29 Different Types of Hair Bows

Different Types of Hair Bows
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It might seem like hair bows are all the same. However, there are many different types of hair bows that you can choose from to accessorize your little girl’s hair.

Some come with clips, and others don’t, so there are options for you to choose from when adding an adorable little touch to your child’s look. 

Hence, some bows have matching hairstyles and accessories to be worn together! Read more to find out what kinds of hair bows you can purchase online or in stores near you.

Hairbow Styles

There are different types of hair bows. The most popular style is the classic bow, which can be worn with any outfit.

Other popular styles include the side bow, worn on the head’s side. And the half-up bow, which is worn half up and half down. Some bows can be worn on the back or the side of the head.

Tuxedo Grosgrain Bow

Out of the different types of hair bows we have. The tuxedo bow is another type of hair bow that gets its name from its similarity to formal wear. It is a large, voluminous bow that is made from grosgrain ribbon. 

Therefore, this type of bow is perfect for special occasions or as an everyday accessory. It can be worn casually but is most commonly seen in wedding and prom photos.

Lady Diana Spencer popularized this style, who wore them often during her royal visits and social engagements.

Charlotte Bow

This bow is big, bold, and beautiful! It’s perfect for making a statement. The Charlotte Bow is named after the city it was created in Charlotte, North Carolina. This bow is made with a 3/8 ribbon and is approximately five wide.

Meanwhile, this style has many variations, some with or without flowers. There are also variations in the placement of these bows. Either as an accent piece or at the front of your head like a headband

Additionally, the most popular placement for this type of bow is at the side of your head. Hence it’s included on our list of the different types of hair bows!

Chelsea Boutique Bow

In our list of different types of hair bows, this type of bow is classic and goes with any outfit. It features a large, rounded center knot with two smaller loops on either side.

The loops are made from the same ribbon as the center knot, giving the bow a cohesive look. Besides, you can wear this bow in your hair using a bobby pin to secure it.

Half Pony Bow

This bow is perfect for girls with shorter hair or just wanting a simple and stylish look. It comprises three pieces: one looped piece at the top and two straight pieces on either side.

The making of this bow is unique from the other different types of hair bows. In making it, you will need two ribbons of equal length and thickness, one light color and one dark color.

Plus, an elastic band that matches the dark color of your ribbons. Fold each ribbon in half before attaching it to create a more sleek appearance for the best results.

Classic Bow

The classic bow is a timeless look worn with just about any outfit, and it’s simple yet elegant and can be dressed up or down. To create a classic bow, you’ll need a strip of ribbon about two inches wide and 20 inches long.

Furthermore, you fold the ribbon in half to create a loop and then tie the ends together. Next, take the loop and make another loop around it to create the bow shape. Finally, tighten the loops by pulling on the ends of the ribbon. 

Hence, you have created one hair bow out of the other different types of hair bows we have. It’s that easy to make!

Diya Bow

You are varied from the other different types of hair bows. This bow is a bare bow that you can make with just a few supplies, and you will need a ribbon, scissors, and hot glue. 

First, cut a piece of ribbon that is about 8 inches long. Then, fold the ribbon in half and tie a knot in the middle. Next, take the two ends of the ribbon and make a loop. Finally, glue the loops together with hot glue and trim any excess ribbon.

Aiyana Bow

The Aiyanna Bow is a beautifully crafted bow that is perfect for any occasion. This bow is made with high-quality materials and is available in various colors to match any outfit.

This bow is quite distinct from other different types of hair bows due to its reasonable price, which can be an excellent option for those on a budget. 

Whether you need a bow for your daughter’s birthday party or if you want one for everyday wear, the Aiyanna Bow has covered you!

Birthday Bow

A birthday bow is a type of hair bow given to someone on their birthday. It is easy to pick out from the list of different types of hair bows because it is usually made with the person’s favorite colors and has their name on them. 

Hence, birthday bows are a great way to show someone you care about them. And you want them to have a happy birthday. They are easy to make; just gather some ribbon or fabric, scissors, and glue. Make sure you know the person’s favorite colors before making one!

Courtney Bow

This is another basic bow from our Different types of hair bows record that can be worn with any outfit. It’s simple, elegant, and can be made with any kind of ribbon.

To make a Courtney Bow, you’ll need. Ribbon (any type) -A pair of scissors -A safety pin -A needle or sewing machine for more significant projects


  1. Begin with a piece of ribbon about six inches long.
  2. Fold in half so the edges line up, then pinch the middle to form a loop.
  3. Take one end and twist it around the other end before tucking the end underneath.

Second: use your fingers to push the ends together. While you make sure, they’re lined up evenly in the center before letting go to secure them in place. Then use a safety pin to attach the finished bow to your hair.

Lace Bow

Here is another classic hair now that’s quite peculiar in our list of different types of hair bows. It’s made with a strip of lace, which is then tied into a bow. To make a lace bow, you’ll need A strip of lace, scissors, an adhesive (such as hot glue or fabric glue), and a hair clip.

