36 Cowboy Names of All Time

Cowboy Names

Cowboys have a long and storied history in the United States. For over 150 years, cowboys have ridden the plains of the Southwest.

They have been working Southwest. They are working hard to wrangle cattle and make their living on horseback.

The cowboy name has become iconic in American culture, used for everything from movie stars to sports icons. The Western genre of film and television has also used cowboy names as characters and plot devices.

We range from Hopalong Cassidy to Clint Eastwood’s The Man with No Name character in Sergio Leone’s films. In this article, we shall be considering some cowboy names of all time.


Austin is next to consider in this article on the list of cowboy names of all time. According to Google, more than 100,000 people have named Austin in America since 1880.

It seems like a lot. But when you look at other names from that era, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. 

Furthermore, before being used as a given name, Austin was first used as an English surname after a town. The town in southwest England. That would make Austin one of those rare names with origins in two countries, which is fantastic.

It’s interesting to note that more than 100,000 men got their last name from Austin. Over 50% of them equally had sons who were also named Austin. I guess you must have started learning about cowboy names of all time.


Bret is another name to learn about in this article on cowboy names. Bret doesn’t sound like a cowboy name at first. Besides, Brett Maverick was a big part of the T.V. classic Gunsmoke. 

Many fans know that the cowboy name has a lonesome quality, which sounds right out of an old western. Bret also works on two levels. Brevity is good when a horse carries you all day, and Bret is short for various given names. 

Finally, Bret is derived from Berchtold, meaning bright ruler. That might have stood out as an appealing moniker to cowboys who don’t follow orders! Cowboy names of all time are unique.


Buck is also one of the cowboy names of all time. One of those names has a deeper meaning and isn’t just a term for male deer.

In cowboy-speak, buck also refers to a male horse and someone who works with the said horse—for instance, a trainer or wrangler.

Furthermore, famous Bucks include country singer Buck Owens, actor Buck Taylor and fictional cowboys like John Wayne in Red River. As well as all his other westerns and Uncle Bucks from My Friend Flicka.

Cowboys have always been some tough hombre who could get things done when they needed to be done. It’s no wonder so many men are named after them.


Cal, one of the cowboy names of all time, is named after Buffalo Bill’s horse. This moniker is a straightforward choice for your little guy. Cal is also an acronym for the call.

Moreover, It is sure to incite more than a few good-natured jokes from your fellow cowboys in Texas. Get it? Call me later? Yeah, we’re pretty proud of that one, too. 

Apparently, For our money, it doesn’t get much better than Cal as a cowboy name. It’s got just enough that it’s still in vogue.

But it has all those tremendous Western overtones you want out of an actual cowboy name. A real winner here, if you ask us! Cowboy names of all time are excellent!


Another name to learn about in this article on the list of cowboy names of all time is Cash.

Perhaps due to our love for cowboys, they have some of our favorite names in Western culture. We’ve decided to rank some favorites. Who made it? Keep reading. 

However, if you don’t see your favorite cowboy name here, it’s because we’re saving that one for another day! But if there is one we missed, let us know in a comment below, and we’ll be sure to add it to future posts about cowboy names.


Jace is one of the cowboy names of all time. There are a lot of names that have come and gone in our culture. And only a few stand out as well-known today. Jace is one such name.

It ranked 831st in popularity according to 2015 statistics from the Social Security Administration. That number would undoubtedly be even higher if Jace hadn’t topped in favor more than 40 years ago. However, it might be recognizable to parents who grew up in a small town.

Moreover, there are chances that your child won’t have a friend named Jace. Not until they know people with a solid connection to rodeo culture or an interest in reading Westerns. As for meaning?


The word Heath has several definitions. But most importantly, it means a large expanse of level grassland with a scattering of trees. This is why we think it makes an excellent cowboy name. 

Not to mention that you could use Heath in place of words like land or field when looking for truly authentic cowboy names.

After all, what’s more cowboy than saying things like: I’ll round up my herd on Heath, or We will be roping’ and branding’ on the Heath.


Since a cowboy needs to be tough, people like Brent want something short, simple, and western-sounding. In that case, Brent is just perfect! It’s simple, with just two syllables. 

Also, it has a nice solid feel. We don’t know if it’s true, but there might be something about cowboys and baseball players named Brent.

Maybe there’s some skill in wielding a mitt? Or maybe cowboys have big hands for holding ropes? We have no idea! But we know that Brent is one of our favorite cowboy names.


Clint Eastwood is known for his rugged Western roles. For those looking to name their little cowpoke after a big-screen cowboy, it might be wise to consider Clint. You could go with just Clint if you like since many people know him by that alone.

