Difference Between Android TV and Google TV

Difference Between Android TV and Google TV
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TCL Google TV has been causing a stir among netizens since 2014. In the beginning, Google came up with the innovation of Android TVs, which was enough to amaze the viewers. 

Android Smart TVs had the best features and got everyone thinking about what can update to bring a more power-packed TV. Therefore, the platform has not disappointed the viewers this time too.

“Google Tv” is a new spark in the market which is piquing the curiosity of everyone. All types of questions keep on arising!

Are they not the same? What have they changed in Google TV? What’s the difference between Android TV and Google TV? Well, the answer is yes. They operate on the Android operating system.

Still, there are a few places where you’ll see that Google TV excels in functionality. That’s for the comparison later. Go ahead.

We have discussed how these devices work and the main difference between Android TV and Google TV.

What is Android TV?

Google came up with the invention of entertainment tech in 2014. Android TV works like all android phones. The operating system and overall layout of Android TVs resemble the conventional Android phone UI.

The best thing about these Android TVs is that they have enabled access to Play Store. The update meant you could download the games, Netflix, and Youtube and enjoy all the perks with a large screen.

The cherry on top is that Google Android TV also supports voice control via Google Assistant. Android TV also savors all users with utmost exploration. You get to have a hands-on multiverse of new subscriptions and application options. 

Hence, Andriod TVs work like your personalized Android phone with enhanced features and screens. Let’s see more about Google TVs to discern the difference between Android TV and Google TV.

What is Google TV?

Google surprised all users with the update of Chromecast with Google TV in 2020. At the same time, Google released Google TVs; the devices were much more fast-paced and feature-packed.

Google TV is a package of the Smart TV interface, updated Google power, and set-top boxes. You can’t say that Google has come up with a new interface. 

You may see that the interface of Google TVs is still Android; there is an up-to-date software layer.

The refined background of Google TVs is enough to daze everyone. Google TVs also provide extreme customization attributes via AI. The main focus of TCL Google TV is to target personalized content. Therefore, Google TV has a specific tab for live broadcasts.

That’s all from the introduction of Android TVs and Google TVs. Let’s move on to the next section to learn the difference between Android TV and Google TV.

What is the Difference Between Android TV and Google TV?

Google TVs is the updated version of Android TVs. The core functionality of both TVs is the same. 

The wide range of applications and Google Chromecast serve you the best. Google TV has much more to offer as tailored recommendations and a centralized hub for connected devices.

Still, there are many people concerned about the nitty-gritty that what is the difference between Android TV and Google TV. Hence, there is an overview below:

Better Interface

The most significant difference between Android TV and Google TV is the UI. When you open the Google TV interface, there are content recommendations. A large picture shows where you can see the suggestions circling in motion.

Most of the time, predictive recommendations are the by-product of your choices, streaming alternatives, and preferences. There is also a section where you might see suggestions from the explore area.

There is a section for “Top Lives” on Google TV. Hence, it is simple to browse with the Google TVs interface than row-over-row apps on Android TVs.

Live TV

You may already have a hint about the difference between Android TV and Google TV. It is the superior functionality that Google TV offer. Live TV is a program to replace conventional TV channels.

You can see the “Top Lives” from Youtube, Sling TV, and any platform you desire. You get on-demand delivery of the broadcasting of sports, news, shows, and movies.

Mobile remote

Google TV has brought easiness and seamless usage to your doorstep. Now, you don’t need to go to any lengths to enter the password. You may use your phone to enter details.

You can also control the Google TV through your mobile phone now. Hence, Google TV is all set to give you a customized and personalized treatment limited to you.

Watchlist from mobile and Google TV App

You also don’t need to worry about being away from Google TV; they have added the same Google Account history to all connected devices. 

Whatever you watch or have saved over your Google is accessible on all your devices. You can see your watchlist on connected laptops, phones, and tabs (effortlessly). 

You also get a Google TV app that helps you browse content easily, get favorite services, control the TV over Bluetooth or wifi, and buy or rent streaming content. 

All of the features explain the difference between Android TV and Google TV.  

Google TVs also provide features such as; Parental controls, kid profiles, and TV mode.


It is in the air that Google TVs are on the venture to add enhanced features for multiple google interfaces in 2022. The new personalization feature helps all family members have listings of subscribed services, recommendations, and personal devices to control the TV.

It is one step further to Android to assist you in getting a tailored environment. It’s your call to decide whether to get Android TV or Google TV. 

Now, you know the difference between Android TV and Google TV; the ball is in your court.

It is up to you to judge whether the listed differences are enough to tempt you or not. 

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