16 Different Types of Bed Frames

Different Types of Bed Frames
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There are different types of bed frames in various sizes and shapes. They also vary in price depending on their materials and design.

If you want to invest in a quality bed frame, you’ll need to consider the size of your mattress, the type of bedding you plan to use, and the style of your room.

The design of a bed frame is what makes it unique. It explains the dramatic shifts in bed style from simple, minimalist bed frames to fancy canopy bed models.

However, the bed frame you choose depends largely on personal preference and budget.

What Is a Bed Frame?

The term’ bed frame’ refers to the structure that supports a mattress. Bed frames are designed to provide support for the mattress and prevent it from sagging.

Most beds include a headboard, footboard, side rails, and slats. They can also have drawers, shelves, and storage areas.

Different Types of Bed Frames

If you want to get the most out of your mattress, then you should invest in a good quality bed frame. There are many things to consider before buying a bed frame. 

These include size, shape, material, price, and style. This article will give you some ideas on choosing the perfect bed frame for your home. Let’s quickly get into it!

1. Divan Bed Frames

Divan bed frames are one of the most common and basic designs. They feature a base that often sits on castors and is constructed of two sections linked by a bracket. 

This bed frame also includes drawers built into the base that you can use for under-bed storage. All that remains is to add a headboard and a mattress to complete the bed.

Divan bases have two main types: sprung edge and platform top. Traditional designs feature the former, which has a coil or pocket spring base.

They cushion the mattress and reduce wear and tear on the mattress. The platform top has a hard top and is ideal for those who prefer a firm bed. 

It is the less expensive choice and works well with non-spring memory foam and solid latex mattresses. These bed frames are available in various colors and fabrics, as well as in all bed sizes.

Furthermore, these are excellent options if you need a bed frame with storage. To keep the contents of the drawers hidden, they can be closed. It keeps the room open and clutter-free.

2. Sleigh Bed Frames

If you’ve been researching the different types of bed frames, you would have come across this. This one-of-a-kind bed frame resembles a traditional sleigh. It has a broad and wide headboard that is curved on top.

For the sake of symmetry, the footboard is larger than what most other bed frames have and shares the same design as the headboard. The bed frame is fairly standard in height, but the storage space is not wide because of the side panels. 

These beds have four feet and may have a space underneath large enough to store small objects. Many of these beds are very close to the ground. 

The downside is that it doesn’t offer as much storage as some other bed styles. The design work blends both modern and vintage aesthetics beautifully. Although oak and mahogany are the usual materials for the frame, there are also upholstered and leather designs.

3. Platform Bed Frame

Box springs are not necessary with platform bed frames because they provide a stable surface for your mattress. This bed frame is comparable to the frame-only style in that they are both as simple as possible. Most people prefer it to the other types of bed frames.

These bed frames often accommodate practically any mattress and may even be suggested for some particular mattress, such as memory foam.

Platform bed frames come in metal or wood. Some also feature upholstered headboards or offer mounting points so you can attach your own headboard and footboard if you like.

In addition, it’s important to remember that platform bed frames could affect how your mattress feels. Your mattress may feel firmer because these bed frames give it a stable surface.

These beds are also lower to the ground, which may make getting in and out a little bit simpler.

4. Trundle

Trundle bed frames have an additional bed frame that can be slid beneath the main frame when not in use and pulled out as needed. As a result, these bed frames are very versatile. They’re made of metal, MDF, or wood.

Trundle bed frames are ideal for guest rooms or other spaces where one might require a second bed in an emergency. They are, however, usually smaller and lower to the ground, making them a better alternative for children. Furthermore, a thin profile mattress is usually required for the bottom mattress.

5. Bunk

This is a unique bed frame out of the different types of bed frames. They’re simply two bed frames stacked on top of each other.

Most bunk bed frames can hold twin-size mattresses, but others feature a double-sized lower mattress with a twin- or full-sized mattress on top.

To access the upper bed, bunk bed frames contain ladders or stairs. These beds can be of solid wood, metal, or MDF. Take note of the weight rating, as some bunk beds are only for kids, but others may handle an adult’s weight.

6. Adjustable Bed Frame

Originally, adjustable bed frames were only used in homes with elderly adults. But they are now available for even young children because they can easily adjust to any height and aid in stretching the back.

The ability to raise the head and foot of the bed with the aid of a controller is one of the features of adjustable bed frames.

Although adjustable frames are strong and long-lasting, the height mechanism is frequently powered by advanced technology. In addition to providing a place to sleep, these beds have wheels for easy mobility and additional health advantages.

7. Murphy

Murphy is also one of the most unique out of the different types of bed frames. It is sometimes called a wall bed or a folding bed.

All of these attempt to explain how the bed rises from the floor turns vertically until it is parallel to the wall, and then is placed inside a recess in the wall.

