10 Different Types of Nose Piercing

Different Types of Nose Piercing
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One of the trendy fashion statements today is nose piercing. The fascinating thing about nose piercing is that there are different types of nose piercing.

Notwithstanding, the most popular piercing people go for is nostril piercing. Others offer a range of looks to suit anyone’s aesthetic, from edgy and bold to subtle and dainty.

Although nose piercing is said to be a recent trend in the Western world today, it has been around for a long time and has been practiced for thousands of years in India, Africa, and the Middle East. It is considered symbolic in many cultures.  

Today, it is said to be the second most popular kind of piercing after ear piercing. Historically, nose piercing dates back to 44,000 BC.

Here, the natives of Australia were said to be the first documented nation wearing carved bones as nasal septum piercings. 

This practice is said to have impacted the style of the Middle East around 4,000 years ago.

Historians believed that it was from the Middle East the custom spread to the Indian subcontinent and, after that, to other parts of the world.

Later in the twentieth century, this tradition was introduced into Western society. Here, Caucasians who went to India in the 1960s loved this tradition and returned it to America. 

With the increased trends on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, the custom of nose piercings is increasingly becoming a global trend. More so, the accompanied nose jewelry is also a factor that influenced this trend. 

Before looking at the different types of nose piercing, let’s take a brief look at some factors to consider before the piercing and how to care for the nose piercing.

Factors to Take Into Consideration Before the Piercing

1. Consider the Placement of the Piercing

Consult with a professional about the placement of your piercing. It is important to figure this out before the piercing since everyone has a unique physique. What may look flattering on one might not be flattering on you. 

2. Do it Professionally

Only carry out the piercing yourself if you are your own professional. Get your piercing done professionally to prevent possible complications, infections, etc.

3. Consider the Piercing Material

Before the piercing, individuals with reactive or sensitive skin should select a piercing made from more inert materials to reduce the reaction risk.

4. Wondering About Pain

There will be some pain, just like any other type of piercing. But, the pain in nose piercing is said to be 3/10 and generally tolerable. Nevertheless, they are different pain thresholds, depending on your pain tolerance and the type and place of nose piercing.

5. Healing Time

Healing also varies, depending on the healing level mechanisms and jewelry options to wear. The piercing professional will clue you on that.

But generally, piercing can take any time from 3-6 months. It can take up to nine months sometimes too.

How to Care for the Nose Piercing

Caring for a nose piercing is easy. But just as healing time varies, distinct aftercare protocols are also required depending on the type of piercing. But the general care is as follows.

  1. Always use clean hands when taking care of your piercing. Avoid sleeping on the piercing and resisting the urge to play with it.
  2. Clean the area gently twice a day with soap and water or with a sterile saline solution to avoid the growth of bacteria.   
  3. Signs of infection are -swollen, hot to the touch, a yellow or green discharge, and redness- and if any of this is noticed, kindly ask the dermatologist for a topical antibiotic or ointment.

Now, let’s look at these different types of nose piercing.

Different Types of Nose Piercing

1. Nostril Piercing

Nostril Piercing

One of the most common types of nose piercing is the nostril piercing. This form of piercing is not only popular among women but is also common with men. The piercing is located in the crease of the nostril curve. 

It is usually done on the side of the nose and goes through the center of one’s nostril on either side using a standard 18-20 gauge piercing needle or a piercing gun. 

This form of piercing gives one a wider choice of jewelry as it suits almost every type of jewelry ranging from nose rings, nose studs, nose hoops, and nose screws. The nostril piercing takes 2-4 months to heal, and the pain threshold is said to be low. 

2. High Nostril Piercing

High Nostril Piercing

Considered a relatively new fad among the different types of nose piercing, the high nostril piercing, as the name infers, is pierced higher on the nasal bridge than a typical nostril piercing.

Located on the arch of your nose, this piercing region is thicker than the rest of your nose. Hence, someone undertaking this type of piercing is more likely to experience swelling and discomfort throughout the healing process.

This piercing is usually performed with a hollow 18-20 gauge piercing needle and requires an arduous aftercare regimen to eliminate the prospect of infection and speed healing. 

The high nostril piercing takes much longer to heal, from 3 to 9 months. Studs, pins, screws, and L-shaped pins are pieces of jewelry that suit this form of piercing.

3. Austin Bar

Austin Bar

The Austin bar is considered unique and unusual among the different types of nose piercing. This type of piercing runs horizontally through the tip of the nose, and the jewelry, when worn, is located on the tip. 

