9 Different Types of Bows Ribbons

Different Types of Bows Ribbon
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A perfect bow can make or break an outfit, but it’s not as simple as tying a knot in the ribbon and calling it good.

To get the best results, you need to take some time to consider what type of bow you’re making, whether it’s for your hair or clothing.

There are several different types of bows ribbons, so let’s learn how to make the most of each.

Different Types of Bows Ribbons

1. Classic Bow

The classic bows are among the different types of bows ribbons with a timeless style that can be used for any occasion.

To make a traditional bow, you’ll need two pieces of ribbon – one long and one short. The long piece of ribbon will be the base of the bow, while the more specific part will be used to create the loops. 

Start by tying the two pieces of ribbon together in the middle, then create loops with the shorter piece of ribbon and secure them with a knot. Finally, fluff out the curls to make your perfect classic bow!

2. Layer Bow

The key to making a great bow is layering. You want to start with a base layer of ribbon, then add a second layer of a different type of ribbon.

The third layer can be the same as the first or second, or you can mix it up and use something different. 

Furthermore, the fourth layer is where you’ll add your accent ribbon. This can be anything from grosgrain to sheer fabric. Finally, top it off with a looped ribbon for the perfect finishing touch!

3. Mums Bow

You can make a beautiful bow for your homecoming mums using different types of bows ribbons. The most popular type of ribbon is the mum bow ribbon.

This type of ribbon holds its shape well and is easy to work with. You can also use a non-wired ribbon, but it may be more challenging to work with.

Another option is to use tulle or netting. Tulle or netting can add fullness to your bow and make it more dramatic.

4. Pom-Pom Bow

Pom-pom bows are among the most popular of the different types of bows ribbons, and for a good reason! They’re cute and fun and can be made in any color imaginable.

A pom-pom bow is a way to go if you’re looking for a bow that’s sure to stand out. 

Making a pom-pom bow is simple and only requires two supplies: ribbon and scissors.

You can find pre-made pom-poms at your local craft store or create your own with some yarn.

To make the bow:

  1. Start wrapping the ribbon around your fingers to form a loop.
  2. Take the end of the ribbon and thread it through the loop.
  3. Pull tight and fluff out the curls.

5. Flower Bow

If you’re looking for something more unique than the standard ribbon bow, try using flower ribbon!

This type of ribbon is usually made of silk or satin and has elegant petals that make it perfect for special occasions. 

To make a flower bow:

  1. Start with a loop with the ribbon and then thread the ends through the center.
  2. Twist the loops to create spirals, and then pull the loops gently to shape the bow.
  3. Fluff up the petals to give your bow some extra dimension.

6. Dior Bow

A Dior bow is a classic bow that is perfect for any event or gift. To make a Dior bow, you will need two pieces of ribbon (each about 1.5 yards long), scissors, and clear tape. 

First, cut one piece of ribbon in half. Then, tie the two halves together in the middle with a knot.

Next, take the other piece of ribbon and make a loop with it.

Slip the loop over the center of the knot, and then pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop. 

Additionally, tighten the loop around the knot, and then fluff out your bow. Then use clear tape to secure the center of your bow to any surface.

7. Bi-Colored Bow

A bi-colored bow is a perfect way to add a pop of color to any gift, whether you’re wrapping up a birthday present or dressing up a holiday package.

To make a bi-colored bow, start by cutting two pieces of ribbon, each about 18 inches long. Fold each piece in half, then tie the two halves together with the third piece of ribbon.

Next, please take one of the loops and make a second loop around it, crossing the stripe in the middle to form an X. Finally, fluff out the curls and trim the ends.

8. Picot Edge ribbons

The Picot edge ribbons have a beautiful, feminine look among the different types of bows ribbon. This is perfect for gift wrapping, hair accessories, and more.

The key to making an ideal picot edge bow is to use the correct size ribbon. For example, if you use a 1/2-inch ribbon, you will want to use a 3/8-inch ribbon for the picot edge. 

Here’s how to make a picot edge bow:

  1. Cut your ribbon into two equal pieces
  2. Take one piece and fold it in half, lining up the edges so they are even
  3. Take the other piece of ribbon and wrap it around the folded piece with about an inch of overhang at each end
  4. Bring one end over to meet the other end, then tie them together in a knot or bow; this should form a loop at the top-tie another knot as close to the first as possible without actually connecting on top of it; this is called a ‘surgeon’s knot’ and will allow you to adjust the length easily by pulling either end.
  5. Thread both ends through the loop created by step four so that they come out on opposite sides of the circle (one from left, one from right)
  6. Fold-down overhanging ends back under themselves so they’re hidden inside loops; trim off any excess.
  7. Your bow should now be ready!

9. Grosgrain ribbons

The Grosgrain ribbon is one of the most popular in the different types of bows ribbon for making bows. It’s made from tightly woven fabric, which gives it a firm texture that holds its shape well.

Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and widths so that you can find the perfect one for your project.

Here’s how to make a grosgrain ribbon bow: Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, each 4 inches long.

Fold the shorter piece over itself lengthwise. Thread the longer piece through both loops on top, then wrap it around to create a bow shape at the bottom.

Hold on to both ends of the longer work and twist them into tight coils (think tying shoelaces).

Once they’re turned together down to where they meet at the bottom (creating a small loop), cut off any excess with scissors or clippers.

Wrap elastic around both loops on top before cutting off any excess elastic with scissors or clippers.


Making different kinds of styles with ribbons becomes easy with our above-listed different types of bows ribbons.

Make sure to put your smile into the gift you present to loved ones. This is because The style speaks volumes of your love towards them.

Also, do not forget to leave a comment below by telling us the one you choose out of our different types of bows ribbons. Happy gifting!

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