12 Different Types of Skirts to Up Your Outfit Game

Different Types of Skirts
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Over the years, we’ve seen different types of skirts hit the market. They are airy, but they come in a range of patterns and lengths. 

While they add that classic feminine touch to your wardrobe, you sometimes don’t know what to pair them with. 

The first step to solving this “mystery” is knowing the different types of skirts. You’ll know when to wear which and how they’ll fit into your overall outfit. 

What are the different skirt styles?

Here are 12 different types of skirts that will help you create a broad range of outfits from your clothes collections: 

1. A-Line Skirt

A-line skirts come in various designs, and they are available for professional and informal occasions. Selecting an A-line skirt pattern with pockets also improves comfort.

You may have a new look depending on how you blend this skirt. A-line skirts go well with different combinations of shirts.

It suits anybody’s shape but looks great on an hourglass body shape. You can wear it to various events.

2. Peplum Skirt

Peplum Skirt Different Types of Skirts

This is one of the different types of skirts. It is a type of skirt attached to another piece of clothing around the waist to help slim it by bringing out the hips. Most of the time, it is used to conceal belly fat. It’s known as a pencil skirt with a flared waist. 

3. Flared Skirt

A circle skirt design is the most traditional skirt to own. Some of the best-flared skirt designs may be online. One monotone skirt is enough to make you the fashion queen.

To get your suitable appearance, experiment with other designs and materials. The skirt is also the greatest plus-size skirt pattern. It flatters the figure and gives it an attractive elegance.

4. Box Pleated Skirt

Knit skirts have a wonderful vibe to them. If you’re looking for a real fashion makeover, choose a box pleat skirt pattern. With a fitted jacket or a trench coat, this knitted skirt style will look incredible. You could even find yourself in a splendid moment with this outfit.

4. Wrap-Around Skirt

This wrap-around skirt features a lovely print that is one of the greatest wrap-around skirt patterns available. Combining the skirt with a body-hugging shirt brings out a hippie-inspired style. 

You can also take it to the next level by layering your accessories. You can also go for simpler options.

5. Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical patterned skirts are all the rage, so give them a shot. Their hemline strengthens your charm while also providing you with various top choices. An asymmetrical skirt design gives your entire outfit a feminine and dramatic feel.

6. Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt Different Types of Skirts
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Graphic skirts are artistic and stand out from the crowd, giving you an advantage. This skirt has the greatest pencil skirt design with a high waist.

You may go for a turtle-neck top or a spaghetti strap top to up the ante on the hotness characteristic. This skirt design draws attention to your curves while also allowing you to be playful.

7. Ethnic Maxi Skirts

Ethnic designs require no introduction because it is very common and a must-have. Choose cotton for everyday wear and formal fabrics for special occasions. You may select a top for such a skirt based on your comfort level. For a modern style, opt for an off-shoulder.

8. Tulle Skirt

The love affair with tulle began many years ago. The 1950s were the tulle’s heyday, and the style continued to grow through time. If you’re going to wear a tulle skirt, do it in style to bring back the old vibes. A tulle skirt goes best with a button-down shirt.

9. Lace Skirt

Lace skirts have a very trendy and classy vibe to them. If you’re going out, a lace skirt is the perfect straight skirt design to choose from. You may wear a crochet skirt designed with a basic shirt and topped with a jacket.

Pair it with a well-fitted shirt and a jacket for a more formal look. You could go further by teaming a lace skirt with a color-popping sweater, a crop top, or a leather jacket.

11. Pleated Skirt

These types of skirts have pleats, as the name shows. I folded pleats in cloth that took up extra space. They also give the skirt regulated completeness and fluidity of movement.

Pleats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They each have their own construction and look. Most pleated skirts contain permanent pleats that don’t need to be ironed after each wash.

12. Gored Skirt

The hem of the gored skirt has an A-line flare. This allows it to have easy mobility. They are constructed by sewing triangular materials that increase broader as they get closer to the hem. These triangular materials are called gores.

Final Thoughts 

Knowing the different types of skirts is surely a plus if you want to look classy. Now you can identify each type of skirt in your closet and what top best fits the occasion

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