Different Types of Fashion Styles for the Office

Different Types of Fashion Styles for the Office
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Deciding on what to wear to the office can sometimes be tiring, especially when you are tired of wearing the same style repeatedly.

This article is here to discuss the different types of fashion styles for offices and how to rock them.

Fashion style is not limited to women alone; even men can be fashionable.

This article will examine the different types of office fashion styles for both men and women.

We will also discuss how to style each outfit with accessories, so sit back, grab your favorite snacks, and keep reading.

Different Types of Fashion Styles for the Office for Men

While it may seem like we live in a digital world, there is still an expectation that people should look presentable and men are not excluded.

For work, there are basic styles that need to be noted. Looking decent, sharp, and presentable is very important.

Fashion styles do not only include dressing; shoes and accessories to complement the outfit are also fashion styles.

1. The Must-have Button-down Shirts

These shirts are a must-have for a man who works in an office setting.

The style is generally tailored, although it can be purchased at any department store. Button-down shirts are perfect for offices!

Matching your shirt with the fitting pants is essential to completing a look. Pairing the shirt with the fitting pants must be according to the season.

A button-down shirt can be paired with corduroy pants during winter but not in summer.

Shirts with buttons down in the front are a fantastic wardrobe essential that can create various looks.

2. Hot Men Wear Blazers

This type of fashion style for the office is used to complete a work uniform. Men working in the corporate environment often invest in a jacket with matching pants.

Men in Blazers are hot! A button-down shirt, a tie, and slacks can be styled with blazers to look crisp and sharp. You can also style your blazers with chinos to look formal.

3. Try Separate

There is a fantastic thing about separates. It can be worn to work and the bar to unwind after a stressful day.

It gives off a tailored silhouette look with the mix of fabrics and shades in the upper half, and the bottom gives off a less formal feeling.

Separates are fantastic, with or without ties, unlike suits. Remove the tie on a suit, and you will look sloppy.

Gone are the days when separates were worn on casual Fridays. They can be worn any day since they are close to the ultimate business-casual outfit.

4. Who Said Denim Shirts Are Not for the Office

If you are one of those men who say denim shirts are to be worn on weekends only, then you are missing out on a lot.

A denim shirt reduces the formality of your outfit. As much as you want to be presentable, you must also be fashionable.

Please only try these shirts if your office suggests you dress casually on Fridays. This is for offices that genuinely embrace more casual dress than formal.

Denim designs go with almost anything if you are fashionable.

From sprucing-up separates to pairing with blazers, flecked formal trousers, black derby shoes, and a pale camel suit with penny loafers.

5. Style With Undetectable Undershirts

A plain white tee is the best choice for pulling the look off and looking clean and sharp.

It allows you to play with color palettes and suit patterns, providing a neat contrast and a neutral shade.

As the saying goes, black is beautiful. Black tees are also lovely and go well with gray or green tailoring, giving you a crisp look.

Do not mix black tees with a black suit to avoid strange looks from your colleagues.

You can also get gray tees if you don’t want your undershirts showing through your button-up. Gray tees are cool!

6. Jackets Are Not Compulsory

Some men always emphasize wearing blazers when working in the office.

I’ve said in this article about types of fashion styles for the office that being formal and presentable does not mean you have to be boring.

With the fitting shirt and trouser combination, you can look crisp and sharper than every other office worker who still wears a boring two-piece. However, the look can still go wrong with the wrong choices.

Do not wear the normal black-on-white or light blue shirt everyone wears. You can choose cropped trousers to make the most of some business shoes.

You can even pair some check trousers with crisp white shirts (you can’t go wrong with white!), whichever way you want it.

7. Replace Your Blazer With a Cardigan Once in a While

Cardigans can work as stand-ins for blazers occasionally, although the formality will be better, and the appearance of professionalism will be compromised.

You can rock this style by sporting a white shirt, a navy tie, tailored light grey pants, and derby shoes.

If you want to look more classic, go for a tonal look by matching the shade of your cardigan to either a polo shirt beneath it or matching trousers.

8. Grandad Collar Shirts

For the professionals or the politicians who are too busy to sit or stand (as the case may be) to knot a tie, you have to get a grandad collar shirt. These shirts save you the stress and time of wearing a tie.

