10 Different Types of Hospital Beds

Different Types of Hospital Beds
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Every hospital has beds. But little do we know that there are different types of hospital beds for several purposes.

Every bed is meant for the comfort and stability of patients. However, what’s suitable for a patient might not work for another patient.

So, let’s look into the different types of hospital beds available today. Read on!

1. Manual Beds

These are the most common type of hospital beds. They provide rest for patients who can’t move around easily due to their illnesses.

The manual beds consist of metal frames with springs to support the patient’s weight. Also, they are effortless to use and maintain; you don’t need any special skills to operate them.

2. Semi-Electric Beds

This bed is another type among the different types of hospital beds. It is more comfortable than the manual beds because it has motors.

These motors automatically adjust the mattress to provide maximum comfort. However, it’s more expensive than most hospital beds.

3. Electrical Beds

An electrical bed is similar to a semi-electric hospital bed type. They both use electricity to power them.

The difference between these two types of beds is that the former doesn’t need any manual adjustments while the latter does.

You can raise or lower the bed by using a remote control. However, electrical beds are generally more expensive than others.

4. Speciality Hospital Beds

Some hospitals offer specialty beds for certain conditions like spinal cord injury. These beds are designed to meet the specific needs of each patient. They come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them even include features like massage therapy.

However, they need a battery pack or electricity supply to function properly. Specialty beds are usually more costly because they fit patients’ needs.

5. Air Loss Bed

The air loss beds help reduce the risk of pneumonia among patients. They also allow the patient to breathe fresh air without opening their mouth.

Air loss beds usually stay near windows so that the patient gets plenty of natural light. You can buy air loss beds from any reputable online store; they’re pretty affordable.

6. Adjustable Beds

They’re one of the most advanced types of hospital beds out there. Adjustable beds are adjustable in height, width, and length. They’re perfect for people whose heights vary greatly. They’re also great for those who want to sleep comfortably at night.

7. Gatch Beds

Gatch beds are also among the most popular beds in the market today. They are adjustable beds equipped with memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is famous for its ability to conform to your body shape. It provides excellent pressure relief and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

8. Memory Foam

Memory foam is a material that feels soft when you touch it but becomes firm once you lay down on it. We can find them in pillows and mattresses. It absorbs all the pressure points on your body and makes sure that you get a good night’s sleep.

9. Curative Care Beds

A curative care bed helps patients recover quickly after surgery. It’s usually placed next to the operating room where the procedure took place.

Curative care beds usually have several sensors which track the patient’s vital signs. The best thing about curative care beds is that they’re relatively inexpensive.

10. Critical Care Beds

The critical care beds are the last on our list of the different types of hospital beds. They help patients survive during times of emergency. These beds are often in intensive care units (ICUs).

Critical care beds are often equipped with monitors that measure the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.


Hospital beds come in many different forms, and each one serves a different purpose. Remember that every bed has its pros and cons.

But getting a bed that doesn’t fit your condition won’t do you any good. So, choose the right kind of hospital bed depending on your needs.

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