Different Types of Guys You’ll Possibly Date

Different Types of Guys
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It’s quite easy to notice the different types of guys in the dating world, even in general, as guys can be classified into different categories based on their personalities, unique features, and what they have you.

These categories aren’t the usual “bad and good” ones we’re used to, but a number of other types of guys women find themselves involved with.

Each type of guy has a distinct feature to them, possessing attributes that can attract you, and in some cases, you find out that you’ve dated one that exhibits two or more of these traits.

I’ll explore the different types of guys in this article, so you have a better understanding of each of them. Let’s start!

Different Types Of Guys

The Rich Guy

This guy is an embodiment of wealth, style, and class. Stylish outfits? Check. High taste in dining? Check. Vintage cars? Double check. 

This kind of guy will shower you with so many things money can buy. Take you on shopping sprees, a cruise on his yacht, and even expensive vacations here and there.

The rich guy fits into one of these two categories: 

  • Either he has no idea about earning his own money and just living such a luxurious life on family inheritance.
  • Or he’s generally a hard worker and tries his best to make his money to keep up the lifestyle which may not allow him to have enough time for you.

The Romantic Guy

The romantic ones aren’t left out regarding the different types of guys you’ll probably date. This one is handsome, incredibly charming, and has a good body.

He’s a dream come true for most girls. He writes you love songs and poems, buys you flowers, and plans romantic getaways before you know it. You’re practically his muse and morning star.

Oh well, he may be the one you’ve been searching for all along, but what happens when the romance wears off? You may perceive his romanticism as being in love. 

However, he may not be as excited as you are about standard relationship stuff. Plus, when he does something less, you feel like he doesn’t love you as before.

The Funny Guy

Who doesn’t love to be around a funny guy that can turn a boring party into a lively one? This guy is all shades of fun, very clever, and a crowd person.

He always has something to cheer you up and brighten the whole mood when things are dull. Although funny guys can be one to reckon with, they can also have a wrong side to them.

One frustrating one is that he may use his jokes as a means of defense whenever you want to talk about something serious. Chances are, you might not even be able to keep yourself from laughing.

The Playboy

This is one of the different types of guys you want to be cautious around. Mr playboy sure knows how to get you swept off your feet. He can go the extra mile when it comes to romantic stuff.

Gifting you on anniversaries, taking you to a nice restaurant, and whatever. What’s more? These types of guys are so charming and fashionable.

The playboy is the one to boast with amongst your friends, and there are chances that he’s hitting on some of them. These types of guys dump you at any slight opportunity or just have you as a side- you know what I mean.

The Nerds

Nerds were labeled losers back in the day, but in recent times being called a nerd seems to be a compliment.

Now, these guys have a lot of cool stuff in their heads that’ll wow you, from different theories of physics to advanced programming languages to fantasy novels. 

You can learn many things from them, and they can be pretty modest when it comes to sharing them. They usually don’t know how to express their feelings and might just write a research paper on why they like you. Lol!

Although the nerd guys can seem interesting, chances are they can sometimes neglect important stuff due to their nerdy passion. For example, getting your likes and dislikes mixed up, forgetting a date with you, or something.

The Mama’s Boy

These are other different types of guys who have a special bond with their mothers. They’re usually sweet and know how to treat a lady with care due to the upbringing they had from their moms. 

Having a mama’s boy can be cool till you start feeling you’re in a competition with his mother for his love. This is even worse if she thinks you’re a threat to her hold over her son.

Although, when his mother loves you, that’s a plus, so when with a Mama’s boy, advice is to tread carefully.

The Perfect Guy

Who said that? A perfect guy? He doesn’t exist. Let’s be realistic; there’s no such thing as a perfect guy. You might think you’re with the perfect guy; it’s usually one of two things.

It’s either he’s super talented in pretense, or you just haven’t known him for long. Either way, there’s no such thing as a perfect guy, just as it is with relationships. Every guy has one or two flaws.

The Possessive Guy

These ones know every bit of detail about you, from your favorite color to your favorite food, your ideal restaurant, etc.

