10 Different Types of Air Fresheners

Different Types of Air Fresheners
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The feeling of waking up or returning to a soothing/sweet-smelling home after a day’s stressful work/ activity is indescribable.

Amidst all the stress, traffic, and bad odor outside, coming back to a fresh-smelling home with a variety of scents and fragrance gives you that soothing relief and a breath of fresh air from air fresheners that helps you relax more.

Different types of Air fresheners help to calm your nerves and keep you in a good mood; it makes the home smell nice and clean.

The sweet smell got from air fresheners also gives your visitors that calm feel and soothingly welcomes them; it welcomes them without you doing it verbally.

What is Air Freshener?

An air freshener is a device used to disperse chemicals intended to mask or eliminate unpleasant odors. It is more like a liquid deodorizer, a spray, or other preparation that is used to freshen the air in your room or car and remove odors.

Aside from home, air fresheners can also be used in hallways, hotel lobbies, medical facilities, vestibules, auto dealerships, public arenas, restrooms, and other large interior spaces.

Air fresheners are basically used to eliminate odors, and they also come in different brands and methods. Some brands of air fresheners contain a fine mist of aroma compounds that remain in the air for a long time, but not all are affordable.

There are so many types of air fresheners that can be easily found anywhere, at big malls, supermarkets, mini shops, and markets, but getting an air freshener that has the desired fragrance suitable for your home and you can afford is not an easy task.

We have put together a list of different types of air fresheners that can be used for your homes and interiors, with a little information about each to make your choice easier and stress-free.

Different Types of Air Fresheners

Below is a list of a few different types of air fresheners.

1. Scented Candles

The scented candle is a popular type of air freshener; they come in various colors and scents. They also come in flavors of flowers, fruits, and woods. As the candle burns, they release some nice and soothing fragrance into the air.

Burning scented candles can be dangerous; the paraffin wax used in the production of the candles produces poisonous chemicals in the air while it burns.

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Also, burning the scented candles near a wall or small spaces is not allowed because they might leave a little black sooty residue on the wall’s surface.

If you find yourself in such a condition, there are candle-warmers you can buy that are like a hot plate for your scented candle; all you have to do is plug them in, place your candle on it, and as it gets warm, your candle begins to release its soothing fragrance around your home.

2. Traditional Air Fresheners

Traditional air freshener is one of the different types of air fresheners that are small, inexpensive, and pocket friendly. This type of air freshener comes as a gel that fills your room and space with its fragrance by evaporating into the air.

The traditional type of air freshener is easy to use; all you have to do is unseal the cover and place it anywhere hidden around your home.

3. Incense

This is one of the different types of air fresheners with a strong smell and aroma that fills your home with a sweet smell within a short time.

It involves burning aromatic materials like cinnamon, sandalwood, and frankincense using sticks, coils, powders, and cones.

As the lighted Incense is burning and you blow out the flame, it produces a scented smoke that leaves the air of your apartment smelling nice and leaves a sweet fragrance for a while before fading. It has a strong smell and is highly relaxing.

Incense can burn up to an hour or more, but you must be careful and ensure the fragrance burns out completely before it is left alone.

4. Nebulizers

Nebulizers are one of the few different types of air freshener that are quite expensive. This type of air freshener is like a portable machine that transforms the air freshener from liquid to vapor, and the fragrance circulates in the air of your home.

Nebulizers work by releasing the liquid fragrance into small particles through electricity, and the tiny particles are released in a form that is absorbed by the body, optimizing the aromatherapy experience. The Nebulizers are quite noisy.

5. Aroma Beads

The Aroma beads are one of the different types of air fresheners that is fun and easy to use. As the name implies, this type of air freshener comes in the form of beads; they are placed in fragrance oil for them to absorb the fragrance; put them in a bag, and your air freshener is ready.

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You can place it wherever you want in your home; it can also be placed inside the wardrobe, closet, flower vase, vacuum cleaner, cabinet, or drawer. The beads should be kept from heat sources to avoid making a mess or even melting.

The aroma beads are colorful and have a long-lasting fragrance; they can also be used as home decor to decorate the home.

6. Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers are one of the most popular types of air fresheners that do not work by fan or heat but by vibrations. Ultrasonic diffusers can serve as humidifiers and a diffuser and can be used during the night.

The Ultrasonic diffuser is a means of setting oil fragrance into the air. They use metal plates to quickly disperse essential oil particles, using the vibration technique to keep the oil fragrance in vibration until the essential oil particles are dispersed into the atmosphere to give your home that sweet-smelling aroma.

7. Time-operated Mist Diffusers

This is one of the few types of air fresheners that comes with a programmable feature; it uses an automated system to disperse fragrance at a regulated time (e.g, every 20 minutes).

The time-operated mist diffuser is battery-powered with a high-tech variety that allows setting customization and lets you know when the quantity of your fragrance is running low to enable you to know when to replace it. In this type of air freshener, you must keep spare part batteries at hand.

8. Potpourri

The potpourri type of air freshener can be likened to Incense; it uses spices and herbs. The Potpourri is not expensive; you can create your own or get it ready-made.

It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals; they are natural plant materials used to provide fragrance at home. Potpourris are easy to formulate; you experiment with flavors and herbs by mixing different varieties of dried sweet-smelling herbs, put them together in a fancy or beautifully designed bowl, and release into the air a sweet fragrance that keeps your home smelling fresh.

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9. Plug-ins

Plug-ins are a powerful type of air freshener that uses electricity and can provide sweet smelling fragrance for big buildings.

Plug-ins come with a warmer that circulates the fragrance when plugged in and allows you to refill the liquid fragrance in them when it gets depleted; the package also comes with at least one fragrance refill. They release a powerful scent/fragrance that can last for weeks.

10. Electric Fan Air Fresheners

This is a beautiful type of air freshener that gives your home a touch of luxury. This type of air freshener is modeled like fans, with cartridges filled with liquid fragrances installed in the fan.

They make use of both batteries and electricity. This air freshener comes in varieties serving different purposes like releasing sweet-smelling fragrance into the air and deodorizing your room; the sweet fragrance released can last for a long period of time.

The electric fan air freshener comes in portable sizes, is easy to use, and when the fragrance gets exhausted, you only have to replace the cartridge. It has the ability to be regulated and also can be adjusted to blow at your choice of time intervals.

Important Warnings About Air Fresheners

Using air fresheners for your home and space gives you that sweet soothing smell and confidence but may become hazardous and harmful if not properly used.

Some types of air fresheners are poisonous substances that can harm the skin and eyes, especially in babies and young children.

That is why it is advised to go for natural options like essential oil diffusers and other natural products that are free from dangerous compounds.

Before purchasing any type of air freshener, here are a few important warnings to consider;

  1. Air fresheners should not be kept within reach of children
  2. Air fresheners are not to be sprayed directly on the human skin; they should be sprayed on the air to avoid causing harmful diseases on the human skin.
  3. Always follow the manufacturer’s guide and read the instructions on the label to know if a particular product is extremely flammable or not.
  4. Keep away from the eyes and nose.
  5. The air freshener containers should be recycled.

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