6 Different Types of Toothpaste

Different Types of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is what we use to brush our teeth; there are different types of toothpaste, contrary to what might be in your mind that all toothpaste is the same.

Toothpaste contains fluoride, the fluoride in the paste help prevent tooth decay. They also have other ingredients that clean the tooth, leaving your mouth refreshed.

Each toothpaste has its particular use and ingredients, so everyone has one. Read on as we discussed the different types of toothpaste that you can find in the market.

1. Herbal Toothpaste

Herbal toothpaste is one of the different types of toothpaste popular among people who like natural alternatives to the chemicals present in other typical toothpaste.

People sensitive to the ingredients present in regular toothpaste often go for herbal toothpaste.

You should be aware that most herbal toothpaste does not contain fluorides which a dentist highly recommends.

The dentist always recommends pasting with fluorides because this ingredient protects the enamel and strengthens the teeth.

Furthermore, herbal toothpaste contains only natural ingredients. However, when buying herbal toothpaste, make sure you buy one with little fluoride to effectively protect the teeth against tooth decay.

In conclusion, when purchasing herbal toothpaste, make sure you check the ingredient present in the toothpaste to avoid some elements—ingredients such as Dyes and any other untested ingredients that might be present in the paste.

2. Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

Sensitive teeth toothpaste is one of the different types of toothpaste people with teeth sensitive to cold or hot substances use.

The active ingredient present in sharp teeth toothpaste is Potassium nitrate protects the nerve ending which helps to minimize the painful sensations of the aching teeth.

Furthermore, this type of toothpaste is one of the different types of toothpaste that may not work right away. If it does not work right away, continue using it. It takes a few weeks to experience the benefits.

3. Smokers Toothpaste

Smokers toothpaste is one of the different types of toothpaste formulated for those who smoke tobacco—this type of toothpaste helps combat staining from frequent smoking.

Furthermore, tobacco stain causes the teeth to become stained with yellowish-brown patches.

Smokers toothpaste is one of the different types of toothpaste that contain stronger abrasives than regular toothpaste, which effectively fights the stains caused by smoking and makes the teeth look whiter.

4. Whitening Toothpaste

You don’t have to be a smoker before being susceptible to dental stains. Bacteria, smoke, drinking coffee and tea or cola causes dental stains.

Furthermore, this is one of the different types of toothpaste that contains fluoride with an enzyme compound that helps to reduce and eliminate the stains present on the teeth.

However, additional ingredients added to teeth whitening have a significant disadvantage, and they can wear down the enamel over time.

Based on this disadvantage, it is advisable for anybody using a whitening toothpaste not to use it for a prolonged period to minimize the effect of the additional ingredients present in the paste.

5. Children’s Toothpaste

This type of toothpaste is made specifically for children, and it contains fewer fluorides than those designed for adults to reduce the risk of children ingesting too much fluoride.

Children’s toothpaste is a type of toothpaste that is less abrasive than those intended for adults because children’s tooth is more sensitive.

Furthermore, children’s toothpaste usually comes with tasty flavors to make the children love brushing.

Children’s toothpaste is one of the types of toothpaste specifically made for children to give a more pleasant brushing experience.

6. Tartar Control Toothpaste

Tartar control toothpaste is one of the different toothpaste types containing sodium pyrophosphate. This type of toothpaste prevents the formation of tartar.

Tarter is formed from plaque not removed from the teeth before it hardened. If this plaque is in the teeth, it causes tooth and gum decay.

Furthermore, tartar control type of toothpaste is only preventive to stop tartar from forming. If you already have stubborn tartar on your teeth, it is best to visit a professional dentist.

Selecting a type of toothpaste that suits your need is critical when building an effective oral hygiene routine. You can choose from the various kind of toothpaste described above.

However, if you are unsure about the toothpaste that best suits your need hygiene your teeth, visit a dentist.

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