Cremnophobia: The Fear of Steep Cliffs (Precipices)

Cremnophobia The Fear of Steep Cliffs (Precipices)

Cremnophobia is the irrational fear of precipice. There are countless phobias out there, and Cremnophobia is one of those fears.

Someone who is suffering from Cremnophobiacan expects to experience a high-level amount of anxiety from merely thinking of precipices, let alone experiencing it.

Their anxiety might be so intense that they may endure full-blown panic attacks as a result of it. Though the influx of anxiety might not always be the same for everyone suffering from Cremnophobia, it is possible for it to happen.

Anyone who suffers a full-blown panic attack due to their level of Cremnophobia, can experience an increased heart rate, increased rate of breathing, a high blood pressure, trembling, excessive sweats, muscle tension among others.

Panic attacks might not always be the case or all who suffers from Cremnophobia, but depending on the level of Cremnophobia, a panic attack is possible.

Someone who is suffering from Cremnophobia will find themselves avoiding situations that lead to various results of anxiety. They usually avoid places which have precipices; in most cases, they ensure that they never come in contact with any form of precipices.

Example; someone who has Cremnophobia, may decide never to go near anywhere that has cliffs, and other high places, due to their irrational fear of precipice.

Someone with this condition may actively avoid precipice or places that have them, in the goal of helping themselves to reduce the chances of danger; this might not be the best option, as they are only justifying their fears to themselves. This yields a bad result in the long run.

Symptoms of Cremnophobia

Like all other phobias out there, a person who has Cremnophobia can experience anxiety, and this anxiety can rise to a level where a panic attack could be imminent, as mentioned above.

Depending on the level of their panic attack, they might need to be hospitalized, though this usually varies for different people, and various factors also determine it.

Furthermore, people who have Cremnophobia go through a lot of effort to make sure they don’t come in contact with their fears in any way.

Below are som other symptoms of Cremnophobia

  • High level of anxiety when thinking of precipice
  • Constantly avoiding precipice
  • Being unable to cope with their fear of precipices
  • Muscle tension, shakiness, and excessive sweatiness
  • Might even experience panic attacks
  • Racing heart
  • Falling out of touch with reality
  • Feeling  dizzy, choky, lightheadedness etc
  • Cold or hot flushes
  • The thought of death or dying
  • Chest pain

All these usually some of the symptoms that are seen in people who have Cremnophobia. They are not always limited to Cremnophobia, but might also be seen in many other phobias too.

Causes of Cremnophobia

There are no definite causes of Cremnophobia, but there are certain factors that have been said to cause Cremnophobia. Environment and genetic factors play a huge role in the formation of Cremnophobia.

Assuming some was born into a family history of mental illness, especially with anxiety disorder, it would be easy for that person to develop phobias or Cremnophobia.

If some were to have a necessary genetic predisposition of developing Cremnophobia, then all that might be left is to have some form of traumatic experience which might lead to them having a full-blown Cremnophobia.

Although there isn’t a specific factor that causes Cremnophobia, census among health practise is that environmental and genetic makeup of people could play a huge role in the formation of Cremnophobia

Treatment for Cremnophobia

Treatments for Cremnophobia might include some type of Therapy like Cognitive-behavioural (CBT), or Exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is seen as one of the most common forms of treatment for those who are suffering from various phobia.

Below is a list of treatments that might have helped those that are suffering from Cremnophobia

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is one of the prevalent ways of treating various forms of phobia. Exposure therapy works well for most patients suffering from phobias, including Cremnophobia.

Its procedure is quite adequate, as people who have Cremnophobia, are gradually made to put themselves in various positions where they find themselves looking at a precipice, and learning to cope with their fears, while in that state.

The next face might include the patient having to be in a place where there are precipices of high areas. The patient would be made to remain in the place for an amount of time. If the phobic develops the confidence through this, he might advance to a more advance form of treatment.

In the course of treatment of Cremnophobia, the Doctor might start the procedure by showing pictures of various precipices or cliffs and high places to the patient; after some time, he might also have to introduce said patients to a video of these objects. The Doctor would use this as it is said to be one of the best ways of treating Cremnophobia.

This method is proposed to help disordered patients or Cremnophobia patient get over their fear of all forms of high places or precipices. Theoretically, the more exposed a patient is to the object of his dismay, the more they get passed that fear, and the less they get bothered by it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is an option that focuses on changing the negative thoughts that people who have Cremnophobia have, to healthier ones to help improve their lifestyle. Phobias can cause visible activation and changes in neural pathways of the brain.

Through research in 2013, studies have found that CBT has a significant impact on people who have specific phobias, such as Cremnophobia.

Medication for Cremnophobia

There aren’t really that many drugs out there that cures phobia. No medication is specifically designed to cure Cremnophobia or any other kind of phobia.

However, some could manage the phobia for a short-term.


Beta-blockers is a medication that helps with physical symptoms of anxiety. Increase heart rate, dizziness among others are dome of the physical symptoms Beta-blockers treats. They are used before going into a situation that might trigger the physical symptoms


These are some forms of sedative that help to decrease anxiety symptoms in patients. These medications could be very addictive; this is one of its downsize; so it is usually used occasionally, and as prescribed by the Doctor

D-cycloserine (DCS)

This is a drug that is said to help exposure therapy work better. A result in a 2017 review afforms this claim.

Exercise for Cremnophobia

Exercise is known to be effective for people who have various mental disorders, which includes Cremnophobia; cardiovascular exercise is one of the best practices that relieve stress.

Aerobic exercises have been of huge help to people, and it’s effective at releasing some of the chemicals in the brain, i.e. endorphins.

Since stress had been seen as a significant course of anxiety, Doctor has advised that regular exercise would yield a good result for Cremnophobia.

Support Groups

There are various offline and online support groups. This is a form of treatment where people are suffering from all kinds of phobias and anxiety or stress-related problems go-to to find a solution to their worries.

By sharing one’s experience with other people, it helps to know that they are not alone, and they might be able to overcome their fears.

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