10 Creative and Beautiful Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom Flooring Ideas
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Bathroom flooring ideas are important because, as in the kitchen, the bathroom is the most traffic.

Thus, it is necessary to upgrade your bathroom looks to keep up with the trends.

Moreover, upgrading your bathroom helps the property price when you decide to sell. The bathroom floor sets the overall tone and design of the entire bathroom.

Hence, it is essential to choose a stylish bathroom flooring idea that will withstand the test of time.

This is important because the bathroom is not a room that is upgraded every other day.

This article will discuss the best bathroom flooring ideas that are stylish and long-lasting; this will help you choose a style for your bathroom floor and avoid being overwhelmed with too many bathroom flooring ideas on the internet.

1. Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an excellent bathroom flooring option; it has been a popular option for homeowners for several years.

Besides, it is versatile, stylish, extremely durable, and affordable. Most of all, it has water-resistant properties.

Vinyl flooring comes in sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, and vinyl tiles and has patterns such as stone, even patterns, etc.

When compared to other bathroom flooring ideas, vinyl is relatively easy and cheap to replace. You can practically do it yourself with essential tools.

Also, it is way easier to clean and maintain. For example, sheet vinyl comes in 12-foot wide rolls. This makes it seamless when installing in most bathrooms.

2. Bathroom Porcelain or ceramic tile flooring

Porcelain and ceramic tiles could easily be classified as the best option in bathroom flooring ideas.

They come in various colors, shapes, styles, patterns, and sizes; moreover, they are waterproof. Since porcelain and ceramic tiles come in different sizes, it is very affordable.

You can essentially achieve just about any look you want for your bathroom with them; you can mix and match other tiles.

Also, they are easy to clean, maintain or replace. Porcelain tile is part of the ceramic family. Their only difference is the water absorption rate.

Ceramic tiles are made from brown, red, or yellow clay and absorb more water than porcelain tiles.

In contrast, porcelain is made from white clay, more refined than ceramic tiles, and more expensive. Porcelain is considered to be more suitable as it is more complex and repels water.

However, porcelain tiles are more complicated to install than ceramic tiles.

3. Bathroom Laminate flooring

In recent years, laminate flooring has become a popular option for bathrooms due to its numerous benefits.

Previously, laminate flooring was exempted from bathroom flooring ideas because of moisture concerns; however, waterproof laminate options are available due to technology.

Laminate flooring gives the bathroom that luxurious wood looks without the hassle.

Waterproof laminate flooring options make it easy for the floor to be cleaned and maintained. Moreover, laminate flooring is tough and scratch-resistant.

When choosing laminate flooring, go for the one that locks together and float above the bathroom’s sub-floor. This flooring allows shrinkage and expansion of boards.

For instance, buying a laminate, buy the one with real-life surface textures and planks with less repetition. This is one advantage laminate flooring has over natural wood flooring.

4. Bathroom lino flooring

Lino is sometimes confused with vinyl. Lino is an abbreviation for linoleum.

It is made from ground limestone, powdered cork, linseed oil, jute, and pigments.

Lino bathroom flooring ideas have been in existence since Victorian times; most people are familiar with its vintage black and white checkerboard design.

However, lino comes in various patterns, colors, and techniques that are pretty easy to clean.

Lino can be used for underfloor heating. Lino is easily scratched, so it is recommended to get a scratch and stain protective coating.

The central selling point for lino is its anti-bacterial properties. That is, it’s naturally resistant to splashes of water, bacterial growth, and mold.

5. Bathroom Hardwood flooring

Naturally, wood and water do not mix. However, if you can afford an engineered wood for your bathroom, go for it. Although expensive, hardwood flooring gives your bathroom a specific good look.

It creates a seamless connection between the bedroom, en-suite, and bathroom, giving the bathroom a warm and welcoming feeling.

Engineered hardwood is recommended for the bathroom because it has several layers that create a solid and stable surface, limiting the floor’s movement and reducing the possibility of warping.

In other to prevent rot because of moisture, engineered hardwood is coated with polyurethanelacquer.

It helps cover any pores on the wood’s surface, thereby protecting it from dirt and moisture ingress.

Alternatively, you can use UV-cured hard-wax oil coating.

This combines the wear benefits of a lacquer with the subtlety of an oil coating for increased resistance and extends the floor’s lifespan.

6. Natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring gives your bathroom a luxurious, spa-like finish. It is durable and beautiful, and adds to the resale value of the house.

Natural stone provides the same benefits as ceramic and porcelain tiles. It is resistant to wear, waterproof, and comes in various natural colors and patterns.

Natural stone comes in granite, marble, limestone, etc.

Furthermore, polished stone can be very slippery when wet, so it is best to choose a honed stone instead of a polished one.

Tumbled stone and, naturally, cleft slate have rough, textured, skid-resistant surfaces.

It is worth noting that softer rocks, such as sandstone and limestone, used in the bathroom should be refinished every two years with a quality stone sealer.

In contrast, harder stones like granite and marble should be resealed every four to five years.

Although natural stones are one of the most expensive bathroom flooring ideas, it is worth every penny.

7. Carpet and rugs

Although carpets and rugs are used in most rooms in the house, people are reluctant to put them in bathrooms because they tend to soak and retain moisture.

Thus, making it hard to clean and maintain. However, in recent years there are waterproof throw rugs with rubber backing. This rug can be used in the bathroom.

The rubber backing makes it easy to dry the carpet when wet and avoids issues like mold or damage on the floor underneath the rug.

The rug offers a lovely warm footing when you leave the bath or shower. However, since rugs and carpets are pretty challenging to clean and maintain in the bathroom, you can get a small fluffy bath mat on the floor instead of laying the carpet on the entire bathroom.

8. Patterned Bathroom Tiles flooring

Patterned Victorian-styled bathroom tiles never go out of style. This comes in various patterns such as sidewalk designs, stripes, herringbone, octagonal, chevron, and mosaic to add character to the bathroom.

There are endless options for the way you can create in your bathroom.

9. Bathroom Stenciled Designer Tile Flooring

Stenciled designer tile flooring does not look like natural materials, shapes, or designs; they look different and detailed, like they have been stenciled onto the floor.

Although, sometimes, stenciled tiles are ceramic encaustic tiles known for their beautiful designs. Stenciled designer tiles designs look hand-crafted, giving your bathroom floor a unique, expensive, custom vibe.

However, stenciled designer tiles are not expensive. It ranges from geometric designs to floral and comes in bold, highly detailed styles with many colors.

10. Stained concrete flooring

Last on the list is stained concrete. Just like the name implies, this flooring idea is simply staining concrete.

If your bathroom has a concrete foundation or subfloor, you can stain and finish the concrete floors. However, concrete is not waterproof unless adequately finished and sealed.

Thus this is not a DIY project. It requires an expert. The expert has to etch acid into the concrete to prepare it for staining, extensive filling, patching, and grinding.

Stained concrete is a cheap and beautiful bathroom flooring idea. It offers a variety of color finishes, and it is unique to the concrete. This means no one has the same bathroom floor as you.

These are the best bathroom flooring ideas available to you when remodeling your bathroom or simply building a new one.

You can choose the option suitable to you according to your bathroom size, style, and budget.

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