10 Different Types of Hoop Earrings

Different Types of Hoop Earrings

Earrings are an essential part of fashion, and fashionistas can’t overlook this beautiful fashion piece.

However, hoop earrings are the most popular and fashionable type of earrings in the fashion industry today.

We can trace the origin to Ancient Egyptian and Roman times when rocking a hoop earring means the wearers appreciate good jewelry.

Moreover, there are different types of hoop earrings available in the market today. Depending on the face shape, some earrings might fit the wearer than others.

Read on as we discuss each hoop earring type in this article.

1. Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoop earrings are not only accessible in stud form, but they are also available in hoops.

Most times, diamond hoop earrings are produced from the most spectacular diamond gems that have been placed in the most beautiful ways.

Although they are expensive, these earrings spice up your dressing, proving that diamond hoops are a timeless classic.

If you need to give someone a special present, diamond hoop earrings are an excellent option.

2. Square Hoops

Fashion is constantly evolving, so producers will not limit hoop earrings to just circular shapes. It was for this reason that they developed square hoops.

The square hoop is a beautiful earring style among the different types of hoop earrings.

These earrings are attractive, and because they are available in various sizes, everyone can wear them.

Another appealing feature of the square hoop earring is that it does not have to be metal; some designs come in gemstones.

3. Men’s Hoops

Many people think hoop earrings are for girls only, but this assumption is wrong.

Men’s hoop earring is another famous type of hoop earring, and men’s hoop earrings are just another fashion statement that symbolizes an individual’s sense of style and self-expression.

The men’s hoop earrings are smaller and easier to wear than the women’s hoop earrings, and they are gorgeous and look fantastic on either a woman or a guy.

Men’s hoops are a magnificent style, even if they are not everyone’s first pick in fashion.

4. Huggie Hoop Earrings

Despite their diminutive size, Huggies have thicker widths and include lever-back clasps that bend elegantly, securing the earrings in place.

These large hoops are meant to perfectly envelop your pierced earlobe without feeling pressure on your ear canal.

Even though they might be beautiful, they have some drawbacks. These large hoop earrings are a little too thick, and they are not the best design choice for those who prefer small earrings.

5. Wire Loop Hoops

The wire loop hoop earring is a beautiful piece among the different types of hoop earrings. A single wire in these earrings forms the major circular component of the earring.

It features the most basic designs, with a small loop on one end and a minor bend on the other end of the wire that forms the hook.

This hooked end of the earring is the one that goes through the piercing and also catches the further looped of the earring backs.

Furthermore, these earrings are simple to put on, yet you must be extra cautious about how you will be opening the earring.

6. Pearl Hoops

Who says you can’t get a pearl and hoop in one earring design? The pearl hoop earring is an elegant piece that depicts beauty.

Combining the two concepts will ultimately result in simplicity and class in one design.

The exciting part about these earrings is that the design is versatile, which means that you can use them with both casual and formal attire.

So, if you are looking for something unique, the pearl hoop earring is a perfect choice.

7. Captive Bead Hoops

This earring doesn’t sound familiar, but it is among the different types of hoop earrings. It’s a modest hoop design that’s comfortable for most people, except that some find it challenging to put on and off.

To achieve the circular shape, the manufacturers made it such that the ring may be wrapped around it completely, leaving only very little space in the middle.

In addition, this earring is adaptable and easily fits into upper ear piercings without difficulty.

8. Fixed Bead Hoops

Fixed bead hoop earrings are similar to wire loop hoop earrings; the only exception is a tiny bead that replaces the looped end.

Also, it has an unattached end of the wire hoop threaded through your piercing and into the bead.

As a result of this, the bead covers the earring’s opening and closing mechanism, making it impossible to lose or even snag the earrings on your clothing.

However, the wearer needs to be careful while putting it on and off because it deforms easily.

9. Modern Hoops

Modern hoops are beautiful and go along with the current trend. They have different contemporary characteristics and are uniquely made to stand out from the crowd.

They also have elements that make them more unique and fashionable in their appearance. Hoop earrings are based on the fundamental design, which is based on that design.

10. Hinged-Hoops

Hinged-hoop earrings come last on our list of the different types of hoop earrings. They are usually thicker than ear piercings and have a thin wire that passes through the ear.

The ear wire usually has a slight hump, allowing the lower portion of the earring to drop more freely.


Hoop earrings are beautiful and versatile. Some may love to explore every type, while some have their favorite piece. Nonetheless, they are all elegant and make the wearer look classy and exquisite.

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