For example, in studio apartments, you can slide the bed back down at night after lifting it up throughout the day to use the area.

8. Upholstered

Upholstered bed frames are covered in soft, long-lasting materials that frequently feature some kind of cushioning. These look cool when you pair them with the appropriate bed sheets.

Their headboards have seams or buttons in the fabric that accommodate the padding and add depth to the texture.

Before choosing one of these, you should remember that they require more maintenance and care than a typical wooden bed frame. However, they do provide additional warmth and comfort in return.

There are numerous designs for upholstered bed frames, ranging from sleek leatherwork to crushed velvet. Furthermore, all of those materials come in both bright and subtle colors.

However, the headboard or headboard alternatives range from extremely luxurious to modestly sized designs. Fortunately, luxurious designs do not always require a large room space for the bed frame.

Manufacturers have been creating these storage-friendly bed frames by including drawers into the base for a while. 

When upgrading the bed frame, you can also purchase them separately. And the best part? These beds are available in all bed sizes and a range of colors.

9. Wood

This is among the different types of bed frames made out of solid wood. From sleigh beds to vintage pieces, wooden bed frames come in various styles.

These bed frames are very versatile. Additionally, you can have them made in a design that fits your needs, expresses your personality, or both.

This implies that you might also put storage drawers beneath the mattress. The strength and durability of wooden bed frames make them quite popular.

In certain ways, wood is a timeless substance, and it can refer to a high-quality wood finish, such as solid oak, pine, ash rubberwood, or mahogany.

10. Futon

The inspiration for these various bed frames comes from Japan. Futon bed frames have thin, simple, and low-to-the-ground supports. The key is that they scarcely lift the mattress at all.

A futon is one of the mattress alternatives we’ve mentioned previously. If you’re looking for space-saving bed frame choices, you might want to look into that.

Some futons sit totally on the ground, although this allows for less airflow beneath the mattress and may cause you to sleep hot. These bed frames are made of natural-looking wood to replicate the look of Japanese decor.

11. Poster

This is also among the different types of bed frames. There is only one significant difference between these and other platform and panel bed frames. There are four posts on each corner that stick up toward the ceiling.

Due to the length of the posts on four-poster bed frames, poles can be inserted between them to hang draperies or a canopy. These are very fun and interesting for children.

There are also pencil poster bed frames, which are simply thinner posts that can break more easily but appear lovely. And low poster bed frames, which have decorative but shorter posts that do not extend as high as the ceiling.

Finally, there are half-poster bed frames in which the two posts at the bed’s feet are lower poster height while the ones near the headboard are at least twice as tall.

12. Canopy

These resemble poster bed frames, but the canopy variety is made with poles between the posts specifically to hang a canopy from. Here, it is not an afterthought but included in the design from the beginning. 

Instead of being four independent posts, these are joined together by beams that share the same design as the posts. From there, you can purchase curtain rod hooks to hang the drapes of your choice, install ornamental lights to create a festive atmosphere at night, and more.

13. Panel

Panel bed frames are pretty similar to platform bed frames, with the main difference being that the elevation isn’t always as high and that there’s a headboard. Their headboards are the most common form of the headboard.

14. Ottoman Bed Frames

This ottoman-style bed allows you to raise your mattress without affecting the covers or pillows. You’ll find a concealed storage compartment beneath that.

The bed includes gas struts that make it easy to access regardless of size or design and a variety of cushions or blankets on the mattress. 

You can also keep the mattress elevated to arrange stuff in the storage with both hands-free. The storage capacity in these beds is either large or divided into sections. 

Either way, you can get to it simply by elevating the mattress. These bed frames are ideal for those who need to design a small bedroom.

15 Loft

Among the different types of bed frames is the loft bed frame. A loft bed is the best option to save space. These are hanging from the ceiling with chains or exceptionally strong rope or elevated above the ground with tall stilts.

The advantage in this situation is that since the mattress is close to the ceiling, you can reclaim the entire area under the bed. In addition, to save a ton of space, you may place your dressers, desk, or anything else underneath.

16. TV Bed Frames

This one appears to be a standard bed frame, except that the headboard is quite high. In addition, the footboard is higher than usual to make room for an LED screen. So, it is built to sustain the weight of a television.

The type of attachment you choose will obviously affect the footboard’s height and width. The footboard has two operational options: manually opening it or using an electronic mechanism that opens with a button press.

These devices move the television up and out of the bed frame by turning on the inside of the footboard. In fact, you can use a remote control to operate some of these beds fully. It is designed for fans of movies and television.


These are the most common types of bed frames available. We hope you enjoyed this article and will have no trouble selecting a bed frame that suits your preferences and taste. Thanks for reading!

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