48 Unique and Gorgeous Country Girl Names

Country Girl Names

When naming your baby girl, you’re not short on options. Thanks to the internet, you might have thousands of name ideas at your fingertips!

But when it comes to finding the right one, there’s no substitute for exploring your local heritage and culture. 

And that’s why we’ve rounded up 50 beautiful country girl names, including short and sweet names inspired by Southern states.

As well as some beautiful Spanish words perfect for parents looking to pay homage to their roots.


Kaylee, one of the beautiful country girl names, came into use as a baby girl name in 2001. The meaning of Kaylee is A place where twigs are burned for fuel. Kaylee is used in American and English. Kaylee is a variant of Kaley (English): an English surname derived from Keely.

Kayleah as a baby girl’s name: The name Kayleah came into usage as a baby girl name in 2008. It’s one of the best country girl names. 


One of the most popular country girl names, If you’re looking for a name that defies convention. Abigail has some history behind it; you may recognize it from Revolutionary War leader John Adams. But it comes from Hebrew origins. It means father’s joy. 

However, if you want to keep with country roots ( though Abigail has decidedly urban roots), then we like Abby. Abigail is generally considered a sweet name because it evokes simplicity, purity, and happiness in its sound alone; perfect for your country girl!


One of the sweet country girl names, Alison, is a feminine given name, often a diminutive form (hypocorism) of Alice. It is also occasionally used as a variant spelling of Alison. See also: Allie.


Another classic choice out of all the country girl names is Millie. This name comes from a Greek word meaning graceful or most beautiful, which shows in its sound. It has been on baby name sites since 1916.

Although, it didn’t get popular until the 1980s when it jumped in popularity from around position #750 to #290 by 1984! Millie has also had several celebrity moms, including singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan, actress Milena Govich, and actress Sarah Lancaster.

Lastly, we must credit Taylor Swift for bringing Millie back into popularity. This was after the American singer used it as a stage name in 2012. This was followed by Blake Lively, who named her daughter James four years later!


Not one of the most popular country girl names, Ashton was given to 5,196 baby girls. Ashton is of English origin, and its meaning is ‘settlement on a hill.’

Also, It is of Irish Gaelic origin, and it means ‘from Sliabh an tSionnaigh.’ This name looks pretty masculine due to its spelling. Ashton Kutcher’s ex-wife Demi Moore gave their daughter her name.


Asher was given to 4,462 baby girls. Asher comes from Hebrew origins, and it has a Biblical meaning. It was one of Jacob’s sons in The Bible, making it one of the beautiful country girl names with biblical origin.


One of the country girl names of Irish origin, Ashlynn, was given to 3,849 baby girls. It simply means Dream, and it’s also a Unisex name that is charming and graceful. 


Austin is an adorable baby girl name that means greatest. As a given name, Austin is unusual but not entirely unheard of—it ranked #4,117 for girls in 2014. Austin was most popular in 2001 when it was given to 2,429 baby girls. 

But It’s been on a steep downward trend since then, and today it sits at #3883. One of the country girls named Austin has been gaining popularity among parents again in recent years. I think it may be due to country music star Carrie Underwood choosing it for her daughter in 2013. 


Nevada is one of the pretty country girl names that can be used for baby girls, but it’s not popular. There are no annual trends for Nevada.

It’s been given to 5 baby girls between 1880 and 1959. Its most significant decade was the 1880s when it was given to 5 babies; in 2011, it ranked 1914 out of 2012.

And out of all boys in 1881, Nevada was given to 6 boys as a birth name. In comparison, 26 others used it as a middle name in 2016; globally, Nevada Ranks #3447 in popularity as a girl’s name.

A famous person named Nevada: 1-born football player Nevada Smith (age 29). Nevadeems like quite an exciting adventure, doesn’t she?


It’s also one of the most popular country girl names, though currently not in the top 100 in the U.S. It simply means Gracious and merciful. 


Belle is one of the American country girl names. In America, the meaning of Belle is: Beautiful. And in French, it also means beautiful. 


Isabella is an English baby name and one of the most popular country girls’ names. In English, the meaning of Isabella is: My God is bountiful. From Elizabeth, my God is a vow or promise; consecrated to God, perfection.


