9 Different Types of Durags

9 Different Types of Durags

Durags have become somewhat fashionable, but they also perform an essential role in hair care.

They can aid in the creation of waves in your hair. You only need to brush your hair and put on the durag.

The compression provided by a durag ensures that the hair follows the pattern. However, there are different types of durags we can use.

Read on as we discuss some of them in this article.

1. Slippery Customs Velvet Durag

Slippery Customs Velvet Durag is in several colors. The velvet fabric is soft and flexible, allowing you to wear the durag all day without feeling uncomfortable.

The Slippery Customs Velvet Durag even has triple stitching, and the seam stitching is on the outer lining, ensuring that your hairstyle remains intact throughout.

Among the different types of durags, this durag also helps to keep your scalp dry by allowing for appropriate airflow.

However, there are some downsides to the slippery customs velvet durag. One of them is that this durag won’t form waves on stubborn hair.

2. Wavebuilder Durag

The Wavebuilder durag is among the different types of durags. It is elegant and made of high-quality fibers woven together to create a silky appearance.

Though this durag has limited colors, it is in white and black, meaning you can pair it with any of your clothes.

Also, the wearer will not have to worry about sweating because of the breathability of this sort of durag.

Another appealing quality of this durag is that it is machine washable and does not lose its color after being washed.

3. Tatuo Velvet Durag

The Tatuo velvet durag is one of the most famous wave durags among the different types of durags.

It is the most effective two-pack wave durag available on the market.

It is famous for its excellent compression quality and is ideal for making 360, 540, and 720-degree waves. Because it is made of silk, it has a smooth, soft touch.

It has an exterior stitching design, and no line runs across the center of the top of the skull. We can also use Tatuo velvet durag as a hijab or sleep hat.

4. Dream Deluxe Durag

The Dream Deluxe Durag is also among the different types of durags, and it has high-quality textiles woven together to form an attractive durag.

This fabric has a stretchy texture, which allows for a better fit than most other fabrics. You achieve beautiful waves because of how soft the material feels against your hair.

The durag has enough length in the straps to tie behind the head. The fabric is also porous and enables optimum airflow, which helps to keep your scalp moist and fresh.

However, it has one disadvantage: the stitch quality is low, and with even the smallest tugs, you can cause rips in your clothing.

5. Exclusive Wave Durag

The exclusive wave durag is a reversible type of durag. This durag has long tails, which is a bonus because many people don’t like durags with short tails.

With this design, you can explore this wave cap with different styles. According to the manufacturer, they have made this fabric extremely breathable.

As a result, even after wearing the durag for an extended period, your hair is predicted to remain pleasant.

6. Unisex Velvet Deluxe Durag

The unisex velvet deluxe durag is another beautiful durag type.

This designer durag is constructed of high-quality velvet, which helps to keep your hair waves hydrated all day long.

As its name implies, the unisex velvet deluxe durag is suitable for both men and women to wear.

The unisex velvet deluxe durag has a breathable velvet ideal for hot weather. Because of this, we can use them for many things.

Additionally, it has extra-long straps that allow you to distinguish between numerous current styles.

7. Ashilisia Wave Durag

In terms of quality, the Ashilisia durag ranks among the best wave durag available, and the manufacturers made it with crushed velvet.

It includes triple-stitch seam lines that are put on the fabric’s exterior to assist you in creating a naturally smooth wave pattern.

Furthermore, the mix of high-quality stitching and high-end textiles ensures long-term durability.

Although the fabric is not 100% silk, it has the appearance and feel of silk, which makes it quite pleasant to wear all day.

In addition, this silk durag is breathable, which makes it gentle on the skin.

8. Fani Silky Durag

Fani silky durag is among the different types of durags, and hip-hop musicians love them.

Because of the attractive colors and styles of this durag type, it is okay for use as wavers and outdoor decorating.

The elastic cap has a long tail and wide straps that we can wrap in waves for a more natural look for good compression.

Additionally, this silky and smooth cap is available in various eye-catching hues. As a result, you can match them to your outfit and the occasion you are attending.

You can keep it looking good for a long time by washing it in the machine and ironing it at a low temperature.

9. Veeta Superior Velvet Durag

Veeta durag is among the best-selling durags among the different durags.

It is available in various colors and is both durable and comfy. The product is soft and constructed of high-quality materials.

As with many durags nowadays, the dye may harm your pillow with these, so it’s best to be cautious while purchasing them.

However, even without that, it’s pretty pleasant. Even if the velvet may have one or two flaws in quality, it is excellent for waving your hair.

10. Royal Wave Velvet Durag

Royal wave durag is the last on our list of the different types of durags, but that doesn’t make it less good. It comes in blue and black colors.

So you can match your outfits easily. The quality material of this durag is breathable, making your hair safe till you put it off.

It is ideal for permed and curly hair. One distinctive feature of this durag is its stitching. They stitched the middle and outside seam, preventing lines in the wave formation.

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