a sweet-sounding name your baby boy would appreciate for the rest of his life. Jonathan was the eldest son of King Saul in the bible.


A lot of Ethiopian parents choose this name for their child as it is very popular. Kevin Federline also picked this name for his son. Kaleb is the example of the ‘C’ starting name but made different by making ‘K’ the first letter.


Kato is an East-African name that gained attention from the witness Kato Kaelin in the trial of O.J Simpson. The name Kato means “second of twin.”


Kofi is a day-inspired Ethiopian name with the meaning “born on Friday,” it is the male version of Afia. A famous bearer of this name is the seventh general secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Anan.


Kojo is a lovely name to give your baby and the equivalent of the female name adwoa. Ethiopians use this name especially for boys born on Monday.


Negasi is an uncommon name, especially in Europe and America. The name Negasi means “he will wear the crown.” It will make a lovely name for your baby.


The royal family of Ethiopia first used negus in the 17th century. It is a North Ethiopian name that means “he will be crowned.”


Did you know that Omari is the middle name of famous American rapper Kanye West? Well, the name also has another famous bearer, Omari Hardwick. This name is the Ethiopian version of the name Omar and has been in the top 1000 baby names for several years.


Panya is a sweet-sounding multicultural name that will be a wonderful choice of name for your baby. It is the Ethiopian version of the Russian name Pavel, and it means “small.”


Salana is one name that has gained popularity in the United States, and it is the Ethiopian version of the name Solana. The name Salana sounds unique, warm, and bright, and it means “sunshine.”


Salim is an African name with the meaning “peace.” A famous bearer of this name is Salim Ahmed Salim, the renowned African diplomat.


Selassie is an Ethiopian name that is gaining popularity around the world, and it is used mostly as a suffix or a middle name. The name means “trinity.”


Shango is the name of an African ancestor and the Yoruba god of thunder. It is also the name of a D.C. comic character.


Taye gained popularity after the emergence of the famous actor Taye Diggs. It is an Ethiopian baby name that means “he has seen.” It will surely suit your little boy.


If you’re looking for a better name than Jacob or Joseph, then Yonas is the best name to go for. Yonas is the Arabic version of the Hebrew name Jonah.


Zenebe is an appealing Ethiopian baby name that bridges culture. It wouldn’t be the wrong choice of name for your little one. For a nickname, You could shorten it to Zen.


If this is your first pregnancy or you’re having twins, then you should consider the name Zesiro. This name means “firstborn of twins.”

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