35 Fascinating Eritrean Baby Boys Names

Eritrean Baby Boys Names

In Eritrea, it is the tradition to bestow your baby boy two names – one being a traditional name and the other and an English name.

While the English name can be selected from popular baby boy names, the traditional names are chosen based on any of the following criteria: it could either be a biblical name or the name of a local legend.

But whatever you consider before selecting an Eritrean name for your baby boy, make sure it’s something that he will be proud to answer as he grows.

Our list of Eritrean baby boy names contains some of the most popular options in the region, including some unique and not-so-popular names that may be the right choice for your little prince.

1. Aaron

Aaron is a nice name of Hebrew origin. It means exalted. This great name will suit your baby boy.

2. Amanuel

This is an alternative way to spell the name, Immanuel. It is also of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘God with us.’ It is a nice name to give your baby.

3. Anbessa

This is another nice Eritrean baby name to give your little boy. It signifies great confidence.

4. Adonay

Adonay is one of the ‘ay’ ending names; it means ‘secret name of God.’ It is also one lovely name you could give to your son.

5. Dawit

Dawit is a sweet-sounding name, with Hebrew origin. It is an alternative to the name David. It means ‘beloved.’

6. Fessehaye

The name Fessehaye is one unique Eritrean boy names which mean ‘eternal happiness.’ This name would be perfect to give your little boy.

7. Fikru

Recently, the name Fikru has become trendy, so it wouldn’t be a wrong choice for your baby. It means ‘his love.’

8. Girma

Girma is another popular Eritrean baby boy’s name. It means ‘majesty.’ Give your child this sweet-sounding name, and he’ll forever be grateful.

9. Hamid

Hamid is a beautiful name that will draw the attention of anyone that comes in contact with your baby. The name means ‘praise.’

10. Hiyab

Hiyab is a lovely name to give your baby boy. It means ‘gift.’ This name will surely be the perfect choice for your little bundle of joy.

11. Isaias

Isaias is the Eritrean variant of the name Isaiah. One popular figure with this name is the President of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki. The name Isaias means ‘lord’s salvation.’

12. Jemal

This is the variant of the Arabic name Jamal. One popular bearer of this name is Jemal Abdu, the famous Eritrean footballer.

13. Kidane

Kidane is a very popular name among the Eritreans. The ‘D’ in the middle gives it a sweet sound when pronounced. You definitely can’t go wrong choosing this name. It means ‘covenant.’

14. Mewael

Mewael is another popular name among the Eritreans. This is one smart name you could choose for your child. It means ‘long life.’

15. Massawa

This name is soft sounding and will definitely make a good choice for your little boy. It means ‘shout loudly.’

16. Merhawit

Merhawit is an excellent Eritrean baby boy name with meaning’ guidance’. Give this to your boy, and you’ll be glad you did.

17. Michael

This is another biblical name that is very popular among the people of Eritrea. It means ‘resembling God.’

18. Mustapha

Mustapha is a smart and noble name that is popular among the Eritreans. It means ‘chosen.’

19. Negassi

The name Negassi is one charming name that your little boy will grow to love. It means ‘king.’

20. Petros

Petros is a strong and lovely name for your child. It means ‘rock.’

21. Robel

Robel is a name of nobility; it is one of the distinguished monikers of Eritrea. It means ‘prince.’

22. Russom

This name has Anglo-Saxon origin but is still popular in Eritrea and other surrounding countries. Russom is a derivative of the name Ross and the meaning of the names is ‘over their heads.’

23. Samuel

Samuel is another nice name you could bless your baby boy. It means ‘asked of God. ‘

24. Sheshy

Sheshy is another charming and wonderful Eritrean name to give to your boy. The name Sheshy means ‘jubilation.’

25. Saare

Saare is an exciting name to choose; the ‘Re’ at the end of the name makes it even more impressive than other choices on this list. Saare means ‘winner.’

26. Selassie

This is a lovely Eritrean name to give your little prince charming. The name Selassie means ‘trinity.’

27. Semere

Semere is one name that commands respect as it is of royalty. It means ‘fulfill.’ This wouldn’t be a wrong choice of name for your boy.

28. Simon

Another wonderful Eritrean baby boys’ name on this list is Simon, and it will make a superb choice for your little one. It means ‘listener.’

29. Solomon

Solomon is a biblical name and a popular choice among the people of Eritrea. It means ‘peace.’ Its indeed the right choice for your son.

30. Teodros

The name Teodros is a beautiful and sweet-sounding Eritrean name with a lovely meaning that will suit your baby boy well. It means ‘expensive gift.’

31. Tekle

Tekle is an inspirational baby boy name with the meaning ‘to plant.’

32. Tesfay

Tesfay is a smart Eritrean baby name with the meaning ‘my hope.’ Give your little boy this name, and you’ll be glad you did.

33. Yusef

The name Yusef is one of the most popular Eritrean names with the meaning ‘the Lord will increase.’

34. Yonas

Yonas is a variant of the biblical name Yonah. It means ‘dove.’

35. Yohannes

Yohannes is another nice name to bless your son with. It is the Eritrean variant of the name Yohan, the short form of the Hebrew name Yohanan. Yohannes means ‘God is gracious.’

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