5 Different Types of Wrestling

Different Types Of Wrestling

There has been a whole lot of controversy on the subject of different types of wrestling.

Quite a large number of people think that wrestling is a contact sport that’s stage-managed, while others believe it is real. Nonetheless, it’s safe to ask what wrestling is.

Wrestling is a contact sport that involves two opponents trying to claw and throw each other on the ground using laid-down rules.

It can also be defined as a combat sport that involves clawing, throwing, joint locking, and any different grabbing technique between two opponents. 

Wrestling can either be an authentic contest or meant to entertain the viewers. This article will give an insight into wrestling as a whole and the different types of wrestling.

Let’s take a look at the different types of wrestling available to us:

Different types of wrestling

1. Cumberland Wrestling

This wrestling style is a combative sport that begins with the professional wrestlers standing upright and facing each other with their chests close to each other.

Next, the competitors wrap their hands around their opponent’s back, and each contestant has his chin on the right shoulder of their opponent.

This form of wrestling requires that each contestant raise their opponent off the wrestling mat or flip the opponent to the ground.

In the contest process, any wrestler who loses their balance is defeated. On the other hand, whoever can overpower his opponent by overturning him has won the match.

2. Freestyle Olympic Wrestling

Two major types of professional wrestling are always carried out at the Olympics, and one of them is Freestyle Olympic Wrestling.

This type of professional wrestling is brought into play in various parts of the world. In Freestyle Olympic Wrestling, the contestants are focused on tossing and holding down their opponent on the wrestling mat. 

Once a wrestler can accomplish this, they become the winner of the wrestling match. However, this style of wrestling doesn’t restrict the wrestlers from using their legs as a defense and for sticking their opponents.

Amazingly, some features in this form of wrestling that can’t be found in other types of wrestling are the trips and scissors hold.

3. Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman wrestling is the second type of wrestling match that is allowed in the Olympics. The first Olympics carried out in 1896 had Greco-Roman Wrestling as one of its contests.

This wrestling style requires that wrestlers be strong enough to lift their opponents high in the air before throwing them on the wrestling mat.

Some features differentiate Greco-Roman Wrestling from freestyle wrestling. For instance, holding an opponent below the waist is allowed in freestyle; it is prohibited in Greco-Roman.

Also, tripping of the opponent is very much allowed in Freestyle Olympic Wrestling but not permitted in Greco-Roman Wrestling.

4. Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling is performed in a small ring by two huge wrestlers who charge at each other during the contest.

The contestants of Sumo Wrestling have crowned winners if they can move their opponents out of the small ring.

Sumo wrestlers can also win the match by getting their opponents to touch the ground with other body parts, aside from their legs.

The wrestlers of this form of wrestling usually weigh 300 pounds (about 137kg). They acquire their sumo skills by attending the sumo wrestling school in Japan.

Additionally, they attain their bulky physique by eating foods rich in calories, resting, and training. 

The sumo wrestlers must dress in a brief trunk with a large belt fastened around their waist in the wrestling ring.

They are also characterized by their overly large size, compared to other wrestlers in different wrestling types.

5. Folkstyle Wrestling

There are different types of wrestling taught in schools in America, and Folkstyle Wrestling is one. It is also similar to freestyle Olympic wrestling.

Folkstyle Wrestling is used to keep students in the colleges physically fit.

There are different forms of Folkstyle Wrestling, and each college determines the type they instead teach their students.

Folkstyle Wrestling, like freestyle wrestling, also involves using legs for attacking opponents and defense. A wrestler in this competitive wrestling wins if they can dominate their opponent.

Is wrestling real or fake?

This is a question that has been on the lips of many individuals. As much as it is unethical to say that performance is fake, there’s also no proof that it’s real.

Like the actors in any movie scene, wrestlers also put into action what has been scripted for them.

Before wrestlers appear in the ring, they must have gone through a series of rehearsals to perfect their role. Every wrestler is given a script to go through, rehearse severally and master every stunt before appearing before viewers.

So as an answer to the question ‘is wrestling fake or real’? We want to say that it’s an act performed to entertain the viewers.

5 Tactics that earns wrestlers points

  1. A wrestler earns 1 point for escaping from his opponent or getting away from harm by their opponent.
  2. 2 points are awarded to a wrestler when he comes from underneath his opponent and gains control.
  3. A contestant gains 2 points when they manage to take down their opponent.
  4. 1 or 2 points are awarded to a wrestler if their opponent does not keep to the laid down rules.
  5. A wrestler gets 2 or 3 points if his opponent is almost taken down. This is called a near fall; they get 2 points if the near fall lasts for two seconds. However, if it lasts for five seconds then they get 3 points.


Wrestling is a sporting activity that is enjoyed by both old and young around the world. One crucial rule that guides every wrestler is that they don’t behave unruly inside and outside the wrestling ring.

It’s advised that viewers don’t try the stunts performed by the wrestlers in their homes. This is because the wrestlers have gone through a series of practice and rehearsals to perfect the stunts they perform in the ring.

One important thing to note is that stunts performed by the wrestlers sometimes go wrong even after a series of rehearsals.

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