10 Different Types of Marble for Flooring and Walls

Different Types of Marble

Marble is a costly stone that the Greeks and Romans once chose for sculpting and building architectural marvels.

But, it has become a royalty, culture, and traditional symbol. However, marble comes in various forms, and it’s impossible to tell the difference.

Marble differ based on location, pattern, impurities, and color. Because of these features, marble is expensive.

Below is the list of different types of marble;

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1. Cream Marble

Cream marble is in various forms, and also, it is one of the most popular marble types. Below are the types of cream marble.

  • Crema Valencia: It has white and red-colored veins that flow through the marble surface, with cream tones. These features make this cream marble type is useful for indoors and outdoors.
  • Crema Marfil: Among the different types of marble, this variety of cream marble is famous for its uneven patterns. It features a consistent background and tints with a natural tone and excellent consistency and uniformity all over the tone.
  • Crema Beige: Crema Beige is from Turkey, and it has a creamy beige color. It has a uniform color over the surface, with no veins flowing through it. Thus, making the marble look flat.
  • Crema Cenia: It is famous for its delicate surface and shade. The shade covers rose colors and cream tones against a uniform background.

2. Calcutta Marble

Calcutta marble is the most luxurious among the different types of marble. The reason is that the Calcutta marble is rare.

Though Calcutta is very similar to the Carrara marble, they have differences. Calcutta marble has a dark and bright white tone, while Carrara is white with a complex grey veining pattern.

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Because of its rarity, Calcutta marble is on the top list of the different types of marble.

Below are the forms of Calcutta marble;

  • Calcutta Michelangelo: People prefer this variety in modest designs. It is fragile and has gray veining against a white background.
  • Calcutta Vagli: It has a brownish background and light-shaded spots. These spots are scattered all over the marble surface. Thus, giving the marble a unique appearance.
  • Calcutta Gold: This variety got its name from its appearance. It is golden and an epitome of splendor. Aristocrats prefer the Calcutta gold marble because it is stunning.
  • Calcutta Borghini: Among the different types of marble, it has a grey pattern with gold tones against a uniform white background.

3. Red Marble

Red marble is the most expensive among the different types of marble. Because of this, people rarely use red marble.

Below are the varieties of red marbles;

  • Rojo Levante: Rojo Levante originates from Spain, and people recognize it by white and red streaks.
  • Rojo Alicante: The Rojo Alicante marble is well-known for its vibrant colors. It has a crimson background with irregular white veining running across it, making it highly appealing.
  • Rojo Bilbao: This variety has coral fragments with lighter red shades, and it is less quarried than the other red marbles.
  • Rojo Corralito: It features a greater quantity of white streaks than Rojo Alicante and has lighter white color.

4. Black Marble

Black marble is also among the different types of marble that exist, and it has two various forms.

  • Nero Marquina: Another name for Nero Marquina is the Nero marble, and it is from the Basque Country. It features ununiformed white streaks on its surface. Further, this rock has colors that indicate strength.
  • Levadia Black: Levadia Black is grayish-white and black. People also refer to them as Titanium Black marble because of their rich color.
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5. White Marble

White goes with any color; it is easy to use white marble in the house. Many people prefer to use white marble in the living room, kitchen or room, depicting neatness.

Below are the types of white marble;

  • Blanco Carrara: The Blanco Carrara is a traditional Italian stone from the Alpine region. The White Carrara marble is among the most recognizable marbles globally, and it is a mark of excellence.
  • The Blanco Macael: This variety has a white and grayish blue color flowing through its white background.
  • Blanco Tranco: Blanco Tranco marble is a dark gray marble that people use to substitute for White Macael marble.
  • Blanco Ibiza: This variety is famous for its plain tones and strength. It also has gray streaks scattered all over the marble.

6. Yellow Marble

Yellow marble is another marble type mong the different types of marble. Though people do not widely use it, it is still recognized.

However, people assume that using yellow to decorate a space creates happiness.

Below are the types of yellow marble;

  • Amarillo Triana: This marble is fine-grained, with uneven, sporadic stripes running through it.
  • Spanish Gold: Spanish Gold is a yellow marble with red streaks going through it in a yellow tone. People mostly use it for interior design.

7. Pink Marble

Pink is widely regarded as the ideal sign of peace, fragility, and optimism. People use pink marble for various purposes, although it is most commonly found in indoor spaces where people relax.

Below are the types of pink marbles that exist;

  • Rosa Levante: Rosa Levante is predominantly sourced in Lorca, Murcia, Spain, from Zarzilla de Ramos. It is a subtype of pink marble with a faint pink tint and splotches of fossils.
  • Rosa Portugues: This pink marble type is the most popular, and it has different tones and shades of pink. However, its grayish ink and light orange shades distinguish it from the other pink marbles.
  • Rosa Zarci: The pink marble type is gentle and light. It has minor and fuzzy streaks but has a very consistent colored substance.
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8. Emperador Marble

Emperador marble is a Spanish marble that is either light or dark brown. The brown tones complement asymmetrical veining patterns in white and grey that are as striking as beautiful. Further, refined grains with uneven veins are prominent characteristics of this material.

9. Green Marble

Green marble is available in various tones and colors. Below are some of the most prevalent types of green marble.

  • Verde Indio: Verde Indio originates from the Indian subcontinent, and people call it other names like Oasis Green Marble or Verde Guatemala.
  • Verde Oasis Marble: Verde oasis marble originated from Greece. It has white and irregular light gray streaks. Also, we can use them in various ways.
  • Verde Tropical Marble: We can find this variety in tropical settings and multiple locations throughout Greece. It has a dark green tint with a dark vein. Also, people refer to this marble type as Green Wave Oasis, Tinos Oasis Marble, or Verde Tropicus Marble.

10. Grey Marble

Grey marble stands out for its ability to instill a sense of tranquility and sophistication into the surrounding.

Because of its neutral color, it may be paired with a wide range of other delicate materials.

Below are the types of grey marble;

  • Marengo Grey: Marengo Grey has a dark tone and small appearance. As a result of its natural characteristics, people use it as an outer pavement and as an inside floor.
  • Pietra Grey: Pietra grey has thin white veins that flow along the surface and a uniform grey tone. It originated in Iran.

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