Different Types of Men Explained: Which One Are You?

Different Types Of Men
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A long time ago, certain Greek letters were created that described male archetypes after analyzing wolves in the wild, which included the Alpha, Beta, and so on.

If you have ever studied the animal kingdom closely, you know that the ‘Alpha’ male is the one that attracts the female from the entire pack for breeding purposes.

This also means that the chances of other males approaching females decrease when the Alpha is around.

But then, that’s the animal world. Let’s enter the world of men’s personality pseudoscience.

In the human world, things are a little bit different. Human societies don’t operate like wolf packs, but it’s still fun to fit into a personality box. 

By different, I mean, aside from the romantic relationships and emotions that rule the human world, in this great rat race, alpha males aren’t the only ones who reflect the ideals of women. At least not anymore.

Eventually, the concept of Alpha, Beta, and Sigma males became ingrained in our pop culture, and we like to claim that these ideologies justify our social hierarchies.

Today, let’s think about the different types of men when it comes to personality types, ranging from Alpha to Sigma.

What is important to note is that these traits and attitudes are consistently demonstrated. You can change your personality over time or fall between two archetypes.

No personality type is “bad” because everyone is unique, whereas too many alpha males in the room would lead to chaos.

Different types of men are also very likely to change personality types with age and experience to better understand relationships throughout their lives.

Regardless of your type, remember to master and constantly improve yourself in order to maximize these traits in your relationships and navigate your way around life.

Below are six commonly accepted different types of men based on male personality types. Which do you think you will be?

Different Types of Men Based on Personality Types

Alpha Male

Starting with the one we all know, the Alpha Male, Alpha males are natural leaders with a positive mindset.

They are dominant and demanding in social interactions. They have enormous charisma and machismo. Also, they have a high level of self-esteem and ego.

The alpha male personality type is often associated with the alias “bad boy,” and alpha males are usually men who need their men to be men! He is the macho type who exudes confidence with a bit of aggression.

He is generally extroverted, popular, and masculine: a high-risk taker and competitive in all areas of life— relationships, investments, and career.

Alphas thrive on conflict and challenge. Therefore, in a 1:1 head-to-head competition with another type of male, Alpha will mostly win (except perhaps against a Sigma male).

Because of Hollywood portrayals, many men want to be the Alpha type, but not everyone has what it takes. Taken to extremes, Alpha males can be very toxic.

Life Instances

  • It is never a problem to talk to someone, whether it’s a first date, a business meeting, or a networking session.
  • He is naturally attracted to submissive women.
  • He wants someone more docile and with little to no alpha traits.
  • They are easy to spot at a party, as Alphas like to be the center of attention.


  • Social acceptance and dominance are very important to alphas, so they care a lot about what other people think of them and can be overly aggressive and competitive.
  • They are sensitive to how others perceive them, especially women.
  • Sometimes, they seem superficial and even desperate because they emphasize their outward personality or social appearance too much. Little things can also annoy them.

Popular people as examples: Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, and Classic James Bond. Elon Musk (although Elon is sometimes a very Sigma man)

Beta Male

The perfect beta male is your average “Mr. Nice Guy.” He is pretty moderate in his approach to life, and his nice guy personality helps him with that.

Beta versions usually have a bad rep in the media and the entertainment industry, but it’s actually not that bad. In general, beta males are liked by everyone or at least have no problem with them.

Betas generally follow alphas; they are significantly more sensitive, less aggressive than alpha males, and much more focused.

Also, they are not as outgoing and assertive as the alphas.

They may lack the physical stature, attractiveness, and charm of an Alpha And lacks the confidence of an Alpha and Sigma.

But are kind, reserved, down-to-earth, loyal, and hardworking guys. They take criticism well and show better cooperation skills. 

These guys were really quiet in school and a bit nerdy and were most likely bullied about it.

Ideally, they turn into light-hearted, lovely, emotional guys who are also a bit idealistic!

He likes the approval of others and wants to be liked—a decent guy who is kind and easy-going. Betas also control their ego and can take criticism positively.

