22 Different Types of Pants

Different Types of Pants
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The correct pair of pants can help you achieve the job you want, enchant a first date, or enjoy your next journey with confidence and comfort. 

There are many different types of pants to choose from, from casual chinos to dress pants. And it can be challenging to find the best fashion trends to go with your outfit.

However, it’s crucial to know what pants to wear and how to make these intelligent items work for you, whether you’re dressing up joggers or giving pleated trousers a modern vibe.

Furthermore, here are some pant styles that every man should consider for his wardrobe to help him find his new look.  

Some are trendy, fashionable, and popular for casual wear, while others are classic and formal but always fashionable.

Finally, this style guide includes a detailed breakdown of the different types of pants that every man and woman should own.

1. Chinos Pants

Chinos Pants
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Chinos are a sort of cotton-based casual trousers. Like other popular pant styles today, such as the cargo pant, Chinos have their beginnings in the military, where their lightweight fabric was preferred.  

Additionally, chinos come in colors other than tan, contrary to common assumptions. They’re recognized for their flat fronts and secret cross-stitching. Most chinos include belt loops and a front zipper instead of a drawstring.  

In addition, chinos go with a wide range of tops and sweaters. Chinos are best paired with sneakers or boat shoes because of their innately informal style. Wear your chinos with a denim shirt or a plaid button-up for a unique style.  

2. Khakis Pants

Khakis is one of the different types of pants worn by men and women. They are a significant aspect of men’s business casual outfits since they are versatile, relaxed, and stylish.  

Khaki trousers radiate a low-key fashionable aura that every guy can utilize now and then when paired with a blazer or dress shirt and jacket. Moreover, khaki pants are comfy, easy to wear and go well with various outfits.  

Additionally, khakis and chinos are distinguished because khaki bottoms are straight-legged, pleated, and have heavy cotton materials for a stiffer appearance. White chino pants are tapered, have visible stitching, and are lightweight cotton or cotton mixes.  

3. Bondage Pants

Bondage trousers were born out of a fashion collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren in the 1970s, inspired by Army-issue cotton pants. They used a different cloth and placed straps between the knees to reproduce the pants.  

Furthermore, bondage pants were a popular punk fashion accessory, and they are still worn today. Bondage trousers are sometimes known as punk pants because of this.  

4. Wool Pants

Wool pant is also one of the different common types of pants, and they may be associated with your grandmother’s knitted sweaters or, at the very least, socks.  

In addition, wool pants, on the other hand, are a well-kept secret among male fashionistas. Let’s look at the causes for this. Furthermore, wool pants, often known as wool trousers, will not appear to be a craft endeavor.  

Although the pants will feel wonderfully cozy and soft, thanks to the collection of tiny strands that make up any wool garment, it may be challenging to identify that they are made of wool.  

Wool has a plethora of advantages. Additionally, this material type may be breathable while still keeping you warm and insulated, as well as keeping you dry, thanks to its moisture-resistant characteristics.  

5. Jeans Pants

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for all males and females because they are relaxed and trendy. A good pair of jeans is a must-have, and there is a pair for practically every look and outfit.  

Additionally, you’ll need to experiment with the correct fitting jeans for your body type and style, from slender to slim, straight, relaxed, and loose.

Invest in skinny jeans for a minor cut for a fashionable fashion style that will match a top like an Oxford or sweater.  

However, if you’re concerned about a tight fit, several of the most popular denim companies have begun to use flexible denim for a more comfortable fit.

Otherwise, a straight or relaxed shape will look good with a graphic tee or casual top. 

6. Dungarees Pants

Dungarees, sometimes known as dungaree pants, are also one of the different types of pants. They are not necessarily what they appear to be.  

The term itself refers to a particular type of fabric. However, the term “dungarees” has come to refer to both blue jeans and bib overalls.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, dungarees can also refer to jeans, denim, or Levi’s. 

Furthermore, the name refers to any pair of pants made of dungaree fabric, thick cotton that is often dark blue. The fabric was first known as “dungri” cloth, after the Indian hamlet of Dongri.

According to History of Jeans, as the fabric became popular in England, the name “dungri” became “dungaree.” 

7. Fisherman Pants

Fisherman pants are available in one-size-fits-all designs and can be worn by men and women. They’re usually made of lightweight cotton and have a simple design.  

Furthermore, fisherman pants are two broad and straight legs joined by a wide waistline. They come with a matching belt that goes around the waist of the pants. 

The pants are incredibly roomy to accommodate a wide range of body types. However, they are worn wrapped around the torso, necessitating the associated belt.

Lightweight, comfy, and trendy, these pants are a must-have. 

8. Drawstring Pants

It’s easy to see why drawstring trousers are so popular right now. The simple design is ideal for working from home, errands, or informal social gatherings.  

Additionally, for a streetwear look, add trendy accessories or your favorite branded top, or combine them with a blazer or bomber jacket for a high-fashion touch.  

In addition, drawstring trousers are ideal for lengthy commutes. And a few high-end versions may even be incorporated into casual work attire. 

9. Yoga Pants

Although yoga pants may not appear to be the most macho of options, believe us when we say that every man’s wardrobe should include at least one pair. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of the favorite activity, you can’t deny that the equipment that goes with it is pretty comfy. However, if you’re not used to a lot of breathability in your clothing, you might find yoga pants especially appealing.  

Additionally, it is not an exaggeration to claim that yoga pants can make you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. Yoga pants should be a staple in your collection if you are an active person. 

