24 Different Types of Hair Clips

Different Types of Hair Clips
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This article discusses the different types of hair clips available worldwide.

Hair clips have been a popular hair accessory for decades and are a staple for women of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and functional clip to hold back small sections of hair or a stylish and decorative clip to add sparkle to your hairstyle, various hair clips suit your needs. 

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to determine the best type of clip for your hair type and styling needs.

In this article, we will explore the world of hair clips and provide a guide to the different types of clips available to help you choose the perfect clip for your hair. 

So whether you need a practical clip for everyday use or a glamorous accessory for a special occasion, read on to discover the different types of hair clips and their unique features.

1. Snap Clips

Snap clips are one of the most popular types of hair clips. These clips are easy to use and practical for holding back small sections of hair.

They feature a simple design that consists of two metal prongs that snap together.

Snap clips come in various sizes and colors, making them easy to match to your hair type and style.

Also, you can use snap clips to hold back bangs or to secure a small section of hair in place. Snap clips are one of the different types of hair clips

2. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are another versatile and practical option for holding hair in place.

These small clips come in various colors to match your hair tone and are great for securing larger sections of hair or creating intricate updos.

Bobby pins work best on hair that is not too thick, as they may need to be stronger to hold thicker hair.

3. Barrettes

Barrettes are decorative hair clips that can add a touch of glamour to your hairstyle.

These clips come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from simple and understated to bold and eye-catching.

Barrettes are particularly useful for holding back larger sections of hair, such as a half-up style, and are a great option for special occasions. Barrettes are one of the different types of hair clips.

4. Claw Clips

Claw clips are popular for those with thicker hair or looking for a more secure hold.

These clips feature a claw-shaped design that can grip large sections of hair, making them ideal for creating voluminous updos or securing a messy bun.

Also, Claw clips come in sizes from small to jumbo and are available in different colors and designs.

5. Banana Clips

Banana clips are large, curved hair clips that can hold a significant amount of hair.

These clips are perfect for creating a ponytail or an updo, as they can hold a lot of hair in place.

Also, banana clips come in various sizes and designs, making them suitable for different hair types and styles.

6. Alligator Clips

 Alligator clips are named after they resemble the jaws of an alligator. These clips have a strong grip, making them ideal for styling thick hair.

Alligator clips come in various sizes and designs and are particularly useful for sectioning hair during styling.

7. Snap-on Clips

Snap-on clips are hair extensions that feature small clips that snap onto your hair.

These clips come in various sizes, lengths, and colors, making matching them to your hair type and style easy.

Furthermore, Snap-on clips are ideal for adding length or volume to your hair without requiring permanent extensions. This is one of the different types of hair clips

8. French Barrettes

French barrettes are a type of hair clip designed to hold larger sections of hair in place.

These clips are typically metal and have a clasp that snaps shut to secure the hair.

French barrettes are often decorated with beads, crystals, or other embellishments, making them popular for special occasions.

9. Bumpit Hair Clip

This unique variety of hairpins is included in fashionable hairpin designs for hair accessories.

Due to their recent introduction to the market, they are not readily available. You wear hairstyles like a pretty puff, a clumsy ponytail, or a half-tied pony with bumpits.

All types of hair can use the pins. They are primarily used by women who need to puff for an extended period of time.

Also, they are reasonably priced and perfectly adequate for the job. This is one of the different types of hair clips.

10. Tiaras Hair Clip

Women frequently use these women’s hairpins to maintain feminine hairstyles during weddings.

These pins are available in various designs, including silver, gold, and diamond in various shapes, studs, etc.

They also go by the name “crown hair pins” because they give your hairstyle the appearance of a crown.

Most women probably prefer tiara hairpins because they avoid purchasing one while still wearing one. This is one of the different types of hair clips.

11. Spin Pins

Spin pins are a newer type of hair accessory designed to hold the hair in place without using a traditional hair clip.

These pins are made of metal and have a twisted shape that allows them to grip hair securely.

Also, spin pins are great for creating buns and other updos and are a popular choice for people who want to create a polished look without much fuss.

12. Feather Hat Clip

These girly hairpins give you a royal appearance when worn with particular countess dresses.

They come in various small or large designs, with lovely feathers and net accents.

You only need to attach the pin or clip to a small strand of hair. Also, this cute hair accessory is typically used on children. They can be selected from various colors to go with their clothing.

13. Silver Comb Pin

This is a different kind of hairpin that is good for a bridal look or even for hairstyle on special occasions.

You can accessorize your puffs or other hairstyles with these lovely silver hairpins. They hold hairstyles tightly because they are available as comb pins.

