35 Interesting Eritrean Baby Girl Names

Eritrean Baby Girl Names

Eritrea is a beautiful African country. It is situated at the bank of the red sea and is surrounded by Ethiopia and Sudan.

Eritrea is one country with a rich cultural heritage, and this is seen in the names their children bear.

In Eritrea, children are given two names- a traditional name and a Christian name. The traditional name could be biblical or named after a local legend or a close family member.

Here is a list of some interesting Eritrean girl names you could choose from.

1. Aatifa

This name expresses a fascinating sense of calmness and elegance. The name Aatifa means ‘sympathy.’

2. Abrihet

This is a lovely name that will really get people attracted to your little one. The name Abrihet means ‘she brings light.’

3. Arsema

Arsema is a beautiful name that will suit your beautiful princess. It means ‘clever’

4. Ariam

Ariam is an adorable name you won’t regret choosing. It means ‘loyal.’

5. Asmarina

This is an inspirational name with meaning ‘united.’ Asmarina is inspired by Eritrea’s capital.

6. Awate

The name Awate is one name that has gained popularity in Eritrea. It means ‘victory.’ Your little girl will be grateful for this name.

7. Batha

Batha is a sweet, cute, and lovely name to give your little girl. It means ‘pleasurable.’

8. Bisrat

If you or your partner love to knit or play the piano, then this is the most appropriate name to give to your little angel. It means ‘good news.’

9. Ella

Ella is one of the ‘A’ ending names; it is a sweet-sounding name as well. It means ‘fair maiden.’

10. Fatimah

This is one classic Eritrean baby girls’ name. The name Fatimah means ‘baby’s nurse.’

11. Feaven

This name is all glitz and glamor. Hearing this name alone sends you into reverie. The name Feaven means ‘light.’

12. Fnan

This name is one elegant and sophisticated name with meaning’ pride’. Fnan will surely suit your little girl.

13. Feven

Feven is a lovely name for a lovely girl. It means ‘light.’ You definitely can’t go wrong with this name.

14. Haben

Haben is another adorable name that will suit your baby girl. It means ‘pride.’

15. Hanna

 Hanna is a sweet-sounding and attractive Eritrean name that you won’t regret choosing. It means ‘grace.’

16. Hyiab

Hyiab is an outstanding Eritrean baby name that would suit your girl. It means ‘gift.’ Your little girl is truly a gift to you, so you should consider this name.

17. Helen

Helen is another name that has gained popularity in Eritrea and is also very endearing. The name Helen means ‘shining light.’

18. Jamila

If you’re looking to give your daughter an old-fashioned Eritrean name, then Jamila is a good option. It means ‘beautiful.’

19. Jasmine

The name Jasmine is a very alluring name that will definitely suit your baby girl. Jasmine means ‘a flower.’

20. Kedija

Kedija is a nice and popular Eritrean baby girl name with meaning’ early baby’.

21. Madihah

The name Madihah is a lovely name for your baby girl. One thing about this name is that it grows with your child.

22. Mariam

This name is most common among the Muslim population of Eritrea. It means ‘beloved.’

23. Mehret

This is a beautiful Eritrean name you could bless your baby girl with as it means ‘mercy.’

24. Semret

Semret is a highly attractive name that, when given to your child, would make her attractive to everyone that comes in contact with her. The name Semret means ‘good luck.’

25. Sarah

Due to popularity, Sarah, often pronounced as ‘Say-rah,’ has subdued the old fashioned Sara. It means ‘princess.’

26. Semira

The name Semira is a variant of the name Samira. It means ‘highest heaven.’ It is a name your little girl will grow to love.

27. Segen

Segen is a spicy and fun name to choose for your girl. It means ‘ostrich.’

28. Senait

Another attractive name that you could give your baby girl is Senait. This lovely name means ‘good luck.’

29. Sesuna

Sesuna is a variant of the name Susan. It’s a beautiful name to choose for your little girl. It means ‘popcorn.’

30. Sophia

This name has gained high popularity in Eritrea, just as in American and European countries. The name Sophia means ‘God will show.’

31. Rufta

Rufta is a lovely name that your girl will be proud of as she grows. It means ‘friend.’

32. Winta

This is a cute and attractive Eritrean name for baby girls. It means ‘need.’ Common nickname for this name is Winnie.

33. Yordanos

Yordanos is a beautiful name that will suit your baby girl. It means ‘river Jordan.

34. Zahra

This is another beautiful name you could give to your beautiful daughter, as it means ‘white flower.’

35. Zula

Zula is one of the coolest Eritrean names to choose for your little girl. It means ‘brilliant.’ Give your baby this name and watch her grow into a beautiful, brilliant girl.

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