10. Joggers Pants

Joggers pants are one of the different types of pants. Although joggers are informal, they may be elevated to a striking and stylish style when paired with a blazer, bright shoes, or distinctive accessories.  

Additionally, neutral colors will soften the modern style, but if you want to make a statement, go for some bolder or bold tones.  

Moreover, these pants are ideal if you work from home or have young children and look put together when getting ready for the day. 

11. Hiking Pants

Hiking pants aren’t exactly a type of trouser, and retailers use them to put together various kinds of pants. Typically, these are tough, lightweight pants with many pockets designed for movement. 

12. Pajamas Pants

Pajama pants are one of the most common different types of Pants. They are loose-fitting pants with a drawstring at the waist, while elastic waistbands are popular in modern pajama designs.

Pajama pants are ordinarily loose and comfortable, however, they can be tight or close-fitting. 

13. Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are another underappreciated pant style. They have recently demonstrated that they deserve a position in the current man’s wardrobe, even though they were most feasible in previous decades.

Additionally, a “pleat” is created when the fabric is doubled and folded back on itself.  

As a result, you’ll have more freedom of movement in your hips and legs. Furthermore, they also offer the added benefit of preventing creases in the cloth of your pants when you sit or move about.  

A “flat front” is the polar opposite of pleated pants. While flat fronts were popular for a long time, pleated pants are making a comeback, and there’s reason to be happy about it. 

14. Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are one of the different types of pants. They may appear to be a throwback to the 1980s, but men can make this pant design work today with a few modern modifications.  

Additionally, these pants may show off your fashionable socks for a bold, eye-catching look, whether you roll up your pant legs or buy them short enough to fall just up the ankle.  

Furthermore, wear a great shirt with a long jacket and fashionable shoes to create an edgy look with an attitude for a formal men’s style.  

Finally, the cuffs must fall at the appropriate height, so take them to a tailor and get them adjusted to your size and frame. Cropped trousers can also be imitated by cuffing a pair of fitting pants to the appropriate length. 

15. Cargo Pants

Load trousers are loose-fitting garments with ample pockets for transporting your “cargo.” Following World War II, they were popular in the United States.

They are most typically used by persons who require a multipurpose piece of clothing while undertaking physically demanding work.  

Additionally, cargo pants, while not as aesthetically classic as the other options on this list, have a place in any man’s wardrobe because of their usefulness and shape.  

Additionally, if worn correctly and matched with a suitable t-shirt or jacket, cargo pants can be made to look excellent on your physique. 

16. Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants are one of the different types of pants.; There’s a good chance you’ve seen cigarette pants before, even if you don’t know what their strange moniker calls them.

Pants that are slim-fitting all the way down to the ankles, where they hug the leg closely, are referred to as “slim fit.”  

Furthermore, cigarette pants are commonly available in simple colors, but they can also be found in various designs.

The classic “checkered” design is a popular pattern for cigarette pants. Additionally, this antique design pays homage to the 1950s, when cigarette pant was at their peak. 

17. Flare Pants

This may be the most divisive entry on the list for some. Flare pants, after all, haven’t been fashionable for both men and women in decades.

Whatever the naysayers’ concerns may be, we implore them to embrace the bell-bottom fad since another wave of flare fever is on its way.  

Okay, so the flare pant’s comeback may be delayed at this moment, but we believe that every man should have at least one piece of clothing that terrifies him.  

That could be the flare pant for you. Keep this one in your closet for a day when you want to be a little more daring. Flare pants, after all, have a lot more to offer than just the theater. 

18. Leather Pants

Leather Pants are also one of the different types of pants used by both men and women. Men’s leather pants can be macho, tough, and sleek in the correct social context.  

However, it is not a style that all males should try. Furthermore, these types of pants are designated for a select group that can work the look, from skinny leather pants for fit males to casual styles for bikers who need padding.  

Additionally, genuine black leather or imitation leather are available, and trousers that mimic jeans or pants. However, to make your leather pants more challenging to wear, match them with leather shoes in the same finish. 

19. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the comfiest pants that a man may wear. They are no longer associated with the same negative connotations they once held.  

Meanwhile, sweatpants may look nice and be functional at the same time, whether you’re sitting around at home watching TV or going grocery shopping with your girlfriend.  

While both are loose-fitting and airy, the key difference between joggers and sweatpants is that joggers are typically constructed of thin, lightweight materials, while sweatpants are heavier and warmer.  

However, to get the best sweatpants for men, search for solid neutral colors or basic designs, choose a more proper fit rather than baggy, and pair them with fashionable sneakers. 

20. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy is a timeless fabric, and pants exude a vintage and sophisticated vibe. Pair yours with a well-fitted sweater for classy family get-togethers or an excellent tee for a day out to give them a modern spin.  

Additionally, cords are more suited for the winter months because corduroy is a warmer fabric. The term comes from the design on the cloth, which comes in a variety of widths and colors to suit your taste. 

21. Leggings Pants

These are tight-fitting pants made of hosiery or stretch knit. Treggings are leggings that resemble trousers, while Jeggings resemble jeans, complete with minor elements such as faux pockets, a front fly, and the jeans’ signature seam stitching. 

22. Tights

Tights are also one of the different types of pants worn by women. Furthermore, tights and leggings are often confused and referred to as the same.  

However, there is a distinction between leggings and tights: tights are composed of the same stretch material as leggings, but they also extend to cover the foot. 

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