10 Different Body Shapes of Women

Different Body Shapes of Women
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There are different body shapes of women. Bone structure, fat distribution, genes, age, muscle mass, and lifestyle determine body shape.

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. Knowing that there isn’t an average or typical body is essential.

According to a study, portrayals of female bodies have historically been classified based on shapes such as triangle or pear, inverted triangle or apple, rectangle, diamond, oval, and hourglass. 

Different Body Shapes of Women

1. Rectangle or Straight Body Shape

Rectangle or Straight Body Shape

This type of body shape is popularly known as the supermodel body. A female with this type of shape has the same measurements for all body sections.

Since there is no well-defined waistline, the body tends to look straight.

The waist measurement is about the same as the hip or burst, and the shoulders and hips are about the same width. 

Tube tops or polka dresses would look amazing on a female with this body shape as they would highlight the features and suit the profile.

A full-figured, curvy body female should wear wide belts to help draw attention to her defined waist

2. Triangle or Pear Body Shape

Pear Body Shape

This one of the different types of body shapes of women is characterized by large hips, a tiny burst, narrow shoulders, and a somewhat defined waist. The waist most likely slopes out to the hips. 

Bright scoop-neck and boat-neck tops should be worn to make the shoulders look broader.

Push-ups or padded bras should also be worn to make the upper and lower bodies look balanced. 

3. Inverted Triangle or Apple Body Shape

Apple Body Shape
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A larger burst as compared to the hip section in this different body shape of women, an undefined waist, round shoulders, smaller hips, and slimmer legs and arms describe this body shape. 

A-line dresses, shirts, V-necks, scoop tops, tops with cuff sleeves, well-fitting clothes, tops that fall lower than the hip bone, ruched shirts, flowy dresses from the burst line, short dresses, well-defined shouldered blazers, jeans coats, summer jackets, boot-cut jeans, flared bottom jeans, and low waist jeans amongst others should be worn. 

4. Diamond Body Shape

Diamond Body Shape
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There is another type of the different body shapes of women.

Broad hips characterize this body shape more than shoulders, a narrow burst, and a fuller waistline.

The upper legs carry a little weight compared to the other sections of the body. 

Creating an excellent balance with the burst in this type of body shape is vital.

Belted tops and dresses, flowy cuff sleeve tops, fluttered sleeves, dark jeans or trousers, off-shoulders, or strapless tops are all fantastic clothes to wear.

A-line and straight skirts, well-structured shouldered jackets, and skirts with wide belts are good to rock with. 

5. Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass Body Shape

Well-balanced buttocks and a burst line with a defined waist characterize this body shape.

The buttocks are naturally round, and the body is in definite proportion throughout.

Slightly rounded shoulders that align perfectly with the buttocks and the legs following the upper body are also features of this body shape. 

Clothes that show off the perfect curves and accentuate the waist are perfect for this body shape.

Wrap-around tops and skirts, well-fitting tops, skirts, flowy dresses, fitting jackets, tops or skirts with pleated waists, jeggings, and boots should be worn for this body shape.

6. Oval Body Shape

The burst is larger than the rest in this type of body shape. The hips are narrow, and the midsection looks full.

Women with these bodies tend to gain weight in their stomachs before anywhere else.

The waist is not well-defined and ends up being the widest section of the body. Flat buttocks and slender legs are also features of this body shape.

Square neck, V-neck, U-neck tops or shirts, wrap-around tops, skirts, and jackets should be worn to slim the mid-body area.

Peplum tops and tunic tops, belted dresses and tops, wide-collared jackets, flared skirts, cargo pants, empire-waisted dresses, and dresses or skirts just above the knee to show off the legs and make the body look well-proportioned are perfect choices. 

7. Top Hourglass Body Shape

This body shape is similar to the hourglass shape. The gorgeous section of this body shape is the waist.

Round shoulders and bigger buttocks than hips are features of this shape. A proportionate body with well-shaped legs is also seen.

Wearing clothes and tops with narrow V-necks would be the right way to dress. A couple of jackets and a well-tailored shirt would look amazing on this body shape.

A knee-length skirt will help highlight the gorgeous waist for someone with an average height. 

8. Skinny Body Shape

When the pelvis and shoulder are in perfect alignment, there is no doubt that the different body shapes of women are skinny. The bone structure is as light as a bird’s.

The arms and legs are slender in this different type of body shape of women, and the buttocks are flat with a well-defined jawline.

Women with this type of body shape don’t gain weight quickly but tend to lose weight in the blink of an eye. 

Tapered ankle-length jeans or trousers, balloon skirts, and pants, baggy jeans, low-waist jeans, crop tops, bat-winged tops, flowy fabrics, tops with fluttered sleeves, long skirts, pencil skirts, peplum tops, sequined belts, shrugs, and belted tops are unique choices. 

9. Athletic Body Shape

Athletic Body Shape

Well-toned, attractive curves characterize an athletic body shape.

A muscular body, well-built shoulders, tight thigh and calf muscles, and a broader and elongated neck all make up the distinctive features of this body shape.

Also, the arms in this body shape type are well-built and toned but not flabby.

Well-fitting knee-length dresses and skirts, wrap-around dresses and tops, boat necks, off-shoulder tops and dresses, tube tops, and high-neck tops should be worn for this body shape. Sleeve lengths and sportswear are great choices. 

10. Lollipop Body Shape

There are different body shapes of women, including Lollipop’s body shape.

As surprising as this sounds, what is even more surprising is that a celebrity has this body shape. Angelina Jolie has a lollipop body shape.

This body shape has a full, round bosom, slim waist and hips, long legs, and broad shoulders.

Dresses that broaden the shoulders and hips, wrap-around, thigh-high slits, off-shoulders, peplum tops, and coats with belts should be worn.

Having discussed the different body shapes of women, knowing what to wear and what not to wear due to the body shapes is essential.

There are clothes for each body shape and clothes not to be worn. 


As discussed in this article, women have different body shapes, and no ideal or perfect body shape exists.

Using fruits to describe body types has been seen by some as a visual shorthand, a way to describe the shape less technically or scientifically.

“Pear shape” is much easier than “gynoid,” though they mean the same thing.

Many feel that using these terms to describe the different body shapes of women contributes to objectification by turning one’s body into an object for others to evaluate.

This may help perpetuate the false idea that there is an “ideal” body type. 

This perspective on self can lead to chronic body monitoring, increasing women’s opportunities for shame and anxiety, reducing chances for peak motivational states, and diminishing awareness of internal bodily conditions.

This article proves that how you describe your body is up to you and you alone because there is no ideal body shape. You are unique, just the way you are!

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