10 Different Types of Handshakes

Different Types of Handshakes

Shaking hands are a way of extending a greeting. Executives frequently shake hands in a variety of ways.

You’ll discover a broader range of handshakes and body language at work than anywhere else.

While most of us are familiar with the infamous “wet fish” welcome, several other awkward handshakes exist.

Let us discuss the different types of handshakes that exist. Read on!

1. Dead Fish

Dead Fish

The ‘dead fish’ handshake is the most well-known of the many different types of handshakes available. It is as if you were clutching a dead fish instead of a human hand.

The hand lacks all movement: no shaking, no pressure, and not even a pinch. People often use this handshake to describe someone who has low self-esteem.

2. Limp Fish

A limp handshake is among the types of handshakes that shouldn’t be neglected.

It signals the other person when you give them a limp handshake, and they can tell right away if you are unsure or uncertain about whatever discussions you could have had with them.

As a result, you may suffer inevitable consequences in your professional life.

3. Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms

The sweaty palms handshake also indicates that a person is nervous. This is another type of handshake among the different types of handshakes.

It is usual for the palms of an anxious person because their nervous system becomes hyperactive.

If you don’t want anyone to notice how scared you are, you could do a few things.

If you would be meeting people and extending greetings, don’t hold a cold drink with your right hand.

Also, always keep a napkin in your pocket to dry your sweaty palms whenever you feel them.

4. Two-Handed Handshake

Two-Handed Handshake

We can call this type of handshake the politician’s style, which is a strong one. The reason is that they use it mostly.

The primary meaning of this handshake is to spread friendship and honesty. However, the two-handed handshake has two styles.

The first style is when the person’s left-hand stays on her hand. The second style is when the person’s hand goes up your arms or wrist.

The former means the person sincerely greets you, while the latter implies the person needs something from you.

5. Finger Vice

Finger Vice

The finger vice handshake is another handshake type among the different types of handshakes.

This handshake is usually meant for insecure people who don’t want people close to them. So, they hold your fingers and not the whole hand.

The reason is that they want to keep you far from them as much as they can. Even when they crush your finger, it is still meant to keep you far.

6. Brush off

Oh! This handshake feels like a “don’t waste my time” kind of handshake. Though it is a type of handshake among the different types of handshakes, it is selfish.

The person grasps your hand quickly, then releases and thrusts it aside. They seem to say they have a lot to attend to, and your business doesn’t matter.

7. Bone Crusher

Bone Crusher

People who give this kind of handshake want to intimidate you, and they want to show a form of the upper hand and power over you.

This type of handshake involves squeezing your hand until you react. It would be best if you didn’t let them frighten you. If you hold on to your strength, they might respond positively.

8. The Pusher

The Pusher type of handshake is similar to the finger vice type and is among the different types of handshakes.

This person shakes your hands and extends their arm to prevent you from getting close to them.

If you want to befriend this person, you must respect their space.

9. Top-Handed Handshake

Anyone who gives you this type of handshake wants to feel superior to you.

This individual holds your hand horizontally rather than vertically, as you would expect. In this position, his hand is directly on top of yours.

10. Lobster Claw

Lobster Claw

The lobster claw type of handshake is the last on our list of different handshakes.

The way to do this handshake is by touching the other person’s palm with your fingers and thumb.

People who do this handshake have a problem connecting with people deeply, and it would be best to leave them to communicate with you when they feel comfortable.

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