50+ Beautiful Egyptian Baby Girl Names For Your Little Angel

Egyptian Baby Girl Names

As an expectant parent, choosing a name for your unborn child is one of the most important, fun and mind-boggling tasks to carry out apart from all the preparations that come with having a newborn.

A name is the first gift a child receives in this world, and so you have to think it through to find the one that is most suitable and holds a lot of meaning in one’s life.

It is believed that names can influence the way your life turns out, so it is your duty to pick a name that reflects what you want for your child.

When considering that perfect name for your newborn, there are tons of options to consider, and Egyptian baby girl names include some outstanding entries that may fit your preference.

Egypt is considered the birthplace of modern civilization, and when one thinks of this place, they are reminded of Cleopatra and her beauty.

This ancient civilization is known for its rich culture and mythology, and Egyptian baby girl names can testify to its age-old history.

Egyptian baby girl names not only include ancient names, but they also include names from other languages including Arabic, Igbo (Nigeria), and Yoruba (Nigeria) which attests to the diverse culture of this historic place.

Many beautiful Egyptian baby girl names draw their inspiration from nature, qualities, time of birth, and many more, so you’re sure not to run out of options before finding that perfect name for your little princess.

Egyptian baby girl names and their meanings

here is a list of some soulful names and some cute ones to choose the more suitable and wonderful name for your baby girl.

Some of these Egyptian baby girl names have ancient roots while others are modern names that have become widely popular in all communities in recent times.


In Arabic, Akila means ‘intelligent’. A wise and sensible woman is what your baby girl with that name would grow up to be. This name has a similar meaning in several different languages, including Swahili.


Anat is of Semitic origin and has a rhythmic meaning, “water spring.” Water is the source of life, and your little angel will prove to be one. Anat is also venerated as the goddess of fertility. She was the sister of God Hadad, according to mythology.


Amunet is an ancient Egyptian name with a profound meaning. It signifies “the mythical mystery goddess.” A soulful name that gives your baby girl an element of mystery. One of the most beautiful names for Egyptian children, beginning with a.


This name, of Egyptian origin, means “daughter of the Nile.” A unique name that has a ring to it.     


Asenath was the name of Joseph’s Egyptian wife and the mother of his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. This sonorous name is the right name for your child, and it means “devoted to the goddess Neith.”


This original Egyptian name is another mythical name for the goddess of the moon, Isis. The name literally means “The throne.” It is a bold and sophisticated name for your baby girl.


This ancient Egyptian name means “fortune”, and it is believed that the bearer of the name is always stable.


Bastet is another name of Egyptian origin, and it means “She of the ointment jar”. It is a very bold name for your spirited girl. Its roots can be traced as far as the 2nd Egyptian dynasty.


This name comes from the Egyptian word “weben”, and the meaning of the name is “to shine”. It signifies creation and the sun and its just the right name for your girl as she will become a creator someday. It also means “eagle girl” and is thought to be the inspiration behind the great Pheonix.


Chione is of Greek origin, and it means “snow queen” or “Nile daughter.” In Egyptian mythology, Chione was the daughter of the Nile.


This is another Greek name which means “she who brings victory.” It was a household name in the Ptolemy family which ruled Egypt for three centuries.


This is an ancient Egyptian name of Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is “She who brings glory to the father.” It’s the perfect name for your little girl as she is sure to bring glory to her parents.


Dalilah is the Arabic variation of the Hebrew name Delilah, and it means “delicate”. Such a befitting name for your little angel.


Dendera is of Arabic origin and is the name of a small Egyptian town situated on the west bank of the Nile River. The city is famous for its Dendera temple complex, which was an ancient temple site.


This word refers to dark and black wood. It’s a nice Egyptian name that has a shroud of mystery to it.


This is an old English name derived from the name Eadric. It means “a prosperous sovereign.” Eadric is the King of Kent’s name, too.


The word Eshe has its roots in Swahili, Africa. This means life” and really represents what your sweet little angel means to you. It’s a variant of the name Asha in India and the name Aisha in Arabic, both of which have similar meanings.


This word, an Arabic name by origin, means someone who is precious and pearl-like—a beatific name for the precious little one you have.


Femi is the short form of “Olufemi”, and it means “love me”. It is originally from Nigeria/Yoruba.


An Egyptian term that truly defines your girl as the meaning is “intelligent” or “knowledgeable.” It is believed that people who bear this name are wise.


This word has the same meaning in several different languages. It means “beautiful” and has both Arabic and Swahili roots. It is the variant of the Islamic name of Jamila, who was the wife of Umar, and also the companion of Prophet Muhammad.


this name means “loved or sweetheart” in Arabic. A name you’d love to call your daughter.