These shirts’ lack of a collar naturally brings down the tailored formality. To look more hot and sexy, leave the two top buttons undone.

They can even be worn to the pub when the day descends into the night with the sleeves rolled up for a natural transition.

9. Chinos Saves the Day

Chinos are as appropriate for the office as they are for after-work events. They are elegant enough for a business-casual dress and perfect for a weekend outfit.

A blazer and chinos are ideal for looking crisp and professional yet relaxed. However, if the dress code in your office is strict, we will advise you to stick to dress pants.

If the dress code allows for semi-casual or business formal, then chinos are a good idea.

10. Can’t-fail Sweater Polo

As the name implies, it can’t fail. For both online meetings and physical meetings with clients, this polo does its work efficiently. You can’t afford to own one.

Emblem polos should be avoided in the office as it is not one of the types of fashion styles for the office; instead, wear dark-colored polo.

Polos are step-ups from T-shirts and step-downs from formal button-ups. They balance everything well.

11. Everyday Layer

This layer can be combined with weekday button-ups and plain tees on off days. Layering is king in the fall fashion world.

V-neck layers are the perfect combination for a classic look. They can be styled with collared shirts and pants.

12. The Back-of-The-Chair Sweater

Some offices can only do with AC and won’t turn it off. Do well to own one to protect yourself from the cold environment.

And if it’s getting hot, you can remove it and put it at the back of the chair, as the name implies.

13. The Agreeable Office Scent

What are corporate types of fashion styles for the office without a subtle fragrance that will have everyone on your side? You can create awareness with your scent that you mean business.

There are different types of fragrances. You must choose an ideal and agreeable scent for an office environment.

14. The Eye-saving Frames

Eight hours or more are spent in the office; about 70% is spent on the screen. This act is straining the eye.

Protect your eyes by wearing blue-light-blocking glasses at work. While fashionable, we also protect this sensitive and essential body organ.

15. C-suite Tie

For the bosses, we’ve got something for you. A leader without proper accolades is more like a servant.

Wearing a tie commands respect; it gives people the impression that you care about your appearance.

Wearing a tie boosts your confidence level. Choosing a tie that is compatible with your outfit gives you a boost of confidence.

16. Complete Your Outfit With an Office Belt

Your outfit is complete with an office belt. It is just the missing piece needed to complete the outfit’s puzzle.

You can use leather belts to garner compliments or web belts to look classy.

You can even wear a woven belt with chinos or denim, a button-down shirt, and leather shoes for an office with a casual dress code.

17. Boss-level Timepiece

Time is essential, so they say. As an office man who has a fantastic fashion style, there is a need for a boss-level timepiece.

This gives off the impression that you are a busy man and wouldn’t want to waste your time.

When it comes to dressing well, wearing a good watch is a significant rule of thumb.

Mixing consistency with style conveys a message of leadership. The timepiece is vital while on the path of dressing corporate.

18. Add-in the Office Socks Accessory

These are socks designed for office work. The different types of fashion styles for the office men include shirts, pants, and socks.

Office socks are often worn under a suit or pants, traditionally manufactured in dark colors, but they can also be available in other colors.

Not all colors of socks can be worn with office wear, as they can be contrasting.

Gray, navy, and brown are safe choices that complement most outfits. When choosing socks for offices, the socks’ material and length matter.

Wool socks are a nice choice because they are warm, moisture-wicking, and durable. Ankle socks are popular among office men because they won’t show when wearing pants.

19. Top It All With the Ultimate Shoe Style

What is your complete look without a shoe (obviously). Choose the right shoe for the right outfit.

There are different shoes for men that will go with the different fashion styles for the office.

Below are the types of shoes for office Men;

I. Sneakers

There are different types of fashion styles for the office for men. A sleek style of sneakers with suits can be chosen for the office.

You might wonder if it is professional to wear sneakers to work.

Putting corporate dress codes aside, it is officially acceptable to wear sneakers to work if they are styled correctly.

When choosing sneakers, less is always more. Go for simple yet sleek sneakers to pair with your suits or blazers. Please avoid sneakers if the dress code in your office is formal!

