8 Different Types of Nose Rings

Different Types of Nose Rings
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They are so many different types of nose rings in the world today. The nose ring is one of the most ancient pieces of jewelry worn by men and women on their noses.

Although considered a new trend in the Western world, the custom of wearing nose rings has always been around.

In ancient India, women used nose rings to beautify their faces and still use them even today. Here, Indian brides wore them as part of their costumes.

More so, Ayurvedic medicine believes wearing nose rings can relieve the pains of childbirth as well as menstruation cramps.

Even today, among the Berber tribe of North Africa and the Bedouin tribe of the Middle East, the nose ring is used to show wealth, status, and prestige. 

Nose rings are made of different materials. They could be made of gold, silver, jewels, pearls, titanium, glass, and even bioplast.

Yeah! It may sound surprising, but some nose rings are made of bioplast too. Nose rings made from bioplast are compatible with the body.

They are less likely to irritate the skin and help heal new piercings real quickly.

Despite the cultural and historical significance nose rings hold in some parts of the world, it is considered a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Today, an increasing number of people take to wearing them. Keep reading as we look at the different types of nose rings.

Types of Nose Rings

1. Hoop Nose Ring

Because hoops are incredibly trendy, it has become a very popular type of nose ring. The hoop nose rings are available in various colors, sizes, and designs.

They are fashioned to meet the needs and preferences of multiple individuals.

Here, individuals who want something conservative will see their choice, and those who wish to have something attention-grabbing will also see their choice.

Also, if you are among the group of people that don’t like taking their nose ring out every day, you can get that with a hoop nose ring.

2. Labret Nose Ring

Among the different types of nose rings are labret. The labret is a famous and easy-to-wear nose ring.

Both ends of the stem of a labret nose ring are flat, and there’s a part that screws off.

The ring is inserted from the inside of the nostril. Then it is screwed on the top part outside the nostril.

The removable end is fashioned like a gemstone or ball and easily pops into place.

The Labret nose ring is beautiful, suitable for anyone, and an excellent choice for individuals that have more than one piercing on the same side of the nose.

3. Corkscrew Nose Ring

Corkscrew nose ring is among the different types of nose rings, and another name for it is twist or nostril screw.

Also, a popular nose ring can be worn by anyone but is best for individuals with high nostril piercings.

The stem is one inch long, and the bottom is curved like a “C.” It is also easy to wear. Here, the jewelry is coiled into the nostril as though it’s being screwed into the nose.

To get the best result when wearing this type of nose ring, you should buy it in person to ensure that the stem fits the thickness of your nose perfectly.

Nevertheless, some are purchased pre-bent; they come in a straight post that can be custom fit.

This type of ring can make one conscious after sneezing or sweating because you might find yourself always touching your nose to check if the hook is loose.

Of course, the hook is not open, but it gives someone that feeling. After wearing the nose ring for some time, one can become more comfortable and quickly repress the urge to touch the nostril.

4. L-Shaped / L-Post

The L-shaped nose ring is also one of the different types of nose rings. It can also be called the “L” post-nose ring. 

This type of nose ring is similar to the corkscrew nose ring, but the nose ring is shaped like the letter “L” with the stem bent at a 90° angle.

They are easy to insert and fit securely against the upper inside roof of the nose.

Unlike the corkscrew, the L-shaped nose ring is less fussy and may pinch. It comes in various styles and designs and is easy to insert.

One other unique aspect of this nose ring is that it has left and right versions, which makes them ideal for all wearers as anyone can easily wear it.

5. Fishtail Nose Rings

The fishtail nose ring is called a “pin” or “bend to fit” nose ring. As the name suggests, the jeweler bends this nose ring into a J-shape like a fish hook.

The ring looks pretty simple, usually custom-designed, and fits snugly. The top has a head gemstone or is shapely designed, while the stem is extra long.

The jeweler will measure your nose and then bend the stem to fit your nostril based on the measurement taken.

The rings come in various designs, just like the different types of nose rings seen so far.

So, with the fishtail nose ring, you not only get a beautiful nose ring, but you also get one that fits you perfectly.

6. Fake Hoop Nose Rings

Among the different types of nose rings, the fake hoop nose ring is exactly what it means. Yes! It’s fake. Wait up there now! That doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Just “fake” because the nose ring can be inserted without piercing the nostrils. Now, isn’t that wonderful? You don’t need to pierce your nostril to wear a nose ring.

The ring looks like a hoop outside one’s piercing, but once inside, the shaft folds into an “l” and gives the illusion of a circle.

The ring fits tightly. Some of them are flexible and can be squeezed to make them tighter as desired.

Despite the name, this nose ring looks so real that it’s pretty difficult to differentiate it from the real ones.

It can be worn by individuals with nose piercings and those that don’t have a nose piercing.

Besides, this nose ring is an excellent choice for individuals that have never pierced their nose and would love to know how a nose ring looks on them.

7. Nose Bone Rings

The nose bone ring is also among the different types of nose rings. Another name for it is the stud nose ring.

These nose rings are straight studs and show outside the nostril like the labret’s nose ring.

But unlike the labret nose ring with flat tips, the nose bone rings have a ball on both ends.

While the outer ball could be a gemstone, the inner ball is metal and small enough to squeeze through the piercing but not too small that it would slip on its own.

The purpose of the inner ball is for it to act as a stopper. This nose stud also comes in varieties and allows one to choose a stud that matches one’s clothing.

It is considered an elegant and classic ring that would give a woman the unique looks she wants. One should buy this type of ring after the nose piercing must have healed.

8. Septum Clicker Nose Rings

Septum clicker nose rings are also among the different types of nose rings. They are safe and have a latch that makes it easy to click open and snap shut.

This type of nose ring has a straight bar at the top that is inserted through the septum part of your nose. It also has a circular hoop beneath, which is the part that is seen once it is worn.

They come in different sizes and shapes, the hoop is already decorated, and the studs here don’t need to be removed like the other types of nose rings.

Moreover, the fact that they come in basic and exotic forms makes them ideal, as it gives one a wide array of choices.


They are different types of nose rings in the world today. They don’t just come in different sizes and shapes, but they are also made of different materials.

With this range in varieties, one gets an opportunity to go for a nose ring that isn’t just beautiful but also comfortable.

Thinking about getting a nose ring? Now that you some, making a choice wouldn’t be difficult.

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