12 Different Types of Pillows + Sizes

different types of pillows

Your pillow can mean the difference between a restful snooze and a frustrating night spent. There are different types of pillows, depending on their fills and sizes.

With a soft and fluffy pillow, you can get desirable comfy beauty sleep

However, every person based on diverse sleeping positions has varieties of pillow types that suit their posture for a comfortable night’s rest and healthy well-being. 

Don’t know what to expect from the different types of pillows (fillings and size)? Don’t worry; this article will discuss them and tell which is suitable for your sleeping position.

Also, you will learn what to look out for when buying a pillow.

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What is a pillow?

A pillow supports the body at rest for comfort, therapy, or decorations. It can also be a rectangular cloth bag stuffed with feathers or other soft materials to support the head when lying or sleeping.

Pillows were first used before the 12th century and are still essential for a comfy sleep today.

Like the mattress, pillows are as important for sleep, health, and quality rest; they complete bedding and support the head and neck for a good night’s rest.

However, not knowing the most comfortable pillow for your sleeping position can render your night beauty sleep futile. 

Different Types of Pillows

There are 12 different types of pillows that are durable, comfortable, and cost-effective for diverse sleepers (back, stomach, and side sleepers).

Let’s consider each individually:

1. Down Pillow

The down pillows are sometimes blended with feathers and are made from soft furs. Down pillows are very soft, durable and are also good head and neck support pieces of a cushion.

They are considered best used by the side, back, and stomach sleepers due to their pillow’s softness. So every sleeper is free to pick a likeness to down pillows.

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2. Down alternative Pillows

A down alternative pillow is the synthetic version of the classic down pillow. They are mostly filled with polyester and are affordable and easy to clean.

This pillow is suitable mainly for back and side sleepers. However, a down alternative pillow is not ideal for all sleepers. They are best for side and back sleepers.

Though stomach sleepers can use the down pillow, the pillow’s softness makes it more suitable for back and side sleepers. 

3. Feather Pillows

Made of traditional filling, feather pillows are great for providing support without losing shape. The feather pillows are very comfortable and supportive options.

However, feather pillows need regular fluffing to stay lofty and comfortable. These pillows are considered suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Although a feather pillow might give rest of contentment, it is, however, not the best option for stomach sleepers.

4. Memory foam Pillow

The memory foam pillows are excellent and fit for all sleeping positions. It helps mold the head and neck into a desirable and comfortable position for an individual. They also aid in pain relief and support. They are also suitable for back and stomach sleepers but may be too firm for side sleepers.

5. Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows are mainly for people who are allergic to synthetic materials. They are simple to clean and can be easily washed, and are comfortable for all types of sleepers. It, however, does not mold the head, compared to memory or feather pillow.

6. Shredded memory foam Pillow

The shredded memory foam pillows are becoming a popular alternative to the conventional memory foam pillow. The fillings of this pillow can be removed or added depending on your preference, but they are suitable for every sleeping position. 

7. Latex Pillows

These pillows provide a high level of soft and cozy support for your head and neck. They are available in shredded and solid materials. Latex pillows are very durable and are considered suitable for side and back sleepers.

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However, you must look out for latex-blend pillows, usually a mix of polyurethane foam, a toxic material to health. 

8. Bamboo Pillow

Due to the cooling, moisture-absorbing, and antimicrobial properties of bamboo, they have become a trendy pillow type in the industry. These pillows are usually really firm (dense) and are suitable for back sleepers. They may be too firm for back and side sleepers.

9. Gel Pillow

Gel pillows have a fantastic ability to keep people cool at night. They are made of gel combined with materials like foam or latex to give the cooling benefits of gel.

Also, they are firm with a definite shape but can be molded into suitable counters for the sleeper. These pillow types are preferred mainly by stomach and back sleepers.

10. Polyester Pillow

These pillows are fiber and poly-fill. Polyester pillows are heat absorbers and can quickly become lumpy. They are lightweight and suitable for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

11. Buckwheat Pillow

The buckwheat pillows are trendy in Asia but are just trying to gain ground in the market. They are filled with buckwheat shells, which can be very noisy when you move around when sleeping. Buckwheat is preferred for back and stomach sleepers because it could be too firm for side sleepers.

12. Microbead Pillow

These pillows are made with a synthetic material called uniform polymer particles. They are cool, breathable, and can conform to the shape of your head. However, compared to buckwheat pillows, these pillows can quickly lose their shape.

Different Types of Pillow Sizes

Different Types of Pillow Sizes

1. Standard

A standard pillow measures 20 inches by 26 inches and fits both standard and queen-sized pillowcases. One standard pillow is good support for the head and neck.

2. Super Standard

The super standard pillow is slightly bigger than the standard pillow 2 inches, measuring 20 by 28 inches. It is helpful if you tend to roll off your pillow at night.

You can fit one super standard pillow on a twin bed, two super standard pillows on queen and full beds, and three super standard pillows tightly on a king bed.

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3. Queen Pillows

Queen pillows size is 20 inches by 30 inches and are suitable for queen and king beds. You can also use a singular queen pillow on a twin bed or squeeze two pillows onto a full bed.

Queen pillows work with both standard and queen size pillowcases, but loftier queen pillows might be tight in standard pillowcases and cause them to feel firm.

4. King

King pillows are one of the largest pillows, with the size 20 inches by 36 inches. Two king pillows fit the width of king beds and work as a small body pillow, and one pillow fits a king-size pillowcase or tightly in a queen-size pillowcase.

5. European

European pillows are square, 26 inches by 26 inches pillows. They’re primarily decorative pillows, but you can place them under your back when sitting upright or under your knees when sleeping for extra lumbar support.

Things to consider before purchasing a pillow

different types of pillows

Since pillows are essential for a great night’s rest, you must take your pillow investment seriously.

The following are some factors to consider when choosing a pillow:

  • Sleeping position: An individual desirable sleeping position is a significant consideration before buying a pillow.
  • Pillow stuffing: pillows are made up of varying components, which determine the pillow’s texture, either hard, soft, fluffy, etc. These varieties assess the comfort, support, and durability of the pillow.
  • Pillow size: pillow sizes are best considered based on individual differences and preferences.
  • Ease of cleaning: A pillow that is easy to clean is a perfect consideration in choosing a pillow that completes your beddings and gives ultimate comfort.
  • Pillow density: the density of a pillow determines its firmness, and the most suitable for you depends on your sleeping position and preference.


Beautifully, pillows come in diverse shapes. They could be rectangular or circular. A choice of a pillow shape depends on individual diversity to magnify your bedding’s outlook, not failing to consider a hundred percent offer of comfort. The different types of pillows might seem like small, less important objects, they are, however, beneficial, and it is comforting and beautify the bedding in the bedrooms. 


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