 Also, you could choose from these full names inspired by Clint’s film characters. They are as follows: Cletus, from The Outlaw Josey Wales; Dirty Harry, from Dirty Harry; and Coe, from Pale Rider. Cowboy names of all time are fantastic.


This can be either reference to star Kurt Russell’s character in Escape from New York. Or it can be related to a deck of cards. However, it’s not used as much as other names that start with De. Cowpoke. It is a name derived from cowboy culture, which might be a choice for your future country singer.

Furthermore, Riders are probably one of my favorite cowboy-related names. It has an old-fashioned flair and features two vowel sounds in a row. It means something that isn’t very common.

Moreover, Iron references Clint Eastwood’s character from Magnum Force and his more famous movie personal in general. It also invokes strength, which is essential if you’re trying to create a tough image. Are you excited about learning more about cowboy names of all time?


A lot of people get it wrong, but there’s a lot to love about Earl. It is one of the cowboy names of all time that sounds smart, traditional, and responsible. Perhaps, you might be lucky enough to have an uncle or neighbor named Earl. 

It’s a common name in many parts of America. My only complaint is that Earl doesn’t roll off your tongue when you’re whispering sweet nothings into your partner’s ear. But that could be a good thing, if you know what I mean.

Importantly, make sure Earl isn’t old-fashioned for you and your relationship if it feels out-of-place now. Imagine how much more it will feel as he ages! 


It just seems like a name for a cowboy. It even sounds like a peanut butter brand, but only because all three characters are so similar. I don’t know that there has ever been anyone named Jed that wasn’t male. 

Of course, that didn’t work with livestock in some capacity. 

Usually, It is said to be an old English name coming from a gentle one. But regardless, it doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression on anyone except westerners. 

Otherwise, you would think more people would use it as a first name instead of something more familiar. Here is a question for you, which of the cowboy names of all time would you prefer?


Jeb is a name that may be familiar to Americans in particular. The name is among cowboy names of all time, and it’s currently on an upswing, possibly due to exposure from George W. Bush, who named his youngest son after his father. 

Jeb was very much a favorite uncle-type name for previous generations. It’s rarely used as a first name but is seemingly a popular choice for middle names. This might make it a nice cowboy name! Are you benefitting from this article on cowboy names of all time?


Adam is the first name to be considered on the list of cowboy names of all time. It was a cowboy name that may have been short-lived, but it is incredibly unique. Adam is an English baby name meaning man.

It is commonly used as a male name, for example, Adam Scott. The definition should be self-explanatory for cowboys, but we will go ahead and explain it anyway. A cowboy takes care of animals, is tough as nails, knows his way around a ranch, and is trustworthy.

In other words, Adam should be able to handle any situation thrown at him. Adam was quite famous for cowboys in western films in America during 1910–1919, especially between 1919–1929. It has since lost popularity.


Amelia is a social security baby name, and it is an exciting name. It’s one of several names that is believed to be derived from England’s Saint George.

However, it wasn’t until 1777 that we saw its first American appearance when English loyalists began to use it. Although, George was hugely popular.

But in 1880, it started a slow decline in popularity. It later hit rock bottom in 1923 when only 137 boys were given the name.

 Fortunately for George, its fortunes changed around 1940 and have been on an upswing ever since. You can thank Mr. Burns for his recent spike in popularity. Between 1959 and 1973, he named all his seven sons George, one after President Washington.


Jethro is one of the cowboy names of all time and also a name for ranchers and farmers. The origin of Jethro is Greek, Hebrew, and English. In Greece, it’s considered to be ‘modern.’ 

A famous person named Jethro was Jethro Tull (Jethro Willcox). A fictional cowboy from popular culture we think looks like he has been called Jethro is Tom Everett in Gunsmoke. This name is used by people of a broad range of ages.


Before 1969, no laws governed trademarks, meaning anyone could use any name they wanted. When Melville Brinton and Frances Marion founded their company in Hollywood, they considered some characters for their production company. These include Sue Bee Pictures and Maverick Productions, named after their maverick director.

Ultimately, they went with Brinton’s favorite moniker, HollyCow Productions. I was added to avoid paying royalties on his famous last name when using it as a brand. And it was made a cow pun.

Thus was born one of Hollywood’s greatest cowboy names. Which character do you like most in this article on cowboy names?


This is a straightforward cowboy name, and it is also a good one. There’s no denying that rope is one of a cowboy’s best friends. The thing about yarn is that you’ve got to take care of it. It will fray if not cared for properly.