This creative piercing is usually performed with a standard piercing needle. There are studs on both sides, and the straight barbell jewelry is ideal for this piercing. They don’t penetrate inside nostrils; they stay outside, giving the wearer a unique appearance.

This type of piercing takes about 2-3 months to heal, with the risk of infection considered very minimal. The pain threshold is also low. 

4. Nasallang Piercing

Nasallang Piercing

Similar to the Austin bar piercing is the nasallang piercing. But unlike the Austin bar, which runs horizontally through the tip of the nose, the nasallang piercing enters one nostril, then the septum, and exits through the other nostril. I.e., it is located in the lower section, which runs between both nostrils and the inner septum.  

This piercing is performed using a gauge piercing needle, and because of the nature of this piercing, it should be done by an experienced expert. It can take three to six months for nasallang piercing to heal.

5. Double Piercing

Double Nostril Piercing

The double nose piercing is a piercing where two nostril piercings are done on the same side of the nostril or one on each side. Sometimes the piercings done can be the same, yet at other times, it can be two different kinds of piercing. 

Depending on the type of piercing, it could take two to four months to heal completely. 

6. Multiple Nostril Piercing

Multiple Nostril Piercings

Multiple nostril piercing is among the different types of nose piercing. The double nose piercing can become a multiple nostril piercing when a third piercing is added. Overall, it is a mixture of regular and high nostril piercings. 

The piercing is distinct and tends to have a triangular outlook. This is because individuals may have all 3 holes on the same nostril or 2 holes over one nostril and only one hole on the other.

Contrary to how it looks, the process of this piercing is comfortable since it just goes via the nostrils. Performed with a standard 18-20 gauge piercing needle, it takes about 6-9 months to heal completely. The studs and screw rings can be worn with this type of piercing.

7. Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing
Lips of young woman wearing pink lipstick

The septum piercing is another common piercing among males and females. It is also known as the bull piercing

As the name infers, this type of piercing is done near the bottom of one’s nose, usually between the cartilage. i.e., the piercing goes through the center of the nose, which looks like a thin membrane between both nostrils. 

The location of this type of piercing is considered tricky, and the piercing can be quite risky and uncomfortable too. Hence, one should seek the service of an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

It is done with a standard gauge hollow piercing needle, and healing can last one to three months. It fits well on different nose shapes, and one can wear various jewelry pieces ranging from segment rings, seamless hoops, horseshoe rings, captive rings, and circular bead barbells for this piercing.

8. Rhino Piercing

Rhino Piercing

Rhino piercing is also among the different types of nose piercing. This piercing is distinctive, and just as the name infers, it goes through the tip of one’s nose and exits through the skin above the septum, resembling a rhino’s horn.

It is usually done vertically near the center of the nose tip, which accounts for why another name for this piercing is the Vertical Tip Piercing.  

Done with the aid of a standard piercing needle, it takes longer to heal due to the depth of the piercing and because the tissue higher up on the nose is thicker. Hence, the rhino piercing can take six to nine months to heal completely. 

9. Septril Piercing

Septril Piercing

The Septril piercing is a type of nose piercing that combines both the septum and rhino piercing. The piercing is unique and looks great, too, when done properly. 

Nevertheless, it is quite tricky to achieve. This is because the piercing comes from the middle nose. i.e., it is done through the top of the nose and out above the stretched septum.

We can see here that the Septril piercing is a delicate process and best done by a professional because the process can be difficult and time-consuming. Above all, though, the result is beautiful.  

This form of piercing is usually accomplished with a standard piercing needle, and the healing time varies depending on the state of the stretched septum.

This piercing often uses jewelry like a bent barbell, nose bone, or tiny stud.

10. Bridge Piercing

Bridge Piercing

The name of this piercing gives a succinct description of how it looks. This form of piercing is also known as surface piercing

The bridge piercing is a horizontal face piercing located around your brows. The piercing goes through the skin from the bridge of your nose, right between the eyes.

The location of this piercing makes it a truly unique and unforgettable piercing.

Nevertheless, the location also means it is a tricky piercing because there is a suspected high risk of infections or migraine issues.

Hence, the piercer should mark the region with a pen before using a needle.

Another factor to consider for this type of piercing is for people with glasses.

Here, the placement of the bridge piercing should be highly considered when it is to be worn by individuals that use glasses.

If the piercing isn’t done correctly, such individuals might face problems while wearing glasses. 

Bridge piercing is also among the different types of nose piercing, which is done with a standard hollow piercing needle.

The piercing takes about two to three months to heal. The curved barbell or straight barbell jewelry looks great with the bridge piercing. 

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