9 Different Types of Golf Irons (Golf Clubs)

9 Different Types of Golf Irons (Golf Clubs)

Unlike several others, golf is a unique sport that requires using different types of golf irons. Numerous sporting activities exist indoors and outdoors, and golf requires little or no stress. 

Golf is a one-man sport that’s played by hitting a ball with different types of golf irons from a position called the tee into a hole.

The game’s main aim is to get the ball into the hole with just a few swings or strokes of the club. The area where the game is played is called the golf course, which many people enjoy.

Several players use different equipment when playing the game of golf. So let’s take you through the various items used in this fun-filled sport.

Types Of Golf Irons (Golf Clubs)

Golf has evolved over time to include different types of golf irons. These golf irons come in varying lengths, designs, and shapes.

The following list explains the types of golf irons you can explore a golf course with:

1. Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is used when the distance between the ball and the hole isn’t much. They come in different degrees of loft, that is, the angle formed between the clubface and the ground.  

The loft of a lob wedge can range between 58 degrees to 64 degrees. Men generally hit the ball with a lob wedge to a distance of around 65 yards, while women go about 40-50 yards.

However, these distances vary depending on the loft, swing speed, and other factors.

2. Driver

The driver is regarded as the most famous and preferable golf club in a golfer’s club bag. It’s also the longest amongst the clubs.

The Driver club is usually used if there is little or no distance with the golfer’s slow swing. It is used when the ball is on the tee and is an inch above the ground.

3. Long Irons

There are different iron clubs in a golfer’s bag, and the long iron is one of them. The long iron club is any iron club between numbers 1 and 4. 

One thing to note about the long iron is the distance they push the ball. The smaller the number, the less loft it has, and the farther it goes.

For instance, the club 3-iron should go further than the 7-iron because of the loft. 

Therefore, it is advisable for golf beginners not to start with the long irons because since it lacks loft, there won’t be much room for errors, and beginners won’t learn much.

4. Mid Irons

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of golf irons and one of them is the mid iron. This iron club ranges from 5 to 7 and is a club that the golfers use in taking shots with 160 yards.

How far the club goes depends significantly on the golfers’ energy on their swing. 

An average male golfer can hit the ball with a mid-iron club to a distance of around 140 yards, while the female will go about 120 yards.

5. Short Irons

The short iron is the last category of iron clubs that can be found in the golf bag. The short iron clubs are the 8 and 9 irons. 

A short golf iron is essential for approaching shots and hitting the ball close to the pin (flagstick). 

An average male shot with a shot iron will go as far as 120 yards, then the female’s shot will go 100 yards, depending on the pressure of the swing. 

6. Wood Clubs

The wood club ranges from 1-wood to 7-wood club, but the most common that can be found in the golfer’s bag are 3-wood and 5-wood.

The 3-wood and 5-wood clubs are typically tough to hit, unlike the short iron, because they give little or no room for mistakes. 

On average, a man can hit a ball with the wood golf to about 210 yards, while the distance covered by a woman’s wood hit is about 180 yards.

7. Hybrids Clubs

The hybrid club is a modification of both the wood and the long iron club. Hybrids usually come in 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, and 5-hybrid. 

Compared to wood and long iron clubs, they can be used in different situations. The hybrid will be of great advantage to beginners as it has a much better design to maneuver and make contact with the ball. 

On average, when a man hits a Hybrid club, it can reach about 180 yards and about 150 yards for women.

8. Pitching Wedge

A pitching wedge is a wedge with the lowest loft. It works by pushing the ball to the farthest distance when hit.

An average pitching wedge possesses a loft of 48 degrees, varying from 46-50. They can be used for other hits, such as chipping around the green and knock-down shots. 

An average male golfer will hit the ball with a pitching wedge to a distance of about 110 yards, while the female’s hit will go about 90 yards.

9. Putter

The golf-putter is the last club on the list of clubs in the golf bag. It is used around the flagstick and the hole. 

It helps to read the green and calculate the distance before taking a stroke to take the ball into the hole.

Equipment Used In The Game Of Golf

1. Tees

The tee is a wooden or plastic object driven into the ground to accommodate the ball for easier shots. The wooden tees are generally cheap and can be disposable.

However, many of the wooden tees could be damaged by a player during a round. Unlike wooden Tees, Plastic Tees are more expensive and last longer than wooden ones.

2. Balls

The golf balls are generally made of hardwood, mainly beech. In ancient times, golf balls were made of leather skin, and they were quite expensive.

Recently, the golf balls have been modified using various other materials with a more attractive look.

3. Ball Markers

When the ball is played, the player might pick it up to be cleaned or for other reasons. 

Before being picked, the golf ball’s position needs to be ascertained, and this is where the marker functions. 

The ball marker is a round, flat piece of metal that is used to take note of the last point of the ball before it is picked. In cases where the ball marker isn’t available, a coin can be used instead.

4. Golf Bag

This is an essential piece of equipment used to carry golf clubs and other items. There are various forms of golf bags that are designed for multiple purposes.

5. Clubhead Covers

When these clubs are put in the golf bag, the golf head might strike against each other. Damage is unavoidable in some cases when these equipment hit each other.

The golf headcover is designed to keep the golf head from weather effects and damage caused by hitting each other.

6. Golf Carts

The golf cart is a vehicle designed to convey the golf players and the various equipment around the golf course.

7. Golf Club

The Golf Club is a piece of equipment used to hit the ball during a golf game. A player can carry numerous golf during the game, but not more than fourteen as defined by the rules. 


The golf clubs are essential equipment to a golfer, and that’s why a golfer’s bag contains varieties of them.

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