Pair a hybrid between sneakers, brogues, or oxfords with smart casual trousers and a button-down shirt for a professional yet relaxed look.

II. Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are workplace classics for both men and women. They can be paired with pinstriped wool trousers (with or without cuffs) and button-down shirts.

Loafers are a great pair of formal shoes made of leather, and they may also be used for casual wear when made of fabric.

Loafers are comfortable, sleek, and easy to take on and off. Penny loafers are classics!

III. Oxfords

Oxfords are the most formal of all dress shoes. They pair happily with tuxedos, business attire, full suits, or sports jacket and slacks combinations, especially in black.

Oxfords are most popular among men’s styles regarding business attire and offer a sophisticated look. Oxfords are professional!

IV. Boots

Boots are essential to every distinguished gentleman’s closet, making how to wear men’s boots a top-style question.

Chelsea boots are narrower, casual, and can be rocked with any pants style. However, the secret is to keep the pants trimmed and thin. Chelsea boots are stylish!

V. Derby Shoes

As an office man, if you own at least a pair of derby shoes, then your wardrobe is complete. Derby shoes are versatile, classic, stylish, and practical.

They are traditionally lace-up dress shoes and are mostly considered an evolution of Oxford shoes.

Leather derby shoes go well with formal attire, giving off that ravishing yet professional look.

They can be paired with sharp, fitted suits, chinos, blazers, and printed shirts for trendy looks.

Different Types of Fashion Styles for the Office for Women

We have discussed the different types of fashion styles for the office for men. Let’s look at the different types of fashion styles for women, the real fashionistas.

Understanding your office’s norms for business casual and client-ready days is essential.

If your office dress code is strictly formal, some fashion styles are mentioned here that you won’t be able to try out.

However, if your office dress code is less formal, all these styles are for you.

This article will distinguish between strictly formal and less formal styles (business-casual), so relax and enjoy.

20. Business-casual Fashion Styles for Women

Business casual dress is typical in the creative sector, especially on “casual Friday” days.

Sometimes called smart casual, this dressing style differs significantly from a casual outfit worn in non-work settings.

21. Pants/skirts

Women can rock casual pants or skirts, and neither should be tight. Fabrics should be crisp, and colors should be generally solid.

Pants should be ironed and tailored for the most professional appearance; they shouldn’t be too tight or too flowy.

Pants in solid neutral colors like black, navy, or gray should be worn for conservative looks.

Pencil and A-line skirts are the most appropriate for a business casual environment.

Choose printed and colored skirts if you want to be stylish and fashionable; a denim skirt is inappropriate for the office.

22. You Rock on Those Gorgeous Slits

Slit skirts are generally gorgeous types of fashion styles for offices. A slit just above the knee is acceptable if the skirt is below the knee.

A very long skirt should not be slit over the knee. Slits in the center back of a skirt are typically appropriate to make it easier to climb stairs.

23. Cute Sweaters to Bless the Day

It is appropriate to wear tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets for women. In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, cotton, silk, and blends are appropriate.

24. Jackets Don’t Go Wrong

A jacket should always be a part of a business professional wardrobe. When it is tailored to a conservative print, it is perfect.

The jacket sleeve should hit the wrist just above the long sleeve so the shirt sleeve peek can be seen when wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

25. Okay, the Printed Dresses

A printed dress is a must for any workwear wardrobe. Printed dresses are airy enough, this is one of the types of fashion styles for the office that keep one comfortable throughout the day and smart enough to require minimal effort.

26. The Perfect White Shirt

Finding a perfect white shirt is complex; a lover of big, baggy clothing or fitting blouses cannot go wrong with this beauty.

27. Blouses for Offices

Blouses appropriate for the workplace should have sleeves.

However, if you want to wear a sleeveless blouse to work, wear a cardigan or blazer over the blouse to give that chic yet presentable look.

Silk or rayon shirts in solid colors can be worn to the office, and cowl-neck blouses and even bow-tie blouses can be styled with either shirts or pants.

28. The Denim Again

For business casual offices, jeans are sometimes appropriate. Be sure they are acceptable before showing up in them.