Furthermore, they hold the hair in place and stop it from upsetting a place by falling on it.

These hairpins are available in pink or pearl white. Silver Comb pin is one of the different types of hair clips.

14. Decorative Pearl Pin

If you didn’t use such decorative hair pins to hold and design them tightly, the hairstyles would look pale.

These pearl hair pins are widely accessible on the market and will give your styled hair a glamorous appearance.

Furthermore, these pearl pins come in various lovely patterns and designs.

They also style your hair, and the bobby pin-inspired design keeps it in place. This decorative hairpin can be found in many upscale stores.

15. Tribal Bead Hair Pins

The tribal bead patterns serve as the inspiration for these new hairpins. They are frequently seen being worn in African nations.

This pin, which is simple to wear, gives your rolled hair an attractive appearance.

The natives pack their hair while swimming while carrying them as well. The beads give the hair accessory a unique look and are perfect for wearing with loose hair.

16. Bow Hair Pin

Here is a stylish hairpin design to help you style your hair and enhance your appearance.

These pins come in bow designs and are tucked beneath your bun to prevent it from slipping downward.

They easily slide through silky hair and create a messy hairstyle, so they are highly preferred for silky hair.

They are very helpful for keeping your hair in place and will prevent the bun from slipping out of place. This is one of the different types of hair clips.

17. Crocodile Hair Clip

Crocodile hair clips make it easier to style your hair into a bun. Clip them with this after tying the hair up.

Clipping a section of hair up before the hairstyle is applied is also used in salons.

Women frequently prefer to tie them up before taking a bath. It is conveniently offered in the marketplace.

18. Wood Hair Pins

There are various sizes of this rather distinctive hairpin style. It is suitable for a long run because it is made of wood.

Some can tie a ponytail, while others can be used to bun the hair up. They also appear attractive, but finding them in stores can take much work.

19. Coraline Hair Clip

This fancy hair clip is a lovely decorative hairpin embellished with vibrant stones and works well as a hair accessory.

It is primarily used for short hair with little volume, typically to keep bangs in place or as hair jewelry for decoration. This is one of the different types of hair clips.

20. Comb Clip

Comb clips, also referred to as side comb hair clips, hair comb clips, or comb hair clips, are another retro accessory becoming increasingly popular.

When used to create a sleek hairstyle, it looks and functions like a comb but appears like a clip when attached to the hair.

Although it doesn’t technically “clip” hair, it has the appearance and behavior of one.

Additionally, it is practical and fashionable because it frequently has jewel embellishments. Brides typically wear these.

21. Duckbill Clip

Do you frequently visit a salon to have your hair done? If so, you may have frequently noticed this clip being used on your hair.

Although the duckbill clip resembles an alligator clip, it lacks teeth. However, it has a pointed end that makes sectioning hair without a comb simple.

It is a hairdresser’s best friend because of this. Duckbill is one of the different types of hair clips.

22. Wave Setting Clip

Wave-setting hair clip types hold the hair in place after styling to apply makeup. They were made for professionals but are ideal for you.

Also, they are ideal for securing almost all hairstyles without leaving a mark and perfect for retro-glam looks like finger waves.

Get hold of wave-setting clips if you want to improve your beauty knowledge. 

23. Double Prong Curl

The double-prong curl clip is exclusively used for styling, just like wave setting and sectioning clips.

They are most frequently wrapped around a recently heated curl to hold and secure their shape.

Women often wear them around their heads to “set” the curls before removing them just before an event, where they will then be brushed out.

To prevent a crease, double-prong curl clips can also be used like wave-setting clips: by pressing a playing card under the top of the clip.

24. Geometric Minimalist Clips

These clips are typically seen as a decoration on the temple or as a fastener of the very front strands of the face in a half-up style at the back of the head.

Also, the backs of minimalist hair clips are thin and simple, like bobby pins but secure into place like a French barrette, without the popping sound. This is one of the different types of hair clips.


In conclusion, hair clips are versatile accessories in various styles, sizes, and designs.

They are perfect for holding hair in place, adding a touch of style, and creating unique hairstyles.

From the classic bobby pins to the trendy claw clips and barrettes, there is a hair clip for every occasion and hair type.

When choosing a hair clip, consider your hair type, the style you want to create, and the occasion you attend.

Whether you are going for a casual look or a formal event, there is a hair clip that can elevate your hairstyle.

In conclusion, no matter which type of hair clip you choose, remember to handle them with care to avoid hair breakage and damage.

With the right hair clip and proper care, you can enjoy stylish and secure hairstyles all day.

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