18 Different Types of Candles

Different Types of Candles
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Aren’t candles just wonderful? They add a perfect touch to your home decor, turn your space into a cozy haven, and even help lighten your mood!

However, with so many different types of candles, it can be confusing to choose the right one. 

They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and fragrances. Also, they have significant differences, and some are used for specific occasions.

Let’s introduce you to the fascinating world of wicks, waxes, and candles. Shall we?

1. Gel Candle

Gel candles produce nearly twice the amount of light and last around twice as long as regular wax candles.

Instead of wax, they are formed of a resin and mineral oil mixture, which gives them their unique clear appearance.

Because the gel can be seen, these candles frequently have dried flowers, berries, or petals put within the gel to offer a beautiful touch.

2. Soy Candle

Soy wax is made from soybeans and contains no artificial ingredients.

This wax has a slower and cleaner burn because it is derived from a natural, renewable source, and the candle generates a bright, cool-toned flame with an almost fluorescent radiance.

Because of all these qualities, soy wax has become a popular option for container candles and is an excellent substitute for paraffin wax.

3. Paraffin Wax Candle

This is the most popular among the different types of candles. Most candles on the market are manufactured from paraffin wax, a colorless byproduct of petroleum.

It is the most affordable wax available, and because it is odorless, it retains extra fragrance well, making it a fantastic option for scented candles.

It was first utilized in the late 19th century to produce candles, then widely used until some debate about its environmental effects arose.

Although there are valid points on both sides, paraffin is still the most often used wax and is still sold.

4. Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles have much more to offer than just their warm golden color, hexagonal design, and subtle honey fragrance.

They are the cleanest, longest-burning candles and have a bright, warm flame when burning, which serves as a natural air cleanser. Also, they burn cleanly and barely produce any smoke or smell.

Furthermore, beeswax is a byproduct or result of beekeeping. It is also biodegradable, meaning candles made of beeswax are an excellent eco-friendly option that is good for your house and the environment.

5. Wood Wick Candle

Wood wick is also among the different types of candles. The charm and distinctiveness of this specific candle are enhanced by its distinctive cracking sound.

One of the key advantages of the wood wick is that it is wider than a regular cotton wick, which results in longer and more even burns.

Furthermore, wood wicks burn considerably cleaner than cotton wicks, especially if they are regularly trimmed.

These sparking, soft-glowing candles are luxurious because they create a sense of comfort and coziness.

6. Sparklers

Sparkler candles are a symbol of celebration and may be the most fun of all candles.

Nothing brightens up a birthday celebration like a tasty cake topped with these colorful candles, which light up with sparkling sparkly sparkles.

Once lit, they cannot be extinguished, so you must wait until they stop sparkling, which takes about a minute.

7. Trick Candle

Trick candles are novelty candles that are frequently used as a fun element of surprise on birthday cakes because they relight themselves when someone tries to blow them out.

The secret is that no matter how many times it is blown out, the magnesium powder coating on the wick allows it to relight on its own.

Simply run the wick underwater for a few seconds once the fun is finished to ensure the flame is completely out.

8. Floating Candle

A floating candle can float in water while burning because it is not top-heavy. The water keeps the outside cool even as the area around the wick heated up.

As a result, the candle rises above the water, and the change in buoyancy caused by burning is prevented. It is also among the different types of candles.

A table setting can be instantly raised and made to feel unique by adding floating candles as a festive or romantic touch.

Create a lovely centerpiece by placing floating candles in a bowl or other large vessel with flowers or petals.

You can also use individual candles in smaller containers with varying heights for a more dramatic effect.

9. Citronella Candle

Citronella is a lemongrass essential oil that functions as a natural insect repellent in candles.

This plant-based oil is best known for being a suitable option for outdoor candles and has been used for ages to ward off gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects while producing a bright flame and a delicate citrus aroma.

Enjoy those brief warm evenings bite-free by lighting a citronella candle in your backyard, patio, or outdoor living space.

10. Taper Candle

Taper candles are attractive options for a special table setting or as mantel decor. They are long, thin, cylindrical candles that require a holder.

Standard taper candles are typically 12 inches tall and have an hour-long burn period per inch of their length.

They are famous for the various colors they come in, but they also come in a wide range of twisted and ribbed shapes. This adds to their aesthetic value and uniqueness.

11. Pillar Candle

Pillar candles are made of a solid wax that enables them to stand on their own without needing to be contained.

They occur in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and heights but are most often cylindrical in shape and are typically made from paraffin wax.

Use a single pillar or a collection of them to create lanterns, place them on mantels, or use them as table centerpieces to bring warmth and accent lighting to your house.

12. Votive Candle

This is also among the different types of candles. Votive candles are small and do not come in a container, so they burn into the holder in which they are placed.

These small candles are ideal for setting the mood at the dinner table or nestled between flowers and other decorative items on a console, buffet, or coffee table.

Although they do come in different colors, white is the most classical and popular.

13. Tealight

The smallest candle is a tealight candle, sold in a metal or plastic container.

Although, as their name suggests, they were initially intended to keep the tea warm, they are now mostly used for decorative and accent lighting purposes.

The average tealight has a 38mm diameter and can burn for up to five hours.

14. Scented Candle

Scented candles have essential oils or synthetic smells infused into the wax to create a lovely atmosphere while they burn.

They’re among the different types of candles that are often comprised of a wax mixture.

They are available in various sizes and shapes, ranging from tealights and pillars to container candles.

They are trendy for seasonal and holiday scents such as pine, peppermint, and pumpkin spice.

15. Flameless Candle

These candles are a fantastic source of light yet do not emit any heat or smoke.

They are battery-operated candles that don’t have a constant light source; instead, they are designed to flicker and move similarly to real candles with flames, making them look incredibly realistic.

Some flameless candles have timers that may be set to turn on automatically at certain times of the day.

Others have a remote control that makes it simple to turn them on and off without lifting each candle to operate the switch at the base.

16. Birthday Candle

Most people can quickly identify a birthday candle. These little candles are thin, light, and offered in various hues, forms, and patterns. You can also include them on the list of the different types of candles.

They are used on birthday cakes and must light up rapidly to prevent burning the cake before the recipient can make a wish and blow them out. 

Some birthday candles are trick candles, which continue to entertain even after they have been blown out.

Other birthday candles will spark when they are lit, which is an awesome twist on regular birthday candles.

17. Cotton Wick Candle

Most people see that paper or cotton core wick candles burn much hotter and more quickly than candles with other types of wicks. 

As a result, they will melt a lot more wax than wicks of other types, which you should consider when selecting a candle and determining whether it is the best option. 

Because of how hot and quickly they burn, these wicks are frequently used with glass candles that contain wax.

18. Set Candle

This is also among the different types of candles. Placing several candles in the same area is one of the finest methods to make an impact with them.

Although they will have a similar theme or design, candle sets are made specifically to look fantastic when displayed together.

However, they will not match perfectly, which some people dislike. It is typical for candles in a set to differ in size or shape but have the same color or pattern to appear to be cohesive sets.


There you have it – the different types of candles. Some are ideally suited for specific occasions or uses, while others differ in the amount of light and scent they produce.

When next you go shopping, pick a candle that will fit your needs and home. Thanks for reading!

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