Sticking to a darker shade and jeans free from rips and tears is best if allowed. After all, you wouldn’t want to give your colleagues a lousy impression.

The best styles to wear to the office are bootcut, tapered, and straight-cut. Skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans would not be appropriate for the office.

Business Formal Attire Fashion Styles for Office for Women

29. Business Suits

The most fundamental building block of business formal attire. A formal business suit consists of a blazer, a pair of trousers, or a skirt in matching fabric.

Suits are always a safe bet when dressing for the office. Pantsuits or skirt suits are acceptable. Well-tailored suits in conservative colors/prints are best.

Being simple and neutral is professional, so wear neutral colors, like black or dark gray, when choosing a formal business suit.

The blazers should sit well on your shoulders to give you that professional look. The slit at the back of the skirt and its length should not be too long.

The trouser cuff should hit the midway point of any shoe. It should be tailored depending on your height and the shoes you wear often.

30. Formal Business Tops

The button-up shirt is an ideal top for a formal business outfit. It is suitable for all formal business occasions.

They can be paired with business suits and styled fashionably.

The pattern chosen should blend with your suit. Neon tones or anything too trendy should be avoided.

Conservative tones like black, gray, white, burgundy, and navy blue are good choices.

The neckline also matters when choosing office tops, as any neckline that plunges to reveal too much cleavage is inappropriate.

The different types of fashion styles for offices do not only include dresses; accessories, cosmetics, and shoes are also part of the styles, especially for women.

31. Be Fancy With Accessories

Watch and jewelry choices should be kept simple and conservative. Extreme styles and colors should be avoided in offices.

Accessories do not only include watches and pieces of jewelry; veils, rings, and even stylish glasses are parts of accessories, and they should be chosen well.

32. Be Conservative With Cosmetics

For women who love makeup, it should be kept conservative and natural.

For a polished appearance, a little is typically preferable to none. Clean and healthy nails should be well-groomed to look presentable.

33. Be Picky With Shoes

Close-toe styles are preferred for a conservative look. A professional woman’s wardrobe must include high-quality leather pumps.

Colors should be appropriate to coordinate with other attire and accessories.

Sandals that are neither dressy nor casual might be suitable.

Excessive straps and spike heels are not suitable and are not one of the types of fashion styles for the office.

Chunky heels and platforms are inappropriate and should not be worn at work.

Comfortable shoes should be worn at the office to make the work easier.

For most workday ensembles, a set of dark-colored leather shoes and nude patent shoes would be ideal.

34. Purse/bag Never Go Wrong

A simple purse, a small briefcase, or a business-like tote bag instead of a purse looks more professional.

A structured bag tends to be more professional than something soft or floppy. The color of the purse should coordinate with the shoes.

Backpacks should not be a part of an office woman’s wardrobe.

An office woman needs a good leather purse, either designer or otherwise, big enough to hold letter-sized paperwork.

Again, neutral colors, like black or brown, should be chosen that do not show stains easily.

35. What do you Think About Pearls

These sets of beauties are the ultimate in conservative accessories. You can never go wrong with a great collection of pearls in a formal business environment.

Pearls are ideal for offices, whether worn as a single-strand necklace or a set of earrings.

36. How About the Chunky Jewelry

Statement jewelry like necklaces and earrings has become popular in business casual environments.

They should, however, be worn with care so they do not distract or draw attention when you move.


There are different types of fashion styles for the office for both men and women.

Dressing for work requires being professional and stylish; being professional does not mean being boring.

Adding a little style to your office wear makes you look fashionable and unique, even to your bosses and colleagues.

Being presentable matters a lot, especially in formal settings. Fashion styles for offices do not include dresses alone.

Accessories, including shoes, bags, and even cosmetics, for women are part of fashion styles.

Knowing how to combine different styles to bring out the best and perfect look for the office is necessary, hence, the need for this article.

You should know your office’s dress code before deciding what to wear.

Some dress codes are strictly formal, with no casual wear, while others are less formal. There are different settings in an office environment.

The types of fashion styles for offices vary; for instance, for presentations and meetings with top clients, the style is different compared to when meeting with your colleagues.

The next time someone needs clarification about what to wear to the office, refer them to this article.

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