7 Different Types of Stories Explained

Different Types of Stories

Stories come in different forms, making every story unique in its way. As a story writer, it’s essential to understand the different types of stories.

Building a brand or niche would be difficult and unsuccessful without this knowledge. Willing to learn about the story types? Read on!

1. Overcoming the Monster

Overcoming the Monster is a story about a hero fighting against some bad. Mostly, this evil is more powerful than the main character, and it will take much courage and strength to fight back and win.

So, the only focus of the hero is to fight and kill this monster that is dangerous to them and their world. After the beast is killed, things go back to normal. Then, the hero becomes a more respectful person.

Among the different types of stories, Overcoming the Monster has different stages, and they are:

  • Anticipation Stage: In this stage, the hero learns about the monster and gets prepared to fight.
  • Dream Stage: It’s like a dream where the hero and monster clash with each other.
  • Frustration Stage: In this stage, the hero confronts the beast but fails in the mission to defeat it.
  • Nightmare Stage: This stage is the final death match where only one person can live. It looks like the monster will win.
  • Miraculous Escape: At this stage, the hero summons courage and uses his skill to defeat the monster, even though it looked impossible.

2. The Quest

A quest story is one of the oldest among the different types of stories. It depicts someone embarking on a journey to a distant location to fulfill a goal.

There must be several risks along the route, but there is a success. The quest aims to evoke a sensation of searching, inquiry, and curiosity in the reader.

Thus, moving them ahead in the story. We can tell quest stories from a variety of perspectives. In nonfiction, the first person is perhaps the most usual.

However, we can use a third person, for instance, a scientist looking for a cure for the covid.

3. Rags to Riches

This story type explains how someone from a poor background became rich, despite all odds. Among the different types of stories, Rags to Riches motivates you to do more, no matter the environment or challenges you might face.

This story is often the best way to build a brand’s reputation as a good company. It can also use the story’s flaws to make a powerful brand seem more open, friendly, and approachable.

4. Comedy

Comedy is one of the most popular ways of telling stories and marketing services. It is a fiction genre that comprises discourses or works. This story type aims to amuse and make the reader laugh.

We can enjoy comedy in the theater, film, stand-up comedy, television, radio, and books.

5. Rebirth

In Rebirth stories, there’s always a villain who comes across as a redemption being after causing much harm. Most times, this figure comes in the form of a child and reminds the villain how love feels.

They also help the villain-hero see the world as it is, to make them better. So, the villains won’t have to remember how the world made them evil.

6. Tragedy

A tragedy is among the different types of stories. It deals with unhappy endings and sad events. These incidents are fond of producing misery or calamity. In tragic stories about unfortunate circumstances, the main character usually suffers a great lot before dying at the end.

7. Voyage and Return

The Voyage and Return is a common topic in children’s literature. The reason is that it involves a journey to a fantastical land that arises out of nowhere. At first, the magical element is bright and light, but the hero must face the darkness to succeed.

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