13 Different Types of Hats for Men

Different Types of Hats for Men
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Men’s accessories that never go out of style include hats. The different types of hats for Men come in various styles and colors, bringing functionality and style to any outfit, from fedoras to snapbacks, bucket hats to baseball caps

They are also useful and appropriate for any season. A hat will keep you warm, dry, and protected from the sun while also making you look amazing whether rain, hail, shine, or snow. 

Furthermore, hats may effortlessly but creatively complete any casual, formal, or bohemian look.

The different types of hats for men are shown below.

1. Flat Hat

The flat hat, often known as a bonnet, initially emerged in Northern England in the 14th century. It has a rounded crown and a front peak that is short and rigid. The flat hat comprises tweed, wool, cotton, and corduroy. It features a lining inside that increases comfort and adds warmth.

The working class wore the flat hat every day once it was invented and up until the early 20th century. Boys wore it casually and as part of their school uniform alongside men.

The flat cap is now seen as an aging man’s hat that suits men of all ages. Additionally, it’s one of the different types of hats for men that celebrities prefer.

2. Snapback

In the 1990s, the New York snapback became increasingly popular among Yankees fans, and with it, the kind of baseball cap associated with that era. Cap lovers, fashionistas, and cool teenagers worldwide now choose snapbacks above any other type of hat. 

The adjustable strap at the hat’s rear is where the name comes from. Like its historical predecessor, the dad hat, it has a universal size and shape so that anybody may wear it. 

The snapback, on the other hand, is more rigidly constructed. Snapbacks are a simple way to upgrade your look with a sophisticated, laid-back aesthetic.

3. Trilby

A trilby is a unique hat style, despite sometimes being mistaken for a fedora. The trilby, which may be worn from spring through fall, has a thinner brim and a higher crown than the fedora and is often made of tweed or straw. 

Instead of pulling the trilby forward to cover your face, wear it at the back of your head. Instead of being a functional hat, it is a fashion statement. 

Members of boy bands like Justin Timberlake and the upper class may often be seen wearing one of these different types of hats for men at horse races across the world.

4. Beanie

Beanies, once only a winter necessity, are timeless and seasonless accessories. A beanie may often be worn from winter through spring; however, you might not want it in the middle of summer. 

They complement many fashions and simplify switching between streetwear and sophisticated clothing. These clever knitted headwear items can keep your head warm and your fashion game on point. 

Beanies are adaptable, ranging from elegant slouchy pieces to thick-knit winter woollies. You should choose a neutral color like navy or grey made of thin cloth. If you do it this way, you’ll get the maximum use out of it.

5. Boater

The boater is yet another summertime necessity when it comes to one of the best different types of hats for men. Early in the 20th century, the popularity of this stiff straw hat with a grosgrain ribbon around the crown skyrocketed. 

They were formerly common among barbershop quartets and in historical plays but are now quite uncommon. A boater hat is perfect if you want to stand out on the summer fashion scene. 

They are a stylish, entertaining, and unique alternative to a fedora or a Panama hat. These straw hats with flat tops and broad brims need to make a return.

6. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are again in fashion, and the ’90s comeback shows no signs of slowing down. The simple bucket hat has evolved from a fisherman’s cap to something cool as it gains favor among numerous musical and skateboarding subcultures. 

Bucket hats have broad, downward-sloping brims that resemble the inverted bucket shape and are made from durable cotton materials like denim and canvas or wool blends like tweed. 

They have long been a street style classic and ideal for creating a carefree urban appearance. Try pairing a bucket hat with a bomber jacket, high heels, or even a jersey to pull off the look.

7. Homburg

The Homburg is one of the most well-liked different types of hats for men worn today. Bad Homburg, Hesse, was originally a hunting headgear during the German Empire. After Henry VII brought one back to England after visiting Hesse, it gained popularity in the 1890s.

A Homburg is a men’s felt hat with a single, central lengthwise crease and a medium crown. The brim is medium wide, flat, and with curled edges.

Additionally, the crown is surrounded by a broad silk hatband ribbon. Additionally, a ribbon in the same shade as the hatband is used to tie the brim’s curled edge.

8. Panama Hat

A Panama hat looks great when worn with a white linen shirt and beachy backdrop. This classic Ecuadorian straw hat with a brim will make you appear as hot as a Miami summer. The Panama hat, made of plaited leaves, has risen as a must-have item for seashore and tropical locations. 

Avoid wearing a Panama in the winter since they are designed for bright, sunny days. They flawlessly complement a carefree beach look and are lightweight in color and weight, breathable, and simple to wear.

9. Baseball Hat

The first team to wear what became known as the baseball cap was the Brooklyn Excelsiors. This occurred in the 1860s. The hat included a button at the top of the crown and a long peak for sun protection.

As more teams used baseball caps, the design changed throughout time into a softer hat made mostly of wool or polyester. The competing team’s initials, logo, or mascot are shown on the front of the hat.

These hats contain fasteners on the back that may be adjusted to accommodate various head sizes, including zippers, Velcro, and tri-glide slides. Others are comfortable and don’t have fasteners.

Baseball caps are often seen among men’s summer hats. It complements casual summer attire and has a visor to shield the eyes from the sun.

10. Fedora

Some of the most well-liked different types of hats for men are fedoras. They feature an approximately 2.5-inch-wide angled brim. Each side of the crown of a fedora has three pinches, and the top has a middle, longitudinal crease. 

To produce fedora hats, hat-makers often utilize wool, cashmere, rabbit felt, or beaver’s felt. Additionally, leather, hemp, and cotton are used. They press the felt into a metal mold shaped like the hat to create the fedora.

11. Boonie Hat

Military soldiers wear boonies and thin men’s broad-brim hats in tropical climes. They have a bucket-hat-like style, but the brim is firmer. The armed forces utilize a cloth band sewn around the crown to keep camouflage material. 

While some Boonie hats contain breathable mesh panels, most have eyelets in the crown for ventilation. A string with boonies may be used for stability by draping it over the neck or tying it under the chin. This is one of the best different types of hats for men.

12. Bowler

The bowler is a hard-felt hat with a rounded, bowl-shaped crown, commonly referred to as a derby hat. The brim of the hat is small and strongly curled upward. The bowler hat was created after a client placed an order with the London hat store James Lock & Co. for one of their designs. 

The client desired a low-crowned, snug-fitting style that his gamekeepers could wear while riding. It was intended to take the place of top hats, which were often knocked off when riding a horse by branches. 

The hat was created in 1849 by London-based hat manufacturers Thomas and William Bowler. The working class and gamekeepers quickly adopted the hat in the second part of the 19th century. Later, like the trilby hat, the middle and upper classes preferred bowlers over top hats.

13. Top Hat

The top hat was the traditional hat for upper-class men in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The brim has a medium breadth and is curved upward, while the crown has a tall, flat top.

Top hats were an essential component of the Western formal dress code and were often composed of either black or grey silk. In the 20th century, the top hat lost its usefulness and attractiveness to short-crowned hats like the bowler. 

These days, they are uncommon, only showing up during formal events like weddings and operas. This is one of the best different types of hats for men.

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