15 Different Types of Tables

Types Of Tables
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This article will discuss the different types of tables for your home, including living room tables, Dining room tables, and more.

The best resource for locating a brand-new table for your house is provided in this article. You’re not alone if, while looking for furniture for your home, the sheer number of tables available both online and in physical furniture stores causes your eyes to glaze over.

Shopping for home decor can be stressful in and of itself (you loved it in the store, but it looks different in your living room or dining room), and it is challenging to comprehend the function and significance of the various available table options the final straw.

Without further ado, these are the different types of tables that you can find in your home.

1. Coffee Table

A coffee table is typically used and positioned in front of the couch in a living room or seating area. You can use it to display food, drinks, coffee table books, plants, or little trinkets.

2. Accent Table

End tables, coffee tables, and console tables are all in the broad category of accent tables. Never be afraid to be imaginative!. Also, accent tables can be made from a trunk, an old chair, or a shelf. The majority are tiny accent tables.

3. Console Table

Because they are long, thin, and narrow and fit well behind a sofa or in an entryway, console tables are often used interchangeably with end tables (also known as sofa tables).

Also, a console table by the front door comes in handy if you need extra space or just somewhere to put your keys. This is one of the different types of tables.

4. Side Table

As its name suggests, a side table fits next to a sofa and offers a great place for a lamp or drink.

5. C-Table

The name “c-table” refers to the table’s distinctive c-shape, which enables it to be positioned over a bed, chair, or couch. You can use it to hold a drink, a book, or a laptop.

6. Drink Table

Drink tables are tiny and only have enough space for a drink. Although they are typically on the shorter side, they can be tall.

7. Bunching Table

A bunching table is simply a term for two or more tables that can fit together or be spread out; it can also refer to a specific kind of coffee table or accent table. It’s a fantastic option for a home with limited space.

8. Drum Table

The 1700s saw the development of the heavy, round drum table. Sometimes it has a top made of tooled leather, bookshelves, or drawers and is tall enough to pull a chair up. Today, the phrase is sometimes used to denote a large round table, like a stone coffee table. This is one of the different types of tables.

9. Foyer Tables

The so-called foyer table, a table for the foyer, is another type of occasional table. Such a table is not typical in foyers, but it is an excellent convenience. Most tables are butted against a wall, but large foyers can also accommodate round or square tables in the middle.

10. Ottoman Table

An ottoman that also functions as a table is an excellent option for a multi-purpose table. You can purchase large ottomans with a flat top that are intended to double as tables. I suppose that the idea of this type of furniture came about as a result of people constantly putting their feet up on coffee tables.

11. Dining Table

Dining tables are typically large affairs that seat six or more people. They generally are only found in dining rooms and are only occasionally used. They can have extra leaves to add additional seating.

12. Kitchen Table

Kitchen tables are typically found in kitchens! They are workhorses built to be used daily by the family for activities like eating, playing, crafting, and working.

Also, they can occasionally only accommodate two people, known as “bistro tables,” but more frequently, they can accommodate four to six people.

You can purchase a standard small dining room set or something with more space-saving features, like breakfast nooks in the corners.

13. Bedside Table

Most bedrooms have at least one table, often two, in the form of bedside tables or nightstands on either side of the bed.

With the help of these nearly indispensable pieces of furniture, it is convenient to keep things close to the bed that one might put down before going to sleep or need when waking up, such as glasses, a book, electronics, and of course, the dreaded alarm clock.

Real tables, chests, tiny shelves, or cabinets can be used as these tables. Although more oversized bedrooms accommodate large units, most bedside tables are small.

Fortunately, they are not expensive, though there are always more costly options for home items. This is one of the different types of tables.

14. Patio Table

Patio tables are made to withstand the weather and can be used on a deck, porch, or outdoor area (though some must be wintered indoors if you live in a harsh climate). However, modern patio furniture often looks nice enough to use indoors and isn’t just made of drab white plastic.

15. Work Table

Work tables are typically constructed with a specific job in mind, such as woodworking, art, gardening, or other, and are very utilitarian (though not always attractive). Whether you want to use them standing up, sitting down, inside, or outside, they come in various sizes and finishes.

16. Conference Table

A conference table is large and frequently very opulent, much like a dining table. Unlike a dining table, a conference table often has ports and plugs for laptops and phones.

17. Computer Table

A computer table is a particular type of table made for computers. Usually, it has a keyboard drawer and holes in the back for the cables to pass through. It occasionally also has a shelf built to accommodate a printer. This is one of the different types of tables.

18. Pool Table

Pocket billiards is played on a pool table. It has a sturdy frame, six side pockets, and a play area that can be made of either woolen or polyester fabric.

Also, pool tables come in various sizes, designs, and coatings. Also, the style varies depending on where you would be placing it, and the size ranges from miniature to large scale. On the other hand, the finish depends on the materials employed. These include plastic, slate, and wood.

19. Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table, types of tables
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Ping pong or table tennis will more than satisfy your craving for an indoor activity if you enjoy sports but are not typically an outdoor person. A net divides a ping pong table into two sections. It typically has a matte, dark finish to allow the ball to bounce well.

20. Foosball Table

A tabletop game with football as its inspiration, foosball is typically found in arcades and play areas. Foosball tables come in various designs; some have a luxurious finish, while others have a more traditional design. Depending on your preference, the balls can be made of marble, plastic, wood, or metal.

21. Card Table

One of the best and most enjoyable indoor family activities is playing cards. Card tables vary in size, design, and primary material.

While some are made of metal, others are made of wood. Also, while some can be folded and slid, others have standard features.

22. Square Or Rectangular Shape Table

Four sides and corners are undoubtedly the most typical shape for any type of table. Rectangular tables can be smaller than round tables and still cover a lot of space, making them a better fit for long, narrow spaces.

Also, rectangles can be ideal for any situation, from fitting a work table into an unused closet to hosting a holiday meal for a large group.

23. Polygon Table

Oh my, semicircles, hexagons, octagons, and diamonds! Nothing prevents you from choosing a non-traditional table shape, the more unusual the design, the better.

You won’t be shocked to learn that a unique shape will be more challenging to find, though. This is one of the different types of tables.

24. Industrial Table

Materials typical of the turn of the century are used in industrial design, particularly exposed brick, distressed wood with natural stains, and exposed steel or other metal.

Also, even if you live in an apartment and cannot install exposed brick walls or reveal exposed beams, an industrial table made of metal and wood can be a great way to add your unique flair to your home.

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