Different Types of Shorts Explained

Different Types Of Shorts
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A few decades ago, different types of shorts were considered inappropriate or rather daring clothing for women.

However, women who were modern (and brave enough) to wear it had to serve their sentence according to the applicable laws.

Fortunately, times have changed. Today, different types of shorts have become trendy items of clothing for both men and women.

They line the shelves of various clothing stores throughout the year while new styles and designs pop up from time to time.

There are people who live in short, but there are also those who still despise them. Whether you love them or dislike them, you can’t ignore them.

They are everywhere. And so many different types of these shorts. Most of them are classified according to length, and some according to the fabric from which they are made.

Since the summer season is just around the corner, it goes without saying that you need to look for ways to refresh your wardrobe and want to buy the best shorts that will keep you cool and comfortable on hot days without compromising your best look.

Definition of Shorts

Shorts can be defined as pants or trousers that are shorter in length. They are multi-gender shorts that go from below the knee to the shorter desired length.

For a great casual and modern look, shorts are the best, especially during the summer season.

There are different types of shorts depending on style, raw material, and end-use. But we will talk about the different types of shorts that are the most popular.

Summer Casual Shorts

There are more and more different types and models of casual shorts. It also seems like more places are thinking shorts are okay. Today, shorts are even worn in various workplaces.

Shorts aren’t just for working out or going to the beach anymore. Find your style and designs that let you express yourself and stay cool during the summer months.

Use them for a BBQ, on vacation, shopping, working from home, or even in more formal settings when that feels appropriate.

Cargo Shorts

Originally a type of military uniform for British soldiers, cargo pants were introduced to the United States during World War I in the mid-1940s.

The two main characteristics of these shorts are the loose fit as well as the many large outer pockets on both sides.

Although it is primarily a type of clothing for men, it is not uncommon for women to wear cargo shorts from time to time.

Classic cargo shorts are among the most popular in terms of the different types of men’s shorts. Not only do these shorts look great in their khaki, brown, and olive colors, but they are also very functional.

Its claims to fame are its variety of useful roomy pockets to carry all your stuff; they come in handy to carry stuff like your smartphone, wallet, keys, and more.

Typically, two traditional pockets are located just below the waist, two more pockets at the bottom of the shorts, and two back pockets.

These shorts usually come just below the knee. Choose a pair with buttons on the lower pockets for added security. Many cargo shorts contain stretch fabric to make them more comfortable.

Popular materials are cotton and spandex blend or 100% cotton. Nylon cargo briefs are also available for those who want more moisture absorption.

Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts offer a little more room. Your thighs and crotch will thank you. They may have been poorly rated in the past for being “dad’s shorts,” but they’re actually coming back.

However, there is a catch. Men should go for a subtle, barely noticeable pleat. The length should come above the knee. Longer lengths and multiple pleats will make you look old-fashioned when wearing these shorts.

Women’s pleated shorts are also usually a little above the knee, come in pastel colors, and, of course, have pleats that can be single or multiple.

Dropping vertically from the waist, these pleats create the illusion of slightly fuller thighs. If you are a slim woman, these sophisticated shorts is a must-have.

A blend of polyester and spandex is a common material for pleated shorts, as is cotton.

Flat-front Shorts

There are flat-front shorts, just like there are pleated shorts. These shorts usually have a more formal look and are often paired with a polo shirt and worn at parties, barbecues, outings, and other more exclusive events.

There are many examples of flat-front shorts, and one of the funniest titles is seersucker whaler. These shorts are mainly worn by men.

Chino Shorts

Another popular of the different types of shorts style is the chinos. They fall just above the knee and have a straight leg. There are no pockets at the bottom of the shorts, and the inseam is usually between 9.5 and 11.5 inches.

Walking shorts include chino shorts. They are medium to long shorts specially designed to facilitate walking and other leisure activities.

There is a multitude of colors and patterns available for chino shorts, allowing every man to show off his style.

Considering the comfort factor, the preferred material for these shorts is usually cotton only or mostly cotton, with a small percentage of elastin for stretch.

Thes shorts are often twilled to add more class and style with a diagonally woven pattern. The chino shorts come with a zipper for easy wear and are available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. They are worn mainly by men and women.

Denim Shorts

Denim is undoubtedly one of the different types of shorts with the best materials for men and women. Classic denim shorts can sometimes look dated, but modern fashion trends make them look great. It is elegant, comfortable, and timeless.

Denim carpentry shorts are commonly worn by men working in construction due to the extra pockets and hammer loops.

