13 Different Types of Jewelry (With Pictures)

Different Types of Jewelry
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Royal families have worn many different types of jewelry from the dawn of time.

Due to this tradition, many people have developed an interest in matching jewelry to their attire. Numerous reasons exist for wearing jewelry. 

Jewelry is a kind of decoration that has been worn by people all over the world for ages.

Numerous materials, including metals, stones, and even bones, may be used to create it.

Today, many different types of jewelry are offered, each with unique characteristics and designs. 

Many different types of jewelry for certain events are made from various metal types.

Everyone wants to seem stylish from head to toe in light of the rising use of social media and the photographs shared there.  

Due to the many different types of jewelry that are accessible for different events, there is a strong desire to appear ideal.

Below is a list of the different types of jewelry.

1. Clay Jewelry

Clay Jewelry
by Lillian de Vries is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You may wear clay jewelry practically anywhere without worrying that it will break since it is incredibly scratch resistant.

Clay jewelry is hypoallergenic, much like ceramic wedding bands, making it a great option for anyone with metal allergies. 

Since clay jewelry is so light, it’s ideal for pieces you want to wear all day and all night. Clay may be shaped into molds to create unique patterns or repeatedly produce the same pattern.

Using polymer and air-dry clay, novice artists often produce creations that are quite affordable. 

These items often have interesting patterns and are enjoyable to wear. Despite being more fragile, they may nevertheless form interesting pieces for special occasions.

Even though clay jewelry is unlikely to break quickly, you should still exercise caution to prevent cracking or chipping. Clay jewelry is one of the best different types of jewelry.

2. Minakari Jewelry

Minakari Jewelry
Image Source: Goenka Jewels

One of the most royal types of jewelry is minakari jewelry because of its unique and historic design.

Making jewelry is a genuine art form in and of itself. It is created of enameled metal with appealing patterns and brilliant colors. 

The Persian word mina, which signifies heaven, originates from the phrase “minakari.” The minakar, who makes minakari jewelry, is a well-known figure.

The manufacturing procedure for Minakar Jewelry is the same as for handmade jewelry. 

A minakar is an expert in this kind of design and artwork. Though colorful, minakari jewelry has a unique design and color in numerous Indian towns. 

For instance, green and blue enameled on silver minakari are the most popular colors in Lucknow.

The most popular color for minakari in Varanasi is a dusky pink color known as “old rose.

3. Platinum Jewelry

Platinum Jewelry
Image from ET Bureau

90% to 95% of platinum jewelry is pure platinum, with the remainder made of cobalt or ruthenium.

Jewelry made with platinum, which is commonly mined in South Africa or Russia, lasts a very long period since it does not tarnish, corrode, or change color over time. 

Since platinum is white, it naturally complements many precious jewels and diamonds to create stunning jewelry.

There are no ongoing maintenance expenses, like replicating the jewelry, although it may be initially more costly than many materials used to make exquisite jewelry. 

Jewelry made of platinum does not tarnish. It will weigh the same on your 75th wedding anniversary, for instance, if you decide to have a platinum wedding and weigh it that day. 

It eventually takes on a lovely patina-like appearance, but a jeweler can remove it if you don’t like it. Platinum is a heavy metal.

Typically, it will weigh roughly 35% more than the item made of 18-karat gold and 60% more than the piece made of 14-carat gold. 

Due to its scarcity, platinum may fetch a greater price from jewelers. Jewelry made of platinum is more likely to scratch than white gold jewelry.

If your platinum jewelry has to be sized or repaired, jewelers may charge you more.

4. Aluminium Jewelry

Aluminium Jewelry
by Clay Dreams Design is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

There are several reasons why aluminum jewelry may be found in numerous jewelry boxes and around the necks of Hollywood’s elite. Budget-friendly aluminum jewelry is available. 

As a result, you could purchase an item of jewelry made of aluminum, even if a similar piece made of gold or silver would be out of your price range.

Aluminum may also be used to build a variety of fascinating jewelry designs that won’t tarnish. 

Aluminum jewelry doesn’t tarnish because aluminum oxide coating naturally accumulates on its surface. This implies that cleaning your jewelry will take less time.

Since aluminum is hypoallergenic, most people can wear aluminum jewelry. 

Aluminum jewelry is one of the different types of jewelry that is exceptionally light, so you may wear larger items without experiencing any negative consequences. It is challenging to resize aluminum. 

