5 Different Types of Zombies Explained

Different Types of Zombies

In movies and on television, there are many different types of zombies, each with differing levels of horror. 

Furthermore, zombie movies, like zombies, are everywhere, persistent, and arrive in waves. A list of the different types of zombies can be found below.

If you happen to come across one on your travels, it pays to be well-informed. 

1. Biological Zombies

Parasites alter the behavior of the host organism. A mysterious alien sickness or a bacterium organism is the cause of zombies.  

They are, for the most part, highly aggressive. The plague is something that everyone is afraid of.

Additionally, Biological zombies can be discovered in escape room games.  

Before a bloodthirsty zombie infiltrates the room, you must work with eleven other people to solve complex tasks.

However, the player must solve the riddles to find the keys to their freedom. 

2. Magic Zombies

Magic Zombies are also one of the different types of zombies. Otherworldly powers are mentioned in various cultures.

The zombies are the consequence of witches, sorcerers, and other supernatural beings with supernatural abilities.  

Furthermore, the capabilities are utilized to resurrect the dead. On the other hand, the mystical forces have nothing to do with religion. The zombies will follow the creators. 

3. Chemical Zombies

Strange chemicals are discovered that have the potential to resurrect the dead.

They’re made by bad people who want to test the efficacy of the substance in the issue. Typically, crazy scientists or greedy companies to control the population are presented.  

In addition, the goal is to stop them before they cause harm to other people.

They are infected with the virus, and anyone who comes into contact with them is usually infected as well.  

Typically, a person is slain and then reanimated by a virus. Exercising your imagination with escape games is a good example. 

4. Technological Zombies

Technological zombies are also one of the different types of zombies. The employment of advanced technology to bring the dead back to life is known as reanimation.  

Furthermore, it entails transforming a useless individual into a proper zombie. To keep the dead alive, some machinery has been added. 

5. Supernatural Zombies

These are zombies that have been made unusually. It entails resurrecting the dead who spirits have possessed. 

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