Life Instances

  • Stereotypical “friend zone” men (which includes Gamma males), but they have better intentions than Gamma. Betas understood women better and looked up to them.
  • Good for maintaining the status quo and tracking/executing orders. They want to maintain the social hierarchy. Although they naturally like to follow the Alphas, this is not so negative as it can lead to successful careers in management and serve as a kind of “lieutenant.”
  • A lifelong loyal corporate employee who stays with the same company for more than 10+ years.
  • The only thing that can stand in the way of his stellar performance as a man is his reserved nature and introverted demeanor.
  • Women may be attracted to “bad boy” Alphas at some point in their lives but later find that good Betas are more attractive to long-term relationships if they seek stability, loyalty, and fidelity.


  • Avoids confrontations and risks; they tend to play it too safe.
  • They are sometimes taken advantage of.

Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings), Samuel Tarly (Game of Thrones), Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation)

Gamma Male

Extremely empathetic, reflective, and enthusiastic adventurers, gamma males like to have fun, but at the same time, they don’t shy away from their duties.

They are adventurous and fun-loving and tend to get restless if left idle for too long.

It is possible for an alpha male to become a gamma male, as gamma males are a more refined version.

Gammas are romantic and can be deeply obsessive lovers. They “feel” the most emotions compared to other different types of men due to their high level of empathy.

Hyperaware of themselves and society and, therefore, constitute the majority of your warriors of social justice.

Free-spirited men who want to live a happy, fulfilled life don’t like to follow social hierarchy or follow social rules.

Life Instances

  • A wide range of skills and interests leads Gammas to live an epicurean lifestyle and do whatever they want.
  • Adventurous, fun-loving men who become restless if they get idle for too long.
  • Due to their empathy, they act as a strong support system for others, even better than a Beta Male in many cases due to their unique take and life experiences.
  • They are sensitive to the opposite sex and are very aware of the needs and nature of what women really want and do everything in their power to meet their partner’s needs. Yes, women are lucky to have a gamma man in their lives.


  • They can also be somewhat narcissistic with delusions of grandeur because they believe they are better than everyone else. In extreme cases, Gammas can be toxic tricksters, stalkers, and psychopaths.
  • Although they are sensitive and romantic, they have a hard time dealing with sexual attraction, so women often include them in the friend zone and beta men.
  • He is reasonably intelligent but may overestimate his abilities.
  • A gamma man can seem resentful at times and rejects status/authority.

We can pick Harry Potter as the ultimate Gamma male. He magically stumbles his way through sheer luck, name recognition, and, most importantly, trust in his friends and allies.

You can also find Gamma male archetypes in the Marvel character Bruce Banner, and Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo played the role to perfection.

If you don’t recognize the name, maybe the Hulk sounds more familiar to you.

Delta Male

Deltas mistakenly think they are beta males due to widespread stereotypes and portrayals of beta males in movies and television.

Still, in reality, this is not true, and there are nuances. Delta males have not done well in the game of life.

They were alphas or gammas, but tragedy probably hit them hard at some point; hence, they quietly resigned themselves to their fate and completely retreated into a quieter lifestyle.

At first glance, Delta’s men are average Joe’s. They are not the smartest, the strongest, or the most attractive, and nothing stands out in terms of intelligence or physicality.

Delta men solve difficulties with a clean face. However, they also become reserved, and it may take you longer to bond with new people and start trusting them.

Delta men are hardworking and highly skilled at what they do.

They do the work and get things done. Successful alpha males must attract delta males to accomplish big goals.

Delta males sometimes feel resigned and resentful, especially if they are not recognized.

This is usually due to a negative experience that damaged their confidence. Deltas finds it very difficult to open up and trust people.

Life Instances

  • Lonely deltas generally have a lower level of empathy and find it difficult to understand others, especially women.
  • Due to their experience, Delta may have regrets and believe that other people are responsible for the things that go wrong in their lives.
  • A guy who blends in perfectly with the crowd doesn’t stand out and works the assembly line. They don’t want a higher status.
  • On the negative side, you have the stereotypical guy who lives in the basement of his parent’s house and can’t do anything, raging with bitter rage against the world.


  • They tend to be insecure in their relationships, especially if the woman is more attractive. Delta will end a relationship due to insecurity.
  • The Delta male blames others for his problems and resents those who hurt him, which can lead to self-sabotage and loneliness.
  • Self-sabotage— Living under the illusion that you can’t do anything to improve yourself. This will lead to destroyed friendships.

The crime television series Dexter caused a stir in the film industry, and it’s no wonder.

But he owes his popularity to the exciting plot and the main character, Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall.