Jewelers often advise upgrading to a new band rather than resizing a piece. Aluminum jewelry will often not shatter but may bend under a heavy impact.

5. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry
by Naomi King is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Without including handmade jewelry while discussing the different types of jewelry, the list would be completely lacking as many artisans create jewelry by hand and with their expertise.

A stone setter completes the design by incorporating gemstones into the jewelry. 

Goldsmiths are skilled in managing the step-by-step jewelry-making process, from melting the material to designing and forming.

This is sometimes a labor-intensive job that requires specialized equipment for designs. 

Making handcrafted, unique jewelry creations will need artistic, talented creative specialists.

The unique design and superb craftsmanship that go into each handmade jewelry item gives it its charm. 

For goldsmiths and other jewelry manufacturers looking for jobs, there are many opportunities in this type of jewelry manufacturing.

6. Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless Steel Jewelry
by Shapeways: is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Stainless steel jewelry is one of the best different types of jewelry for you if you spend time outside in every weather or work in a demanding setting since it won’t rust and is heat resistant. 

Since so few people react negatively to stainless steel, it has long been used as the initial post when getting their ears pierced.

When it comes to jewelry, stainless steel is ideal since it does not tarnish, corrode, or scratch easily. 

This makes it ideal for items like wedding bands that you wear often. Pure stainless steel jewelry is simple to clean with soap and water.

Additionally, stainless-steel jewelry is exceedingly light, so wearing it won’t cause you to experience neck strain or the sensation that one arm is heavier. 

The luster of stainless steel is beautiful. However, compared to other options, it is significantly less expensive.

Since special tools are required, resizing stainless steel jewelry is challenging. As a result, there may be an additional fee. 

Since stainless steel is difficult to deal with, there aren’t many options. Chlorine and stainless steel do not mix nicely.

Thus, you must keep in mind to remove the jewelry and store it safely before swimming.

7. Tungsten Jewelry

Tungsten Jewelry

The majority of tungsten jewelry is 85% tungsten and 15% nickel. Tungsten is a powder; hence, it can never be used alone to create jewelry; a binder is always needed.

Tungsten is a fantastic material for long-lasting items since the only thing that can damage it is a diamond. 

Although it isn’t one of the lightest different types of jewelry available, its weight is in line with gold or silver. It is allergic-free by nature.

Although tungsten jewelry naturally has a gun-metal grey color, manufacturers may plate it with several colors. 

These items are often affordable, making them excellent selections for newlywed couples or anyone who desires gorgeous jewelry without giving the home a second thought.

The jewelry becomes brittle if there is insufficient nickel added to the mixture when it is made. 

If too much nickel is introduced, jewelry may readily scratch. With enough pressure, these rings may shatter or split in half, even in the ideal combination.

Changing the size of a tungsten ring is not feasible. Unlike gold and silver, tungsten jewelry has no value as an investment.

8. Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry
by Naomi King is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Due to the cold and dry weather, the bridal jewelry business in India experiences a high profit throughout the wedding season (November to March). An essential component of a bride’s bridal attire is jewelry. 

She dresses in various accessories on her big day to make her seem sparkling and elegant.

To symbolize the unity of the marriage, brides often choose traditional jewelry such as gold or silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. 

For many brides, jewelry has emotional importance in addition to serving as a remembrance of the special occasion.

At Indian weddings, the women wear royal jewelry on their special day. Brides are covered in jewelry from head to toe and have 16 adornments called solah shringar on them. 

These include maang tika, or forehead jewelry, an armlet, necklace, earring, anklet, finger, and bangle rings, a waist belt, a nose pin, toe rings, and more.

Since weddings are the most popular event worldwide, bridal jewelry will always be needed. 

Since excellent craftsmanship is necessary for this form of exquisite jewelry, the demand for jewelry jobs in this industry is greater than for other jewelry disciplines.

9. Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry
by scallau is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You could come across one of at least four different types of jewelry that is gold.

A thin coating of gold is put over a base material, often copper or brass, to create gold-plated jewelry.

These items have less than 0.05% gold when they are brand-new. 

The coating might easily wipe off since it is so thin. Gold-plated jewelry is often more affordable, making it a great choice for special event jewelry that you will wear only sometimes or to experiment with a new fashion trend. 

Similar processes are used to create gold vermeil jewelry, which is thicker and is applied over silver to produce hypoallergenic jewelry.

The gold normally lasts for years but might wear off with time. 