Your little lioness will be proud of this Arabic name as she grows because the name means “female lion cub”. It was the name given to the daughter of Umar Bon Al-Khattab, a prominent Muslim chief.


A stunning name of Egyptian origin, this word stands for everything that is beautiful in life, such as art, dance and music. Hathor means the estate of Horus” and has been worshipped since the early dynasties.


A sweet name that your baby girl will love when she grows as it means “gift from God.” It has Arabic roots and is also a variation of the Greek word Hebe.


In ancient Egypt, Heqet was meant to be a goddess of fertility. Its name appears to be derived from the word “heqa” which means “ruler.”


This is a word of Yoruba origin that means love.” A name full of purity and grace is sure to become your favourite when contemplating your girl’s name.


Isis is of Egyptian origin and is the name of the goddess of motherhood. She has a good character, and she was one of the nine gods of Ennead.


It is a variant of the name of Jumana, which means “silver pearl.” It has an Arabic root.


This is a powerful Egyptian name as it means “goddess of darkness.” Giving your daughter this name will be of great benefit as she’ll grow up to possess leadership skills and be highly independent.


This is also a strong Egyptian name as it is the name of the Egyptian god of the movement of the sun, and it also means “to create”. Your little damsel with this name will indeed create wonderful things as she grows.


Kissa is of African origin, and it means “born after twins” or “first daughter”. It’s just the right name for your baby girl if she’s your first fruit.


This is a Persian word that means “azure blue stone”. This name reflects what your daughter is to you, a precious gem.


Lateefah means “gentle” and is of African/Arabic origin. It will be an astounding name for your baby as people with this name are very expressive in singing or public writing.


It is a name of Arabic/Egyptian origin, and it has a couple of meanings, including “night” or “a child who was born at night”. A beautiful name for your little damsel with a feminine touch.


This word is of Greek origin, and it is the name of an exotic flower. It signifies grace and purity, which is a clear description of your little girl.


This name has Egyptian roots, and it means “grave”. This name is a soulful choice for your little girl.


Mandisa means “sweet” and has both African and Egyptian roots. It’s an adorable way to call your little damsel.


It is a biblical baby girl name and the Greek version of the Hebrew name Miriam which is the name of the sister of Moses and Aaron. It is also of Arabic origin with the meaning “rebellion.”


a beautiful name with an African connection and just the perfect name for your child if she was born during the rainy season as it literally means “baby born in the rain”.


An adorable name for babies born in the month of May as it literally means the month of May; Maye has both Norman and French roots and is believed to give a cheerful disposition to those who bear the name.


This name means “to attain” and is of Arabic origin.


This name is of Greek origin and was the name of an Armenian goddess of wisdom and war.


Neith is a very suitable Egyptian name for your little girl as it means “divine mother.” Neith is also the name of the Egyptian goddess of femininity.


Another powerful Egyptian name that means “goddess of the deep”. It is a bold name with a tinge of mysticism, highlighting the inner beauties of a woman.


Nephthys has Greek origin as well as Egyptian connection and the meaning is “lady of the house”. This is also the name of the “useful goddess” in some Egyptian cosmologies.


this name is of Arabic roots, and it means “light”. It’s just the right name for your baby girl as she will indeed be the light around the house that brightens your day when you see her face.


An original Egyptian name that literally means “from Nubia”. People who bear this name are believed to be kind and quiet.


In Egyptian mythology, Onofria is the name of a god, and it also means “always glad”. Its the type of character you want your child to be associated with.


In literal words, Rabia means “spring” and has Arabic connection. It also signifies number four.


This is a sweet-sounding Arabic-original name that also has a beautiful meaning, “eye-catching.”


Meaning “compassion”, this name is of Swahili, African roots, and is just the perfect name for your baby.


Meaning “pure”, Safiya is a beautiful feminine name with Arabic roots that glaringly encapsulate what your bundle of joy means to you.


This is a variation of the Hebrew biblical name Sarah, and it means “princess”. This name suits your little princess completely.


Meaning “marvellous,” this beautiful name of Hebrew origin is just right for your beautiful girl as she is indeed marvellous.


This name is from Punic mythology and is the name of the goddess of love and fertility.


Another powerful name from Egyptian mythology as its the name of the goddess of pregnant women. Those who bear this name as supposed to have charismatic personalities.


You’ll surely love this African-rooted name for your baby girl as the meaning is “queen.”


Tiye can be traced to Ancient Egypt as it was the name of a queen and the mother of Akhenaten. Blessing your daughter with this name will see her grow to become an adventurous and independent woman in life.


This is an ancient Egyptian name, and it means “strong.” You’ll surely want to consider this name for your little damsel as those who carry this name are believed to possess exceptional leadership qualities.

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