First, cut the strip of lace to the desired length. Next, tie the ribbon of lace into a bow. Then, use the adhesive to attach the bow to the hair clip. 

Finally, trim any excess lace from the ends of the bow. You can also use different colors of lace to create a patterned bow.

Victoria bow

The Victoria Bow is a timeless classic. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. The key to this bow is the loops’ placement, which should be symmetrical and evenly spaced. 

Meanwhile, to achieve this look, start by making a small loop in the center of your ribbon. Then, make two loops on either side of the center loop, ensuring they’re the same size.

Finally, make two more loops on either side of those loops once you have all your loops in place. Simply tie them off in the center with a piece of thread or ribbon. Thus, we can see why it is one of our Different types of hair bows list because it’s timeless now!

Emma Bow

The Emma Bow, among our different types of hair bows, is a classic hair bow style that is simple yet elegant. It can be worn with any outfit and is perfect for all occasions. To create an Emma Bow, you will need A strip of ribbon, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a hair clip. 

  • First: Cut a strip of ribbon that is about 12 inches long. 
  • Second: Fold the ribbon in half and use hot glue to attach the two ends. 
  • Third: Cut another piece of ribbon that is about 6 inches long. This will be used as the center of the bow. 
  • Fourth: Lay the short ribbon down on top of the longer one to cover the bottom inch or so of the longer ribbon’s back side. 
  • Fifth: Use your fingers to twist up a loop on one end of this short length. And tuck it underneath where it overlaps with the longer length. Hold this loop in place by pinching it between your thumb and forefinger (or holding your index finger over it). Repeat this step on both sides of the short length to form loops at both ends. 
  • Sixth: Attach these loops onto each other using more hot glue. They should overlap where they meet by at least an inch; if not, gently tug on them until they overlap!
  • Seventh: Now it’s time to add the center crown portion of the bow. Wrap some wire around this crown to ensure it stays put, then trim off any excess wire. Twist up a loop at one end of this wire, just like you did with the ribbon in steps four and five. 

Additionally, hold that loop in place while wrapping around a second time and tuck under where it overlaps. Repeat on both sides again before securing with more hot glue! 

Take some straight pins and poke holes through three spots along the sides of the shorter ribbons. Near their intersection point, you are spacing them evenly apart. Poke holes into your hair near where you want to wear your new Emma Bow accessory!

Big Denim Bow

Here is another type of bow that is very different from the other different types of hair bows. This bow is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair. The bow is made of denim and is usually about the size of a human head.

Therefore, simply put your hair up in a ponytail to wear this bow. And then tie the bow around the base of the ponytail. You can also add a little hairspray to keep the bow in place. It’s not hard to find these bows at any store that sells clothes or fabric.

Little Denim Bow

Another kind of hair bow differed from the other different types of hair bows. These bows are also made of denim, but they are much smaller than the big ones mentioned above.

They are great for kids because they are less likely to get caught on things like furniture and toy boxes. Moreover, they come in different colors, such as pink, purple, blue, black, and green. So you have plenty of options for choosing one that matches your child’s personality!

Denim Butterfly Bow

Here are other different types of hair bows that are great for all ages. It’s perfect for back-to-school or everyday wear.

The denim butterfly bow can be made with any color denim and any color ribbon. You can even add embellishments like rhinestones or buttons to personalize it. 

Hence, you’ll need 2 yards of fabric, 5/8 wide ribbon, scissors, needle, and thread to make this bow. To start, cut the two pieces of fabric in half widthwise so that they are each 18 long. Take one part, lay it flat on your work surface, right side up, and fold the top edge into two. 

Furthermore, you line up the edge with the fold against the edge of your work surface. Then use straight pins to pin the trim in place (it should now be folded over).

Fold over another two inches along the top edge so that three layers are folded together along one edge. One layer on top, then use straight pins to pin down again. 

Additionally, use a ruler to mark where the ribbon will go. Place one end of the ribbon at the marked spot. Then stretch out the other end of the ribbon across an inch gap between folds.

And secure it with another straight pin at about 2 inches from where you started. Also, put a few more pins around that area so that everything stays secure as you’re sewing.

Start sewing near where you pinned down earlier by inserting your needle through all three layers until it reaches where you want to stop sewing. Put your thumb on top of these three layers and use your fingers to hold them right.

Meanwhile, pull tightly off both ends of the thread while sewing. This will help keep everything nice and neat and help keep those stitches even!

Fanny Bow

The Fanny Bow is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. This is perfect for work, church, or any formal occasion among the Different types of hair bows listed.

To make a Fanny Bow, you’ll need 1/4 yard of ribbon, scissors, and a hot glue gun.


  1. Cut the ribbon into two pieces, each about 18 inches long.
  2. Tie the two pieces together in a knot, leaving about an inch of slack.
  3. Make a loop with one piece of ribbon and glue it to the center of the knot. 