Working as a forensic technician specializing in bloodstain analysis, this charismatic Delta man hunts down unpunished killers and restores his own justice.

Another is Jason Bourne – blending in with the crowd isn’t necessarily bad; it’s an essential skill for spies and secret agents.

Omega Male

Omega males are the exact opposite of alpha males, but they also exhibit some traits of Sigma males.

They generally don’t care what other people think, nor are they dominant or assertive (whereas Sigma men can be if they choose).

An omega man can sometimes be called a nerd, but that doesn’t take away from his intelligence.

A complex formula or algorithm will seem like a child’s play to him, but he avoids popularity contests and does not require any external verification, just like Sigmas.

Every Ben Stiller movie you’ve seen has a prime example of the Omega Man.

He has very cheesy habits. He could be a collector of something like coins, comics, bugs, or even video games.

He is very laid back and lazy and acts like he doesn’t care about anything in the world. Omega men are very honest and never deceitful but can be socially awkward.

Life Instances

  • Omegas are eager to learn, which makes them a diverse, unique, and obscure set of interests and hobbies.
  • Nerds and stereotypical geeks with little love life. The social life consists mainly of other Omega males.
  • No apparent physical or mental attributes. Low work motivation, extremely relaxed, sometimes even lazy.


  • Not dominant or assertive.
  • They may be clingy because they are afraid of being alone.
  • A “lazy” mentality with no care in the world.

Milton Waddams (office space). Gaylord Focker (Meet the Parents). Most of the main characters are in the doofus-romcom genre.

Sigma Male

The last personality type amongst the different types of men is the Sigma male, who is exactly the same as the Alpha male but is a lone wolf and doesn’t care about social status.

He is just as confident as the alphas but much more discreet. They are the “laid-back Alphas” who work well in the shadows.

Sigmas are capable of anything an Alpha can do, but they don’t care what the world thinks; that is how they make their own way.

Sigma men don’t really feel jealous and will treat everyone the same.

Never let your guard down with Sigma men, as it doesn’t take much for them to get you to follow their interests because they are manipulative and cunning and don’t need to use power like Alphas before they win you over.

They can be intense introverts who don’t respect the usual rules of social hierarchy.

Quiet and mysterious, but with high independence, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency. 

They are seen as weird but cool loners with a moral gray area. Thoughtful, introspective, but not shy. Sigmas enjoy solitude and have the best moments of inspiration when they are alone.

They can be charismatic if they try. Like Alpha, they have a positive and progressive attitude towards life.

Life Instances

  • The lone wolf who wouldn’t chase social attention to feed his ego. The biggest difference is that the ego is not its driver. Seeking inner spirituality and well-being, Sigmas may have successfully banished their ego and do not seek validation from others.
  • Alphas fear Sigma more than any other type of man. Sigmas would give Alpha a hard time, although Alpha could still win. Sigma men aren’t interested in becoming leaders or in high-level positions; they want to stay on their path and do their thing.
  • Finding a person who doesn’t like a Sigma man would take a lot of time and effort. He can easily make you feel affection for him because he can manipulate your feelings and has a very charming personality.
  • Sigma men avoid superficial relationships and seek deeper connections, which can lead to fewer but deeper friendships. Sigmas can be just as attractive to women as Alphas.
  • Sigmas can excel in leadership positions; however, they tend to shy away from traditional corporate jobs but still manage to succeed. Good at independent consulting and freelance work.


  • He can be cunny and manipulative. Sigma men are just as goal-oriented as Alphas but can be more manipulative in getting what they want because they are less direct than Alphas.

Elon Musk (sometimes). John Wick. Tyler Durden (Fight Club). Keanu Reeves. Loki. Modern, gritty James Bond.


The Greeks devised a flawless alphabet system that allowed science to place different types of men and women under certain personality types so that they would be able to attract each other.

Just as a male with an alpha personality might be a better fit for a female with a beta personality.

There is absolutely no “wrong” category to fall into, and we all have our roles in society with our different personality traits.

It doesn’t matter which of the different types of men you are as long as you work on improving yourself.

If, for some reason, you are unhappy with the category you are currently in, start making meaningful, life-changing decisions.

We hope that after reading this article on different types of men, with your personality traits matching any of the above types, you already know what type of man you are, and hopefully, there will be no questions left for you.

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