Clothing stores are full of denim shorts made to the wishes of the manufacturer. There are also many iconic styles, like denim cut-off shorts and boyfriend shorts, which are worn by men and women and are readily available in almost all clothing stores.

Denim shorts also add details like whiskering, sanding, or a deliberately worn look. The cuffs on the bottom can also give them a trendy look.

The denim is made of 100% cotton. You can combine denim shorts with straight pants, boots, or sneakers and wear a sleeveless shirt or T-shirt.

Boyfriend Shorts

Boyfriend shorts refer to loose, baggy shorts that are usually made of denim. It is usually made of denim fabrics that have a waistband with buttons, rivets, zippers, pockets, and hand-sewn edges. It is suitable for casual and semi-casual events.

Whether they have elastic or plain waistbands, these shorts almost come with zippers and buttons and can be ripped for a rugged faux look. It is very pleasant to wear whatever the raw materials.

Boyfriend shorts get their name from the fact that they resemble the most common men’s pants, although they are exclusively for women.

To master the sporty style of boy’s shorts, pair them with trainers or sandals for a resolutely chic and modern look. This legwear that lengthens from the waist to the thighs is suitable for casual and semi-casual events.


Hardly any other of the different types of shorts is treated as different than Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts are a type of semi-formal knee-length shorts, also known as walking shorts or dresses.

Many women despise them because of their baggy appearance, while others love them because they are airy and comfortable.

It was designed in 20th-century England to help British soldiers survive in tropical and subtropical climates. These shorts get their name from their great popularity in Bermuda, where they are considered formal clothing for men when made of the appropriate material and worn with a shirt, tie, and knee-high socks.

However, in most other places, these different types of shorts are usually made of soft and cozy materials, and women often wear them as nightwear in the summer.

Bermuda shorts are also known as walking shorts or dress shorts, and the leg opening hangs one to three inches above the knee and has a hand-sewn hem that may or may not have cuffs on this edge.

Khaki Shorts

Khaki shorts for men are usually an attempt to look stylish while wearing shorts. However, there are many styles available when it comes to khakis.

There are chino shorts, cargo shorts, Bermuda shorts, walking shorts, and more. Khaki is traditionally made from 100% cotton twill fabric, but other materials are sometimes used.

While khaki shorts may make you think of school uniforms or boring co-workers, khaki started out as a uniform for soldiers; how about you being rugged and manly?

Tailored Shorts

The term “tailored shorts” can mean several things. This term can be referred to as shorts that look much like slacks but at a shorter length.

It can also apply to made-to-measure shorts. Standard fabrics for tailored shorts include seersucker, denim, linen, cotton, or suiting fabric.

Baggy Shorts

Baggy shorts can also work in a variety of design areas. Most of the time, they are considered athletic shorts, but they can also be baggy cargo shorts, mountain bike shorts, khaki shorts, and others.

These shorts are not restricted and allow greater freedom of movement. They aren’t suitable for certain activities, and many people think baggy shorts don’t look professional.

Jamaican Shorts

An internet search for these types of shorts can find all shorts printed with the Jamaican flag, but don’t let that fool you.

Although it may or may not be in the Jamaica national flag’s colors, Jamaican shorts refer to shorts that end at or above the knee, which sits between the knee and the crotch, regardless of their pattern, style, or the material from which they have been made.

Booty Shorts

Booty shorts are low-rise shorts that have a very short length. It covers the minimum area of ​​body parts, mostly worn by women who have good posture and sometimes worn under short skirts.

It can be made of denim, artificial leather, or shiny synthetic fabrics. It’s not recommended for casuals, but it’s recommended for the beach and summer parties.

Cut-off Shorts

As the name implies, cut-off shorts are shorts “cut” from pants, trousers, or any other long to mid-length pants.

Depending on the user’s taste, they are usually cut at least a few inches above the knee or even higher.

They have a rough edge in the area of ​​the leg opening as they are cut from the rest of the pants and kept unhemmed. The unfinished look is the most important feature of cropped shorts.

These shorts are one of the most popular of the different types of shorts forms of summer clothing for women due to their fashionable appearance.

Another reason cut-off shorts have peaked overnight is that you don’t need a single penny to pull off this style. If you own old jeans, cut them to the desired level with scissors or use a sharp blade to rip them to the required length.

To ensure you get it right the first time and don’t end up destroying perfect jeans, follow the DIY tips from those who have tried it successfully several times.

You can embellish your jeans with gems or studs to increase the fun. Sometimes laces can also be attached to the cut parts to give them a great look.