It is with your personality and reputation if you don’t look after them. Meanwhile, If you do the right things on both and keep an eye on them carefully, you can accomplish lots! Cowboy names of all time are exciting.


The name Reno as a cowboy name was first introduced in 1868. It became more popular in 1945. That was when Marlon Brando starred as gunfighter Reno Gates in Sergio Leone’s classic western film Red River.

Surprisingly, by 1969, it had become one of America’s top 1000 names. Thanks to its ties to cowboy culture and a character played by Clint Eastwood on T.V., It later made an appearance among U.S. boys born in 1978-79. Reno is one of the cowboy names of all time you would like to name your child.


Brooks is the first cowboy name on our list, and it’s also one of our favorites. This unique yet classic cowboy name was popularized by actor James Brooks (famous for his role in Kingpin). Over time, it’s been a go-to choice for many parents looking to give their boy a masculine name

Furthermore, it’s a choice for parents who wish to give their boy a no-nonsense name sounding like a ranch. If you want to go with something similar but slightly more mainstream, we suggest Boone or Deacon.

Both are unisex and are perfect choices for parents who wish for something professional sounding and relaxed.

Subsequently, Other interesting cowboy names include Arlo, Bart, and Cash. I guess you have gotten more knowledge on cowboy names of all time in this article. For more good options, see our complete list below.


Cowboy stuntman J. Warren Canutt (1882-1960) was a prolific actor. He appeared in more than 1,000 Westerns and rodeo films. Subsequently, he played Tarzan’s main antagonist in seven movies from 1932 to 1946.

Interestingly, James A. Michener wrote about Canutt, saying he wasn’t just a cowboy hero and a professional stuntman.

From an early age, Canutt tried to become a cowboy actor. Later, he realized at age 14 that four legs would be needed if he wanted to ride horses for money. Names you can desire to give your children are cowboy names of all time.


Dallas, an example of a cowboy name of all time, doesn’t have many applications. Dallas could be perfect if you’re looking for a two-syllable name with a little western flair. Dallas is a city in Texas and one of our most prominent cities in terms of population. 

Furthermore, there is some appeal to having a name that reflects your locale and an esteemed place in history.

Therefore, go for Dallas if you’re planning on naming your kid after John Wayne but dislike his full name. Cowboy names of all time are names full of significant meanings!


The name King has a cowboy ring to it, right? Wrong. Just look at King Ranch, and you’ll see what we mean. 

Besides, there’s some history to back up your use of a name like King for your buckaroo. Elton Brand chose King as his nickname during his basketball career, and George Strait adopted it for his stage.

Historically speaking, though? Anyways, there was no shortage of real-life Kings amongst cowboys across America.

Names such as Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies, Dale Evans, the wife of Roy Rogers, and Frank Sinatra all make an appearance on our list. Hey-o! Is this article on cowboy names of all time making meaning to you?


Several footballers have adopted Manning as their first name, from Manning, Texas, to Peyton and Eli. The brand new stadium built for Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is named The Manning Centre. Please, in recognition of his namesake? Or maybe he’s just a big fan! 

In any case, it will be one helluva long drive to Toronto if you don’t know that there are two Mannings in football. Or perhaps they can share a room on road trips. After all, they both could use some extra wins. Cowboy names of all time, what beautiful names they are!


I’ve got to start with my favorite cowboy name. It is a modern-day western name. It was equally made famous by Steve McQueen in Pierce Brosnan Western movies like True Grit and The Misfits.

Also, It has an excellent cowboy ring. It’s one of those games where you can hear its place and time, even as it rolls off your tongue. For example, Hey everyone, gather around! I want to announce, ‘Pierce here just rode into town.

Do you see what I mean? These names bring to mind visions from great stories, which is something special. Can you recommend any cowboy names of all time to your pal?


Reeves is a nickname for Richmond, which is a diminutive for Richard. It’s one of the cowboy names of all time. When you think about it, what could be more fitting for a cowboy? It’s to share his name with one of history’s most famous cowboys.

However, It’s an old-fashioned name that conjures up images of frontier days and gunfights. Even if it seems out of place on today’s playground.

Reeves is a firm name and a reminiscent of John Wayne’s character in True Grit, sure to please any little cowboy. The character Buffy Summers was named after director Robert (Reeves) Bierman as a tribute to one of his favorite actors. ‘Cowboy names of all time’ names are full of explanation!


Wade was a popular name in American frontier days. It has been suggested that Wades were named after their home county. The most famous Wade was probably Bat Masterson, a gunfighter. He was also a lawman who spent most of his life in Kansas and New Mexico Territory. 