Secondly: Make another loop with the other piece of ribbon. And glue it to the center of the knot on the opposite side. Trim the ends of the circles if necessary.

Moreso, pull tight but don’t over-tighten the bow. Gently tie a double knot behind your head to secure it in place.

Variations on the Classic Fanny Bow

There are different types of variations of this bow. You can experiment with different lengths of ribbons or different knots (i.e., butterfly bow). Try twisting one loop around the other so they crisscross (i.e., fishtail). Or use a lasso knot instead of tying both loops simultaneously (i.e., pirate’s treasure).

Velvet Hand-tied Bow

A velvet hand-tied bow is one of the most popular hair bows. They are made with a strip of velvet ribbon looped and tied in a knot. The ends of the ribbon are then trimmed to create a bow shape.

Meanwhile, these bows can be made in any color and are often worn by girls with long, flowing hair. The best material for these bows is always velvet, as it’s flexible enough to tie easily without too much tugging.

Ribbon bows can be used instead, but they’re more likely to break. And slip out of place when you move around or dance. 

Also, if you choose a fabric bow, make sure it’s machine washable! Hence, it’s also listed in our different types of hair bows!

Corduroy Knot Bow

The corduroy knot is another different type of hair bows and one of the most popular hair bows for girls. It’s easy to make and can be worn in almost any outfit.

To make a corduroy knot bow, you’ll need a piece of corduroy fabric, a needle and thread, and a ribbon. Hence, cut a strip of corduroy fabric about 2 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Fold the strip in half lengthwise and sew the two ends together. Then, tie the ribbon around the center of the bow to create a knot. You can wear your corduroy knot bow in your hair or clothing.

Thali Bow

The thali bows are among the different types of hair bows made with a ribbon. This bow is trendy in India and is often seen in movies and TV. The thali bow is made by taking a length of ribbon and folding it in half. 

Furthermore, you take the two ends and tie them together. Next, you accept the middle of the ribbon and make a loop. Finally, you pull the ends through the loop and tighten the knot.

Billie Jean Bow

The Billie Jean is a classic hair bow style worn with almost any outfit. This bow features a large, round center knot with two smaller loops on either side.

The loops are then secured with a wrap-around ribbon that ties in the back. Hence, this style is perfect for those who want a little bit of everything. After checking other different types of hair bows, big, small, and in-between! 

Hand-tied Faux Suede Bow

The hand-tied faux suede bow is one of the most popular hair bows. It is made with a strip of faux suede that is hand-tied into a bow. This type of bow differs from the other types of hair bows.

Also, it’s versatile and can be worn in many different hairstyles. They are soft to the touch, lightweight, and easy to wear.

Hand-tied Bow

A Hand Tied Bow is created by tying the ribbon with thread for an elegant knotless look. They have a delicate look without compromising on durability.

These bows are perfect for formal occasions like weddings or dances because they are chic yet straightforward, sophisticated yet classic. It can be considered to be listed in the Different types of hair bows lists.

Invisible Elastic Bow

The Invisible Elastic Bow features no closure (elastic or snap), so it won’t cause any discomfort while wearing it in your hair, even if you have sensitive skin or long hair! The elastic fits snugly around the circumference of the hair, making this style ideal for braids and updos.

Beaded Cheek Bow

Here is another bow in our Different types of hair bows list. This bow is fun to take on as a traditional French barrette. And it features two rosettes mounted onto a metal barrette.

Nevertheless, the rosettes are handmade from Swarovski crystals and pearls, which add elegance to this trendy design. Ponytailers’ cheek bow has all-day comfort. Thanks to its unique fabric headband attachment, this style is great for active girls too!

Americana Bow

The Americana bow is a classic choice for any little girl. This bow features red, white, and blue colors in a gingham or polka dot pattern. It can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. 

Either with a sundress for a more dressed-up outfit. These bows are so versatile that they go well with every season, unlike the other different types of hair bows!

Pollyanna Bow

The Pollyanna Bow is a classic and timeless hairbow. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. It’s also an excellent choice for those with thinner hair, as it doesn’t add too much volume. 

Hence, to achieve this look, start making a small ponytail at the crown of your head. Then, take a small section of hair from the front of your head and tie it back with a clear elastic. Next, take the remaining hair and divide it into two sections.

Furthermore, tie each section into a separate ponytail, leaving some slack at the base of each ponytail. Finally, take the two ponytails and tie them together in the middle to create the bow shape. This bow is considered the best among the other types of hair bows.

Sandra Bow

The Sandra Bow is another listed Different types of hair bows that are full and fluffy. Also perfect for any little girl with a big personality. This bow is made with three different ribbons: two colors of your choice and one accent color. 

Meanwhile, the loops are all slightly different sizes to give the bow extra dimension. It measures about three across when unstretched, and it will fit best on children ages 2-8.


Hair bows are a great way to add a touch of personality to your look. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find one that suits your style. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own! So, having these different types of hair bows would help you to pick the one you love.

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