10 Different Types of Manicures

Different Types of Manicures
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All the women in the home deserve a big shout-out. We will talk about the different types of manicures in this blog post.

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to treat your nails like a lady; you will not be seen out of date. 

You might be the kind of person who enjoys originality or experimenting with colors.

From the fundamental or regular manicure to the shellac manicure, learn all about manicures in this post.

You may always experiment with various manicure alternatives for everyday wear or special occasions.

We hope you learn everything there is to know about manicures and get to test them out to find the one that fits you the best.

1. Basic Manicure

We suggest this for beginners who want something straightforward and traditional.

Starting with a basic, fuss-free manicure is the simplest way to learn what to expect from a manicure session. 

It is simple and quick. It’s also easy to replace if you grow weary after a few days. A novice who has never had a manicure session should anticipate this.

Firstly, the manicurist treats the cuticles with either cream, lotion, or oil.

The next step is to immerse your hands in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes. The manicurist will then dry your hands and clean the cuticles.

After, the nails will be cleaned, shaped, and clipped. Then, a brief hand massage comes after you can pick the nail polish you choose.

After, the clear nail polish is then applied to seal the nail paint. Among the different types of manicures, we have the basic manicure.

2. Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure
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Gel manicures are one of the different types of manicures available; they require little upkeep while maintaining a stylish appearance.

It lasts long and eliminates the need for frequent manicure treatments at salons. 

It only requires applying specific nail paint that has been UV-cured for a long-lasting finish.

If you’re thinking about getting a gel manicure, these are the things you can expect during the process. 

First, the standard manicure procedure of trimming, cleaning, shaping, and pushing back the cuticles is carried out, followed by applying the base coat.

You can select the nail polish color, which will be done in two layers for a distinctive look.

Our most durable nail paint is a gel polish, whose spectacular quality gives your nails their ideal, unique appearance for a long time.

3. Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic Manicure
by nailsbylisa is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Acrylic manicures are one of the different types of manicures. It is better to have them done by a skilled manicurist at a reputable salon. 

An acrylic manicure is a nail extension that eventually blends in to look like your natural nails.

Pair polymer and liquid monomer are used to create a thick layer of acrylic nail over your nails.

The nail surface is rubbed to make it rough during your acrylic manicure. It makes it simple for the acrylic nail to adhere to the surface of your natural nail.

Then, the manicurist carefully paints your nails with the gum-like acrylic mixture using a brush.

The brush molds and shapes it to give the desired appearance of nails. The brush is used to smooth the rough ends.

On the nail surface, nail polish is applied when thoroughly dried.

4. French Manicure

French Manicure
by Old Shoe Woman is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

French manicures are one of the different types of manicures; with them, you can never go wrong.

Your nails seem neat thanks to the white nail polish coatings that resemble a crescent moon on the edges. 

Today’s fashion divas are constantly experimenting with this classic kind of manicure. As a result, there are many different color schemes and embellishments to choose from.

The French manicure is one of the easier forms of manicure. Your nails will be painted with clear, beige, or light pink nail polish. 

Leave it to dry properly, then apply a crescent-shaped coat of white nail polish to the nail’s tip.

However, if you want, you can paint the tip in various colors to give the traditional French manicure a vibrant touch.

5. American Manicure

Your nails take on a more unified and natural appearance here. In this manicure, even the nail form is varied. 

It’s a sophisticated look for people who want a neutral look with perfectly manicured nails.

The American manicure is a common type of manicure among the different types of manicures that we have across the world.

Your nails are cleaned and cut as part of the first stage, which is similar. The nails are shaped to have a more rounded shape (unlike the square form in French manicures). 

Then, the nails are painted ivory after applying base coats. Your nails can have the nail color airbrushed or painted with a brush applicator.

6. Shellac Manicure

Shellac Manicure
by mtan14 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We believe a shellac manicure is the best option if you’re too busy or have a tight schedule.

This manicure is well-known for its unique feature: it uses both regular nail polish and gel polish. 

Your natural nails can be used for this sort of manicure, but because it contains gel polish, it must be properly removed by a trained manicurist to prevent harm.

One of our best types of manicures is the shellac manicure, which is well-liked for longevity.

Depending on the nail technician, this manicure can take 45 minutes to complete and lasts 3 weeks. 

Firstly, the manicurist cleans and shapes the nails, after which the first coat of shellac polish is applied and left to dry with a nail dryer.

After this, a second coat is applied to the first one to give it a more defined color, and finally, a top coat.

7. Paraffin Manicure

Extremely dry skin can be treated with a paraffin manicure. The wax’s heat opens the pores, which also improves hand circulation.

A paraffin treatment can also provide short-term relief for painful joints and muscles.

The paraffin manicure stands out among the best types of manicures worldwide. You need to be informed that the process takes at least 50 minutes. 

The wax is heated until it melts, then you put your hands into it and wait for 20 to 30 minutes.

After removing the wax, the manicurist begins massaging the hands with lotions or creams.

8. Reverse French Manicure

Among the different types of manicures we have is the reverse French manicure, which is renowned for its elegance and distinctiveness. 

The traditional French manicure has been stylishly updated with this one.

In contrast to French manicures, this style places the crescent closer to the cuticle at the base of your nail.

This manicure is easy to perform at home on your own. Remember that the reverse French manicure procedure could take up to 30 minutes if you want to acquire one. 

Your hands and nails will be cleaned and clipped before being given a brief soak in warm water. =

The crescent moon form will be painted close to the cuticles after they have been cut.

Following that, your nails are painted with clear nail polish, let dry in the dryer, and then a darker color is applied.

The moon will be depicted in this scenario in a lighter color. 

You might, however, choose a lighter shade with a darker shade on the other nails.

The manicurist will draw a crescent-shaped moon at the base of the nail once the manicure polish has been applied and has had time to dry correctly. 

9. Hot Stone Manicure

In contrast, hot stone manicures are therapeutic manicures that use hot stones as part of the procedure. 

The procedure takes 50 minutes, during which the manicurist massages the hands with nutritious oils.

One of the best types of manicures is the hot stone manicure, which is very simple to remove.

A basic manicure service with a hot stone is a 50-minute service.

A hot stone manicure is a treatment completed before applying gel or polish and includes warm stones, exfoliation, nourishing oils, and a therapeutic massage.

10. Vinylux Manicure

Among the different types of manicures, vinylux is one of the nicest. For those who enjoy unique styles, we suggest this type.

The manicure may be removed and has a remarkable staying power. The steps are comparable to those in a basic manicure.

Since they come in various colors, you can choose the polish color you prefer here. 

This is due to the fact that the vinylux manicure doesn’t chip easily, so there is no need for a base coat.

It requires two coats and is finished with a distinctive topcoat.

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