Meanwhile, the 1995 film Wyatt Earp, starring Kevin Costner, is based on Masterson’s life story. Cowboy names of all time are names worth going for.


The name Westin is becoming a more popular pick for parents willing to give their little boy a western name. It comes from the West, as in the western United States, where cowboys and ranch life originated.

So we think it makes sense that Westin is one of our favorite cowboy names on our list of cowboy names. Westin is perfect if you’re planning on giving your baby boy a Western or cowboy theme. It’s so much fun to say!


A longtime favorite, Alex is a choice that can seem as though it’s straight out of a Western. According to Social Security Administration data, the name peaked in popularity in 1974 and 1975. 

A couple of actors have played Alex on T.V., For example, Alexander Siddig on Star Trek, Deep Space Nine and Alex, Rocco on The Simpsons. Nickname possibilities include Al, Lex, Axl, or Sandy. Cowboy names of all time have deep meanings.


Andy was a common cowboy name in Bonanza. It means manly and courageous. It was derived from an ancient Greek male name. Andy was also famous for women named Andy in real life.

Although, it’s unclear if they were named after Bonanza’s character or vice versa. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Andy as the first name for your future Western-themed baby. Cowboy names of all time around! Is it cool?


While many people associate Bailey with a type of dog, it’s a family name that originated in England and Scotland. 

Some records say that it is derived from the bailiff. While you might not run into any Baileys in Texas, some celebrities were born with this name. Examples are basketball star Shaquille O’Neal and musicians James Bailey, also known as Jamiroquai and Frank Zappa. 

So, If you have kids on your farm, consider giving them one of these exciting cowboy names. Bailey is one of the most thrilling games of cowboy names of all time!


Many young cowboys and cowgirls call themselves Jackie. This is because they think their name is cute and unique but still simple enough to remember. However, when others hear it, they wonder if it is a unisex or male name. 

It may be used for girls because its pronunciation resembles Jacqueline, a famous female name. The origin of Jackie as a girl’s name came from Andrew Jackson’s nickname in office, Old Hickory. It was later shortened as simply Jackie after his presidency ended in 1836. 

So today, more young people have given themselves Jackie as their first name since then. In this article, Cowboy names of all time’ Jackie are considered a unique western name.


Jesse James was one of America’s most famous cowboys, robbing trains in Missouri and murdering bankers and merchants across America. His life ended when he was shot by his best friend, Robert Ford. Jesse is a great cowboy name with a ruthless origin. Jesse is another version of Jason but with an edgier feel.


Do you want to give your son a rugged and iconic cowboy name? Give him Nash. Nash is an Old English name from Nassau, which is where Princeton University got its name from. 

Though a big part of U.S. history, Nassau is currently in Germany. It may make Nash a good choice for parents looking for a unique but not too quirky first name. It’s also related to terms like Cash and Hayden.

 According to Nameberry, it was #114 in 2013. If you’re looking for something more outdoorsy, consider giving your son one of these names inspired by nature. Cowboy names of all time are simple and wonderful.


Vern is an excellent name for boys! And it’s one of the cowboy names of all time. Vern was originally a short form of Vernon but has been used as a given name since 1904.

Vernon first appeared as a surname in England in 1448 and, more interestingly, dates back to 1000 A.D. (in Latin).

It means spring or springtime falls between November and December on our favorite holiday calendar. It has always struck me as an Irish-sounding name, but I don’t know why, perhaps because it is so unusual?


Not only is Cameron a gorgeous name for a boy, but it’s an English surname that means crooked nose. It has ties to Scotland. In America, it’s associated with Founding Father James Jimmy Cameron, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1724.

Furthermore, his father immigrated from Ireland as a convict in 1715. Jimmy settled near Charleston, South Carolina, where he raised cattle and earned himself a healthy living by buying and selling.

Fast forward several generations later, and one of his descendants was president Theodore Roosevelt’s secretary of war. If you’re after someone with ties to the West, then rest assured that Jimmie is still alive today.


Putting dukes and movie heroes aside, most cowboys were just plain folk. What’s more, those names stuck around for a reason. They were simple, straightforward, and easy to remember. 

Conclusively, here are some of our favorites: Luke, Jesse, Bill, and Mike, who made appearances on nearly every list. Jim showed up in almost as many, John showed up about half as often, and it was usually spelled with an, ie.

These five names probably account for 90 percent of all cowboys you can name offhand today. I’m convinced that you have learned much about cowboy names of all time.

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