What Is a Detached House? (Features, Pros, and Cons)

what is a detached house

Have you ever asked yourself, “what is a detached house? Is it right for me?” This post is for you.

There are different types of houses, and when considering the best for you and your family, it is wise to consider the possibility of a detached house.

Let us carefully examine a detached house, its features, pros, cons, and alternatives. 

What is a Detached House?

A detached house is also known as a single-family home. It is a stand-alone property that does not share outside walls with other houses or buildings. A single-family house has its own parcel of land. 

Detached houses are commonly used all over the world. But it is significantly alluring, especially when built and designed with magnificent materials.

They are unique houses designed to the owners’ taste or preference. Single or detached buildings are always attractive with a beautiful sight to behold.

Features of Detached Houses

A single-family house is a freestanding structure that is a single dwelling. This is different from condos or townhomes with multiple units and living spaces in one building.

The following are evident characteristics that depict a detached house. And they are:

One Kitchen

A detached house only has one full-size kitchen with preferable stylish utilities that suits the convenience and comfort of a home. 


When you buy a single-family home, you own the parcel of land that the house sits on.

This entails that whether you live on an acre or a zero-lot-line property, you get the entire lot, including the front, back, and side yards.

You can as well build a personalized garage where vehicles owned can be kept.

Access Points

Single-family homes have private access to the street as it stands alone, separate from other buildings hence the name detached, unlike townhouses that share access points or driveways.

Detached houses own their driveways into the building.

Distinct isolated apartment

Detached houses stand alone. These are magnificent peculiar houses that attract residents of their situated environments. 


One of the main downsides of detached homes is that they are large, making their maintenance cost higher than other houses.

Besides the price, fixing the whole thing consumes time too.

Pros of a Detached house

Your preferences and budget plan determine the structure and design you are likely to settle for.

However, the bottom line is that they award you convenience, the best mode of relaxation and comfort.

  • Generous space for living

Every home is built with the motive that an amazing peaceful family with being raised in that abode.

A detached house is a beautiful choice for families as extra spaces, such as the lawn or spaces in front, can be used to build a treehouse for kids to play.

If you raise a family, extra families and relatives will dwell in the home. It is essential to get or build a spacious place that is comfortable for the family.

  • A Beautiful Mini Nature 

The extra space can also afford a mini nature and a fantastic sight to behold that allows for quiet and relaxation.

Beautiful gardens can be created, as well as pools behind the house.

  • Privacy

With no shared walls or floors, single-family homes give you more privacy than other types of residential buildings.

It eases so much stress, and the noises made by neighbors are restricted.

  • Storage Space

Single-family homes are perfect for homeowners that need extra storage space.

They typically have basements, attics, or garages to store your tools and seasonal clothing or rarely used apparatus.

  • Independence and Freedom 

One of the most outstanding attributes of detached homes is that you are not sharing any walls with your neighbor.

It guarantees the freedom to modify and create something creative based on personal preference.

  • Amazing Investment Property

It is very profitable to invest in detached homes. This is because many potential buyers love these houses and are willing to pay high for them.

These properties are precious, and you can quickly get the amount spent on acquiring the land, house, and fittings in no time.

Cons of a Detached House

  • Cost restraint

Detached houses are most times costly since they have the best facilities. All of the benefits of a detached house make it expensive to purchase.

  • Budget Constraints

The prices of detached homes can be beyond the budget and financial plan of a family.

This is why families who desire space and privacy compromise their decision and end up subscribing to other types of homes.

Alternatives to a Detached House

The alternatives to single-family homes are houses that range from budget constraints to luxury and preferences.


A condo is a house you buy on land where other people also have houses.

People who own condo homes share an entrance, walls, and some utilities with one or more other owners. Condo houses also share specific amenities.


A townhouse or townhome blends the single-family home and condo. They typically have front and back doors on the ground level and private yards.

In terms of cost, they are cheaper than single-family homes; consider the townhouse as it costs less per square foot. However, it can offer more space and privacy than a condo.

If you want to choose between a condo vs. a townhouse, know that a townhouse’s extra space may mean more maintenance but also more room to enjoy.

Manufactured homes

Also called a mobile home, a manufactured home is a transportable house developed on a permanent chassis.

These homes usually come complete, costing only a fraction of the price of a detached house.

When properly maintained, a manufactured home can last just as long as a constructed home.

A manufactured home is a very affordable alternative to new home construction.

They can also be installed in communities or parks where you rent each plot. In that situation, you only own the house, not the land. 

Duplex or triplex houses

A duplex is a residential property constructed on two floors, having one dining room and kitchen.

In the duplex house design, there is always a central wall with two living units, either on two floors or side-by-side. However, they come with separate entries. 

While there are two floors, it is sold together and owned by an individual.

A duplex (or triplex) is a multi-unit property with one homeowner. Each dwelling has its separate postal address. 


A co-op is perhaps the most peculiar te of home compared to others.

Co-ops, or cooperatives, are just like condos because the living space is just a single unit among other units in a large building. 

However, unlike a condo, where you would have your unit to yourself, with a co-op, you own the building alongside other tenants.

Depending on your budget, co-ops can be an attractive choice because they are cheaper than condos.


So, what is a detached house? It is a beautiful house with unique traits and qualities.

A detached house prevents noises from the neighbors above, below, and next door.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Also, in single houses, you cannot be constrained by community guidelines, choices of windows, fences, doors, or even gardens.

You can use what you like, as long as they comply with municipal regulations.

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