He wants to know what dress you’re wearing for that interview, all you had to eat during the day, where you’re going, and the like. 

These types of guys are obsessed with things about you. They’ll take care of you and ensure you’re fine regardless.

Just like others, they also have a downside to them. Their whole act can be at the expense of your freedom. He might get insecure about your relationship and forbid you from having any contact with male friends.

The Nice Guy

Mr nice guy is next on the list of different types of guys. He knows how to do all of the nicest things just to let you know he’s down for you.

He’ll hold the umbrella when it’s raining, open and close the door, cook you breakfast, wash your feet and even feed your fish. 

He’s gentle and tender and just wants to treat you like a queen. It might not be convenient for him, but he likes to make sacrifices. 

People can easily take advantage of these guys as they can be indecisive and lack initiative in matters of major decisions.

The Conservative Guy

These guys have standards they set and abide by. They have set rules which they follow strictly. They think in the traditional way and so are rarely spontaneous.

A thing to note is that they’re usually a step ahead. They’ve got everything mapped out well, so much so that you have literally nothing to worry about.

Mr. Conservatives can sometimes be extra, especially since he dwells on his laws; therefore, chances are he’s no fun. He’ll probably put away whatever doesn’t fit into his values, and it’s quite difficult to change his mind.

Different Types of Guys According to Personality

The differences in guys based on personality types have proven to be a great combo in judging masculinity. 

Although, alpha males, with their hard and rugged looks, seem more desirable. The other personality types are actually more attractive to women. At least in these evolving times. 

Men are likely to change their personality type as they age and get more life experience to understand relationships better.

Below are some of the different types of guys based on personality:

The Alpha Male

The alpha male exhibits diverse, unique characteristics. He’s bold and exudes so much confidence. This aura around him makes you want to reckon with him.

What’s more? The alpha guy is an absolute leader. He enjoys taking charge and leading people, and he’s very sociable-they can easily connect with anyone irrespective of their gender or social status.

The Beta Male

Although their personality is underestimated, they are the most reserved males ever. They are usually friendly, shy, and unconfident and treat people respectfully.

Unlike the alphas, Beta males are submissive and loyal guys. All these characteristics make them good friends, employees, and partners.

The Gamma Male

The Gamma males are another different type of guy based on personality. These guys are adventurous, highly empathetic, and obsessed lovers with deep romantic feelings. Due to their high empathy level, they feel the most emotion of all male personality types. 

The Gamma males are free-spirited guys who want a happy and fulfilled life without worrying about people’s opinions.

The Omega Males

We can say the Omega males are the smartest of all personality types as they’re highly intelligent and assertive. Although they’re honest people, they can be socially awkward and get scared of being lonely.

They don’t need the validation or opinion of anyone. The Omega males have diverse interests, which helps them always to learn and keep conversations going.

The Delta Males

They might not be the most attractive, smartest, and strongest, but they’re reliable and efficient at what they do. They find it difficult to open up or trust people, leaving them resentful. 

The Delta male has a low empathy level, making it difficult to understand people, especially women. They tend to be insecure and blame their problems on other people.

What Type of Guy is Ideal?

Although there’s no such thing as a perfect guy, as no one is flawless, it is possible to be close to perfection. Now, the ideal type of guy performs better than the typical guy who is a cut above every other guy.

An ideal guy is a mix of different characters; he could be emotionally available and confident but with some playboy tendencies. Or, he could be possessive but respectful, trustworthy, and romantic.

You’re definitely not expecting him to be Mr perfect, but he should demonstrate the features of a good guy.

Plus, when it comes to an ideal type of guy, it boils down to individual preferences. So whatever unique feature of a guy you can deal with works just fine.


We encounter different types of guys during the dating and relationship periods who somehow have an impression on us. Each guy is distinctive, whether it is for their endearing character or irritating attitude.

You need to reevaluate your choices if the guys you are drawn to always hurt you in the end. We hope this article helped give you the information required to understand each type of guy better. 

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