Gold-filled is a different label that you will notice. In this instance, unless you’re at the dentist’s office, it indicates that gold has been manually layered on top of brass. 

These items often bear stamps such as 14/20, indicating the use of 14-carat gold, or 20/20, denoting the use of 20-karat gold.

The procedure only allows for flat items to be made, despite these pieces containing 100 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry. 

Compared to solid-gold jewelry, you can often get excellent gold-filled items for far less money, and they also last a very long time.

The best is solid gold, which you can wear for years without deteriorating. 

These items are often passed down from one generation to the next. Jewelry made of solid gold is hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, jewelry made of solid gold is also rather costly.

10. Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Jewelry
by gintacat is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Another metal used in jewelry is titanium. The components endure a long time since they won’t rust.

Titanium is a solid material that is resistant to scratching and bending, making it a wonderful option for those who often work with their hands or like being outside. 

It is also lighter than a lot of jewelry-grade precious metals, including gold.

Titanium, like platinum and tungsten, maintains its quality for a long and is temperature and environmental change resistant. 

Since titanium is readily anodized, you may get titanium jewelry in various colors, including blue, red, and pink.

Jewelry made of titanium has a matte appearance. As a result, it won’t dazzle as much as many other precious metals. 

Jewelers must use a different material for the prongs holding gemstones when making titanium jewelry.

Jewelers cannot weld titanium; therefore, you must either start by ordering the correct size or purchasing new jewelry. 

Complex designs may be expensive since manufacturers cannot readily use molded titanium.

Titanium scratches more often than many other choices on the market, although not as frequently as pure gold. 

The light weight of titanium jewelry may frustrate those who want to feel the weight of their accessories on their body. This is one of the best different types of jewelry.

11. Copper Jewelry

Due to its orange-red color, copper is often used in jewelry. It is very flexible and works well when combined with other materials.

Furthermore, it is more reasonably priced than many alternatives. Wearing copper jewelry, according to some supporters, relieves pain. 

You may discover beautiful copper jewelry with several animals or natural sceneries carved onto them since copper imprints and engraves really well.

Options with geometric patterns printed on them are also available. 

Furthermore, if you take good care of your copper jewelry, it will endure a very long period.

Keep your copper jewelry out of the way of other jewelry made of other metals and in a place where it won’t be readily scratched.

Your skin may become green when copper oxidizes with oxygen and moisture. This won’t harm your skin; a little skincare will often remove the green color. 

Copper is a relatively malleable metal, making it simple for jewelers to deal with but also simple for copper jewelry to bend.

As a result, jewelers often mix copper with other metals. Sterling silver and brass are frequent examples.

12. Antique Jewelry

Due to its distinctive beauty and craftsmanship, antique jewelry is highly prized. It has a history and is often distinguished by elaborate features.

Many antique jewelry items are expensive and may be considered a long-term investment.

“vintage jewelry” and “this type of jewelry” are often used interchangeably.

However, there are differences between antique and vintage jewelry and a variation in the historical period. 

Antique jewelry is regarded as being at least 100 years old. A vintage piece of jewelry has been worn for close to fifty years.

These jewelry designs are timeless and will always be in style. 

Since they are expensive and only appropriate with elegant clothes and appearances, this jewelry is not worn often and only on special occasions.

Since it is difficult to find, few people can access vintage and antique jewelry. 

As a result, such jewelry is expensive. The weight of the precious metal or gemstones used to make up an item of antique jewelry determines the price.

13. Cobalt Jewelry

Cobalt Jewelry
by cobalt123 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

White gold and cobalt jewelry have much in common regarding appearance, but cobalt has a big edge.

You may anticipate having to have your white gold item replated after a few years, but cobalt offers a fairly comparable appearance without rhodium plating. 

Jewelry that has been cobalt-plated is readily available, and by employing this technique, artisans may achieve stunning colors like yellow or rose gold.

These items may be polished to a high sheen, and since cobalt does not rust or tarnish easily, the polished appearance will last a long time. 

Cobalt jewelry might be an important factor to consider when purchasing jewelry like a wedding ring since it does not scratch or wear down quickly.

Cobalt jewelry is almost difficult to bend or deform since it is four times tougher than the toughest precious metal. 

It is one of the best different types of jewelry that is comfortable and often affordable. It is difficult to resize cobalt pieces because of their extreme strength. 

Cobalt jewelry can have laser engraving applied to it, but it cannot have traditional engraving done to it.

The majority will have a straightforward design since dealing with this metal is challenging.

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