6 Different Types of Football Helmets

Different Types of Football Helmets
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The different types of Football helmets are essential in protecting your head and brain.

Choosing a helmet is necessary whether you play in a professional league or on a college squad.  

Furthermore, when it comes to full-contact sports, make safety your top priority. Before making a final decision, examine potential helmets for design and protection.  

Similarly, when you’re playing a sport like football, the most excellent feeling is knowing you’re not going to get hurt.

Nobody wants to be hurt and miss their next football game, which is why football helmets are essential to have on hand. 

Additionally, the technology used in football safety helmets has evolved and improved throughout time.

Some brands have gradually enhanced, resulting in a higher consumer score, while others have remained stagnant.  

We investigated all new technologies to develop the most fantastic football helmets since we recognize the importance of having a wonderful life outside of sports.

Some Of the best different types of football helmets are listed below. 

1. Schutt Air XP Pro Adult Football Helmets

We wear the Schutt Air XP Pro Adult Football Helmet to be champions in the sport of football.

Furthermore, this football helmet is a Schutt classic designed not just as safety equipment but also as a game-ready helmet.  

Its iconic appearance is due to its traditional standoff shell design. This makes it feel like you’re a part of the game and keeps you from standing out.  

Additionally, a single-layer dual-compression TPU was used in the general design of the XP Pro to resist both high and low impact strikes.

Enjoy the protection you require with a helmet that is designed to appear exactly like the ones you’re used to. 

2. Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet Mask

Xenith youth X2E football helmet is one of the best different types of football helmets in use right now.

Finding a suitable version for your youngster who enjoys playing the beautiful game may be a difficult chore, as many helmets are made for the older generation of football players.  

Young and inexperienced football players are not immune to harm. This is why Xenith has created a particular helmet for them.  

The Xenith Youth X2E is a juvenile football helmet that has set the standard for numerous brands in terms of youth football helmets.

This is a helmet designed to fit your little ones and protect them from injury as they play. 

The X2E, as one of the top youth football helmets, protects the wearer with a lightweight ABS shell composed of plastic. 

3. Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

The Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet is another helmet in the running for the title of safest football helmet specifically built for young players.  

Every sport requires a high level of safety, which should not be taken for granted. Furthermore, an extreme injury may make or break an athlete’s career.

And for young players who are just starting to see the light of day on their football goals, it can have a psychological and physical impact.  

Additionally, at this critical juncture in their lives, we must provide them with all the safety and protection we can. It is for this reason that the Momentum Plus was created. 

4. Riddell Speedflex Adult Football Helmet

The Riddell speed flex Adult football helmet Is also one of the best different types of football helmets. I guarantee you’ve never seen a football helmet with such a beautiful design.  

However, it was most likely the Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football helmet if you did. SpeedFlex is a fantastic brand for modern and adequate safety gear.

According to the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, this men’s football helmet has a five-star rating.  

It is considered by many to be the best available helmet in the world. Isn’t it classic? In addition, this fantastic helmet, which is available in various sizes, was created by professionals who understand the game of football. And are aware of every possible injury that can occur without a helmet. 

Meanwhile, as the name implies, the Flex system in the SpeedFlex helmet has been incorporated to lessen impact forces by integrating it into the helmet’s shell.

The PSIP is another novel feature included in this Riddell helmet. 

5. NCAA Revolution Speed Pro-Line Helmet

One of the most popular adult football helmets is the NCAA Revolution Pro Line Helmet. And it is also one of the best different types of football Helmets today.

Since its inception, it has taken the football business by storm. And it has consistently ranked high in various reviews and research on football player safety gear.  

This helmet is worn by a slew of superstars in the beautiful football game. The Revolution Speed helmet has a considerable shell design and a particular order facemask.

These are just a few exciting and unique elements that set it apart from the competition. 

The Revolution Speed Pro-Line Helmet’s shell has been aggressively designed by a slew of pros with extensive experience in the world of football. 

6. Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard V Football Helmet

Schutt sports youth Air Standard V Football Helmet is also one of the different types of Football Helmets.

The Schutt Sports Juvenile AiR Standard V helmet is another youth football helmet that meets and surpasses all regulations and safety standards. It’s a terrific helmet to acquire for your future professional football player.  

In addition, this is one of the safest football helmets on the market today, thanks to its ABS plastic conventional standoff helmet shell construction.

Furthermore, it has an EVA and EPP foam lining system designed to provide maximum comfort to any player who wears it during their games. 

Although safety is paramount, Schutt employs scientific research and cutting-edge technology to ensure that all helmets are created to provide the optimum comfort level to all athletes.

And fit their particular face frame and size to keep them safe for the duration of their game.  

Additionally, Plastic buckles and a plush chinstrap are included in every purchase of the youth AiR football helmet for easy adjustment.

The design also includes Air Maxx jaw pads to improve young players’ overall comfort while wearing this helmet. 

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