9 Different Types of Bracket Braces

Different Types of Bracket Braces

There are different types of bracket braces for any teeth condition. However, when choosing one, you want to ensure what you choose is comfortable in your mouth and also stylish.

Dental braces are orthodontic appliances that straighten and align the teeth. This is done by concentrating on the wide range of preferences and financial constraints that their customer present.

These many bracket styles are all beneficial. To choose a decent alternative, consider your comfort level and spending capacity concerning each style.

In this article, we’ve listed nine types of bracket braces that will suit your teeth.

Different Types of Bracket Braces

There are different types of bracket braces. Here, you can find the one for your braces.

1. Ceramic Bracket Braces

Ceramic braces are very popular because of their transparent appearance.

They are also known as attractive braces. Even though they turn yellow, it might be challenging to spot them at first.

These might be your go-to braces if you dislike having metal on your teeth. 

2. Plastic Bracket Braces

Plastic braces are one of the different types of bracket braces used by orthodontists. It offers comfort besides appearance. To match the braces to your teeth, the plastic fibers are dyed.

In addition, the discomfort will be much reduced by their soft edges. They might not be as strong as other kinds of bracket braces.

3. Sapphire Bracket Braces

For those seeking more aesthetically pleasing solutions, there are also sapphire bracket braces. They comprise sapphire fibers that may blend in with the color of your teeth.

This is because they are translucent, and they won’t be noticeable even if you grin. 

They also have very strong resistance that is comparable to metallic ones. Therefore, it is quite unlikely they will become bent, broken, or scratched throughout the process.

4. Stainless Steel Bracket Braces

Stainless steel bracket braces are the most popular types of metal bracket braces.

They are also the greatest brackets available in terms of affordability and durability. Stainless steel bracket braces have been used from the beginning.

5. Cobalt-Chromium Bracket Braces

A different type of bracket brace is cobalt-chromium. As the name suggests, they comprise cobalt and chromium. They are corrosion-resistant, high-strength metals.

They are useful for customers who require high levels of stress and for those who want to start their treatments sooner. 

6. Risen Bracket Braces

There are different types of bracket braces that you can choose from if you like aesthetics. However, resin bracket braces are the most aesthetically pleasing.

Although you won’t be able to feel anything with these translucent brackets, their delicate construction also reduces their durability. 

As a result, people who require high tension for their therapy may not use them. 

7. Self-ligating Bracket Braces

There are various materials available for these bracket braces. You can choose a metallic or ceramic one, but this is not their specialty.

Regular adhesive or elastic bands are not required for these bracket braces. Their unique shape simultaneously provides movement and tension. 

8. Lingual Bracket Braces

Similar to other plastic bracket braces, lingual bracket braces are metal. They are affixed to the rear of your teeth rather than the front, which is the only difference.

For those who prioritize aesthetics, this is extremely appealing. In addition, they protect your teeth from over-calcification.

9. Invisalign Bracket Braces

The most distinctive braces are called Invisalign. This is because they don’t use brackets and wires.

Instead, they employ a set of individually created translucent plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth. 

These aligners may be easily taken out every two weeks throughout treatment and replaced with the subsequent one in the series.

Most people need between 15 and 30 different aligners to get the desired results. 

Many users find this style of braces is preferred since they are virtually unnoticeable and provide them more flexibility to eat and drink anything they want.

They can only treat modest to severe dental issues in teens and adults because of their astronomical price tag.


You already have a thorough understanding of the different types of bracket braces. But you still need to know how to pick the best ones for your teeth. 

Although each type of bracket brace has unique properties, they all serve the same general goal. They help create enough tension to align your teeth, although the precise task varies. 

Some are good at durability, some at looks, while others significantly reduce pain. In summary, each of these bracket braces has particular requirements.

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