10 Different Types of Shutters for Your Home

Different Types of Shutters

A window shutter is a permanent window covering type, and it has vertical stiles and horizontal rails.

Most people think of blinds and curtains when it comes to windows, while they overlook shutters.

Window shutters are a versatile alternative for your home because they give security, warmth, and a sense of elegance.

We can use shutters in any type of property, whether a new or old house.

However, we can use different types of shutters in our buildings.

1. Tier on Tier Shutter

Tier on Tier shutters covers the entire window, and they also have top and bottom panels that open separately.

They are into two sections, upper and bottom pieces, that we can open separately, providing you with complete light and privacy control.

Among the different types of shutters, we can use tier-on-tier shutters in any room of your home where you need to balance privacy with the need for light.

2. Louvered Shutter

Louvered shutters are among the most popular of the different types of shutters because of their diverse architectural designs.

They are overlapping, homogeneous wood slats put into a frame. The design allows a soft wind to pass through while blocking the light and preventing outsiders from seeing what’s inside the house.

We can find louvered shutters in single and double heights. Small supports are installed in the middle for additional durability for double-height louvered shutters.

3. Full Height Shutter

Full-height shutters are among the different types of shutters. They completely enclose the window, offering both privacy and aesthetic appeal.

They are suitable in practically any room, and people use them to conceal both doors and windows.

Additionally, they allow light to seep through while retaining privacy, and they are constructed from top to bottom as a single unit that spans the entire height of the window.

4. Bay Shutter

Most people refer to protruding window constructions as bay windows.

It doesn’t matter if they are angular, curved, or span one or more story buildings, and they are appropriate for an exquisite and timeless appearance.

Asides from that, we can use them in different styles to meet our requirements.

5. Scandinavian Shutter

The Scandinavian shutter is among the different types of shutters, but it is not common.

However, people often use them for installation outside the home because they are sturdy.

And as you may guess from its name, the Scandinavian shutter is more useful in colder climates.

After a long and snowy winter season, Scandinavian shutters might bring a smile to your face.

When you place Scandinavian shutters on your windows, you may give your home a distinct and vibrant appearance.

Along with protecting you from the cold, it can keep you warm.

6. Vinyl Shutter

Vinyl shutters are another excellent choice because they are both solid and weatherproof.

Even though vinyl shutters are acceptable for any part of a building, they are particularly well suited to kitchens and bathrooms, subject to a lot of moisture.

7. Board and Batten Shutter

Board and Batten shutters are among the different types of shutters. They are available in various forms, including spaced or arch-top, or connected.

Western Red Cedar is the most common wood people use for an exterior shutter in the industry, and it is also the most expensive.

As their name implies, these structures have separate boards that are connected by shorter crosspieces.

8. Shaped Shutter

Shaped shutters share all of the same characteristics as plantation shutters, and there are varieties of paint and stain finishes to pick from, three sizes of louvers to choose from, three tilt systems to choose from, and even hinge colors!

Arch windows, porthole windows, and other types of windows can benefit from custom-designed louvers and unique moldings.

9. Cafe Style Shutter

Café-style shutters combine the typical plantation set up on the bottom of the window with the customary plantation set up on the top of the window.

The idea came from cafés in Europe. As a result, it maintains seclusion while allowing light in through the transparent top portion of the window.

They also bring character and charm to your home and are a terrific way to express originality, which may add elegance to any home.

10. Solid Shutter

Solid panel window shutters are beautiful and have a lovely, more classic shutter style.

The solid shutter panels are hinged to a frame, making them simple to open and close, not only to help manage the amount of light in the space but also to offer quick and easy access to your windows.

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