12 Different Types of Buttons for Your Outfits

different types of buttons
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Knowing the different types of buttons can help you decide which one to use for your project. Given the wide variety of buttons available, selecting the suitable kinds can be challenging.

Buttons are little fasteners that connect two pieces of cloth together. It comes in a variety of forms, sizes, patterns, and colors.

When combined properly, they provide tremendous usefulness and give someone’s outfit a unique and new look.

There are several kinds of buttons, each with a distinctive feature. They can also be used as ornaments.

Buttons are an essential component of clothing decoration besides being used to secure clothing openings. But tons are usually made from plastic, metal, or fabric and come in various shapes and sizes.

In this post, we’ve listed 12 different types of buttons that go well with various clothing styles and enhance the appeal of your outfits.

Different Types of Buttons

You can find buttons of colors, shapes, and materials. The size is the most important factor to consider when selecting the perfect button for your project.

You wouldn’t want to fix a giant leather button on a dress that will look perfect rocking small flat buttons. Here are 12 different types of buttons:

1. Flat Buttons

The most typical type of button is the flat button. They have two or four holes in the middle and are flat. They are simple to sew on or attach by hand when using thin thread. 

In fact, one of the multiple benefits of choosing flat buttons is their versatility. It makes them look fantastic on dresses, pants, and skirts, among other garments. 

2. Lapel Buttons

Lapel buttons have logos on them and are made of metal. They are one of the different types of buttons favored by political prospects. Whenever you see a unique emblem on the suit lapel of an aspirant, that’s a lapel button.

The best thing is that lapel buttons are affordable. Most businesses that produce them work hard to offer very competitive rates.

This is because they understand that most customers who purchase them would order them in quantity. Lapel buttons are vibrant, eye-catching, and distinct.

3. Leather Button

Any outfit with leather buttons has a really classy appearance. They come in a variety of colors and textures, including suede leather, patent leather, mottled leather, and top-stitched leather. 

Leather buttons are created from genuine leather, making them strong, elegant, and long-lasting. Since most leather buttons have a protective covering, they are also low-maintenance.

You simply need to wear them like other different types of buttons, and they don’t require cleaning or softening.

4. Shank Button

Shank buttons do not rest flat on the clothing. They rise just a little above the garment, giving it an attractive appearance. Attaching a shank button requires a different technique than attaching a flat button.

When fastening a shank button, you pass the needle through the little hole in the back of the button as they don’t with holes in the middle. A little research and experience will help the process be straightforward.

5. Snaps

The snaps have two sections sewn into the paper. They’re used to shut and secure the document. Finding snaps is one of the nicest things since they come in several lovely colors when manufactured of plastic and silver metal. 

The diversity of colors may make any outfit look even more gorgeous. The plastic snaps are just as durable as the metal ones.

6. Stud Buttons

Stud buttons are one of the different types of buttons typically linked with jeans. You may use them on coats and skirts made of denim. 

One of the two components of a stud button connects to the other. Once they are placed, removing them from the buttonhole is quite hard. There’s a specific instrument used to press them together. 

You may sew some of these buttons using extra-strong thread. But, the results are often more durable when you press the buttons together using specific equipment.

7. Hook and Eye Fastenings

Hook and eye fastenings comprise a simple hook on one side and a small hole the hook fits into. We refer to them as buttons because of their roles. They are quite easy to use and come into two pieces.

These two pieces fit together after being sewn into the garment they are being used in. The hook-and-eye fasteners are affordable and available in many sizes and shapes. 

8. Toggles

Toggles are long, narrow, often rounded buttons. You can find them mostly on clothes with loop fastenings. They are a far more secure option as well. Because of their length, they can fit through fewer holes than a round or square button. 

Toggles are one of the different types of buttons you’d want on your cloth if you want a distinctive, lovely button for your clothing. We use them as statement pieces.

Although you can fix them to the garment like a flat button, many have two holes in the center. Toggles are made of materials like wood.

9. Glass Button

Contrary to popular belief, not all glass buttons are transparent. Glass buttons come in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and colors. They can offer a special touch to any sort of clothing to which you sew them.

You are certain to discover what you’re searching for when you study them. They might be little and shaped like birds or enormous and round like normal flat buttons. 

You may wear these buttons anywhere you, please. You can as well wash and dry them like you do your other clothing, thanks to the sturdy, scratch-resistant glass used in buttons.

Glass is trendy, not to mention distinctive and eye-catching. So, when your buttons are made of glass, people will definitely notice.

10. Metal Button

Metal buttons are one of the different types of buttons you’ll find in different eye-catching varieties. They can be smooth, textured, or even embossed with unique designs. Manufacturers often make them from hard materials like stainless steel. 

The best thing is that you can get these metal buttons in any style you like. You may discover silver, brass, and many other metals metal buttons.

11. Pearl Button

Pearls are more durable than most people know. They are available in a wide range of colors rather than simply white or off-white.

You may discover pearl buttons that are both lovely and the ideal addition to your outfit. Of course, many buttons are made of mother-of-pearl, giving them an impressively shimmering appearance. 

Contrary to popular belief, pearl and mother-of-pearl buttons are highly lovely and are not just reserved for really formal events.

In fact, wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt with pearl buttons is a really fashionable and sophisticated style.

12. Wood Button

Wood buttons are one of the different types of buttons that are widely used. There are many reasons people choose to use wood for their buttons.

One of the major benefits is that you are certain to get something special because so many kinds of wood are used. 

If you look hard enough, you can find everything you want made of wood, whether you like something simple, light, or ash. Wood buttons also come in a variety of textures and styles.

Final Thoughts

One of those basic yet essential suppliers for your sewing area is a box of buttons.

These different types of buttons will significantly change your fashion outfits when used.

An eager sewist can always have a supply of buttons on hand by keeping an enormous selection of buttons in a jar. 

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