Printed Shorts

From polka dots to florals, striped tribal prints, and geometric patterns to faux cheetah fur, the possibilities are endless when it comes to printed shorts.

These types of shorts are among the most versatile because you can combine them with a suitable top or a more eccentric style and use them on several occasions. Shorts with a print will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Wrapped Shorts

Wrapped or wrap-around shorts were one of the most popular of the different types of shorts in the 70s and even appeared on screens in the early 80s.

The style died out after a while but is back in recent years. Today, you can find these shorts in a wide range of styles, materials, and colorful designs. And they are worn mainly by stylish women.

These shorts resemble skirts in that the fabric is wrapped around the waist similarly. They also differ from most other shorts in that wrap shorts do not contain zippers and buttons for opening and closing. Instead, they come with a strap or thin strap that serves a purpose.

Dolphin Shorts

The Dolphin Shorts are unisex shorts designed for athletics. It is very short and was initially made of nylon with a waistband, contrast piping, side slits, and rounded corners. It was trendy among 9080 teenage girls. But today, it is mostly used as sportswear by men, women, and teenagers.


Skorts, which are a combination of a skirt and shorts, are nothing but a skirt with shorts sewn underneath. They are one of the smartest forms of women’s clothing that combines fashion and function.

If you are a fan of skirts but are hesitant to wear them as they can lead to awkward moments, then wearing skorts is the best way to put your concerns to rest.

Not only do they enable you to sit and walk comfortably, but they can also be worn on elegant occasions and anywhere else where wearing a skirt is appropriate, but athletic shorts are not.

Skorts are also very versatile as they can be combined with blouses, t-shirts, crop tops, or whatever you like.

Boy Shorts

Boy’s shorts are unisex shorts that are slightly longer than booty shorts. However, unlike booty shorts with a low rise, boy’s shorts are high rise, meaning they stretch above the waist (about 3 inches or more). It is a favorite garment for women who go to pool parties, the beach, or any other similar outdoor activity.

At Home or Under Shorts

There are different types of shorts that can be worn alone at home or under other shorts. These include compression shorts, boxers, slip shorts, and pajama shorts. These shorts have a purpose and are usually not worn out.

Compression Shorts

Most of the time, compression shorts are typically worn underneath loose pants—however, some men embrace the look of compression shorts.

Compression shorts should provide support to you without strangling you. Wearing compression shorts has many benefits, including improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery during exercise. They may also reduce recovery time from specific medical procedures, such as vasectomy.

Boxer Shorts

There are many types of men’s underwear. Many prefer the loose nature of boxers for ultimate comfort. Of course, there are also boxers for men who like a little more support without going all the way to panties. Boxers come in a variety of fun patterns and colors, allowing a man to express himself.


Slipshorts are basically a type of women’s clothing, similar to a garment that hugs and shapes your body underneath the rest of the clothes you’re wearing.

It is therefore worn under dresses, pants, skirts, or even regular shorts. It is understood that the shorts are made of stretchy fabric and come in different sizes to fit women with varying body types.

Until a few years ago, wearing slipshorts was torture for women, but thanks to advances in textiles and materials engineering, the fabric used to make modern slipshorts are extremely soft and very comfortable to wear. It’s silky and lightweight yet sits firmly on the waist and legs, creating a silhouette like a model on a runway.

Pajama Shorts

Men’s pajama shorts, also known as lounge shorts, typically have an elastic waistband and possibly a drawstring. These shorts are almost always 100% cotton. Wearing these shorts while sleeping or relaxing makes you an enjoyable experience. Many colors and patterns are available to customize.

Men Sports Shorts

During working out is when a man most often wears shorts. There are many different types of sports shorts designed for a variety of activities.

Who wants to be restricted by pants while exercising? Those legs need to breathe. From tight cycling shorts to wide athletic hoop shooting shorts, there are a variety of styles, lengths, and materials used in athletic shorts.

Running Shorts

Men’s running shorts are a specific type of shorts worn by runners. These shorts are usually made from a lightweight material and are designed to allow freedom of movement while running.

Some running shorts have an inner liner that doubles as an undergarment. If included, there is no need to wear separate underwear.

The material usually used for shorts is polyester. It is unusual for running shorts to be long, as the runner’s stride can tug on the fabric and cause discomfort.

Many types of running shorts have a cutout side seam to provide greater freedom of movement. Typical split seams are 1/2 split seams or 1/4 split seams.

This refers to the length of the seam that is cut. Shorts with a 1/2 split seam are shorter than shorts with a 3/4 split seam.

Walking Shorts

Every man probably has a different predisposition for walking in shorts. A speed walker might opt ​​for running shorts, but a casual walker might feel comfortable in regular mesh athletic shorts or even stretchy shorts. Comfort and good air circulation are essential for walking shorts.

Hiking Shorts

When choosing hiking shorts for men, it usually comes down to versatility, mobility, and comfort. Shorts should keep the hiker cool in the heat and deal with all the elements of the trail and changing weather.

These shorts have to hold up when you’re scrambling over a rock, splashing in a stream, getting caught in the rain, or enduring a strenuous climb.

Plenty of cargo pockets are also handy for storing gear and personal items. They must be tightly closed to keep everything safe. Of course, hikers also want to look stylish on the trail, so a variety of colors and patterns is always welcome.

Cycling Short

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for cycling shorts. First, there are different types of cycling shorts for mountain or road cycling.

Road cycling shorts are usually tight and without pockets. Cyclists often wear jerseys with back pockets. Some types may also include a form of pillow or chamois built into the shorts.

Cycling shorts are commonly made from a combination of spandex and nylon. When investing in cycling shorts, it’s important to pay attention to durability.

Although the product may be cheaper at first, it may not last as long, resulting in another purchase and more money spent.

Mountain biking shorts are usually wide and have two or three pockets. Pockets typically have a secure closure, so things don’t fall out on a bumpy road.

Common materials for mountain bike shorts are nylon, polyester, and spandex. They are usually mixed. A chamois is sometimes worn under mountain bike shorts as extra padding.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for road bike shorts or mountain bike shorts. It’s important to look for shorts that hold up well to excess moisture. It is essential to remove as much moisture from the body as possible.

Gym Shorts

Men’s gym shorts usually have an elastic waistband and are loose. Some have pockets, and some don’t. Mesh is a common favorite due to the breathability of the fabric.

Quick-drying gym shorts are always important to combat sweat and humidity from exercise. Polyester is a popular fabric for athletic shorts, as is a blend of polyester, spandex, and cotton.

Gyms usually have an elastic waistband, with many options offering an adjustable strap to resize the waist if needed.

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts or swimsuits are worn for swimming or lounging by the pool or on the beach. There are different types of men’s swim shorts, from tight little briefs to tight but long briefs to the medium-wide swimwear that most people are used to. In general, tight swim shorts are left to those who swim competitively.

For recreational swimmers, choosing windproof shorts is more about finding the best shorts for your body type. Everyone wants to look their best in a swimsuit.

Some things to think about are choosing a color that complements your skin tone and choosing shorts that suit your legs.

A good rule of thumb is that the shorter the legs, the shorter the shorts. For those who are heavier, choosing patterned shorts or vertical stripes will help them look slimmer.

Swimsuits are usually made of polyester. They frequently include a mesh basket liner to keep everything in place, as well as pockets to keep things safe while swimming. If you’re hanging out on the beach, it’s good to think about sun protection. Many types of suits offer this.

Board Shorts

Designed as swimwear, particularly for surfers, these are longer shorts that have also become common summer casual shorts. They are also often found on the beach.

Board shorts are usually wide and fall below the knee. They have a drawstring and are available in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors for maximum customization. Board shorts are also suitable for women

Tennis Shorts

Tennis shorts have changed over the years. In earlier years, these shorts were usually white with pleats to allow freedom of movement. Today, tennis athletes choose to wear more colors for their matches.

Quick-drying synthetic fabrics have become popular. Some examples are polyester and spandex. These shorts have elastic waistband straps for comfort and pockets for storing extra tennis balls.

Golf Shorts

Although professionals are not allowed to wear shorts at the PGA Tour event, golf shorts are still popular among golfers.

However, no one wants to go to a fancy country club in cut-off shorts or board shorts. Looking sharp and stylish in golf shorts is important, and players should keep comfort in mind.

Golf short features include belt loops and zippers, traditional side pockets, and straight legs with no cargo pockets. Most players opt for solid-color shorts, but plenty of subtle and bold patterns exist.

Other Sports Shorts

The list would be too long to cover all the sports that offer special shorts that best suit athletes. Other sports that offer specially designed shorts include basketball, football, lacrosse, boxing, racquetball, rugby, and fishing.

Each type of shorts offers particular characteristics, which is why they are specially designed to provide comfort and functionality when competing in these sports.

The key to rocking shorts is not to think too much about how you look. Just choose the type of shorts you prefer and step out in confidence.

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