Prudence is an English name for girls. The meaning is `careful, discreet, sensible` The name Prudence didn’t appear In 2007 before Prudence was given to 4 girls. 

Since 2007, Prudence has appeared On baby names’ popularity tables more than 100 times. A rising trend in country baby names named Prudence can be observed in recent years.


A feminine given name. It’s a modern form of Barbara, derived from barbara foreign; strange. Actress Barbara Eden was born in 1931 as Barbara Jean Huffman. There are several other actresses who have also had their names shortened to just Barbara. 

Such as Barbara Hale (born in 1922), known for her role as Della Street on Perry Mason. She’s been called the quintessential big-screen dame by critic Leonard Maltin. Due to her roles in films like Mildred Pierce (1945) with Joan Crawford and The Set-Up (1949) with Robert Ryan.


This is one of the country girl names for strong girls. It’s bold and pretty, which means it works well with many different first names. Plus, Willow is an actual tree, so your little one can have an existing tree in her backyard! 

So, use it to honor a distant family member or even your favorite actress—Willow Smith! No matter what you choose with it, you can’t go wrong using Willow as your baby girl’s name. 


Blossom was once one of the famous country girl names that went out of style by 1920, then reemerged in 1994. Currently, Blossom sits in our U.S. database in 841 out of 790 baby girl names. This name used to be more popular with parents as a children’s name when it ranked 402 (18 years ago). 

And it’s now significantly less conventional than it was previously. Blossom often appears as a middle name but less frequently as a first name given to girls (or boys). 

Although, we don’t currently have enough data to forecast if Blossom will increase or decrease in popularity over time. So please check back again later!


This gorgeous girl’s name is a blend of Bryn and Del. Bryn Because it means Hill. And why Del? Because it means Dear One. If that doesn’t make for a pretty little bundle, we don’t know what does!

So, this moniker has been growing in popularity since 2011. It saw its most extraordinary rise in 2015 when it was ranked #368 by parents on BabyCenter. As far as nicknames go, Bryndle is quite hard to beat!


Carlin, one of the country girl names, first appeared on the American top 1000 in 1962. It is possibly a blend of Carlina, Karline (Caroline), and Lynne. In 2013, it was given to less than five girls.

And Carlin was most popular from 1960-to 1969, with a peak rank of #252 in 1969. Since 1969, it has become less popular but is still somewhat used (#726 in 2006). Today it is not listed within the Top 2000 names. 

Also,, It’s a masculine name for women (#9047) used only in Spain. Since 2006, Carlin hasn’t been given to any baby girls; Carlin / [car-lin] is a feminine name:


One of my favorite country girl names. I just adore it. It’s my own daughter’s name. I don’t get to name girls in any of my books, but Cassidy would be on my list if I did. 

Of course, this pretty feminine name stands out among other popular choices. The best part about Cassidy is that it comes from two different sources. You can go with Catherine or Cassandra as two potential meanings behind Cassidy.

Although, they are both beautiful names in their own right when you add the two together. You have a unique name that isn’t too trendy either. Just know that Cassidy means poet. That is if you are looking for a slightly more unique meaning behind your baby girl’s new name choice.


Clarabelle is one of those country girl names that look super-fancy on paper. But when said aloud in front of others, it makes you sound a little like a grandma. The name is traditionally old-fashioned; there was an alcoholic cocktail named after it in Prohibition times.

Then it became more popular over recent years. It’s an excellent choice for parents who want to give their daughter something classic but with a twist.

Clarabelle would fit into any spelling bee: It can be spelled just like it sounds or written Clara Belle. Clarabelle or any number of combinations therein.


Dakota is one of the classic country girl names; It was famous in 2017 but is somewhat less widespread today. In 2017, Ariana was the most regularly used in the group of girl names directly linked to Dakota. It was 21% more commonly used than in Dakota.

In contrast, in 2017, nearly all girls were called Emma instead of Dakota by their parents. (2017 BIRTH STATISTICS) Outside that group compared to other names for first born girls, like Samara or Reagan. For example, baby girls were given remarkably few names beginning with Dak or Da-.

There are 15 such baby names among all those listed below under Elizabeth. The name Dakota has been increasing steadily since 2013 when it was given to 155 newborns.


It’s one of the country girl names with an Irish origin meaning God is gracious. Deana has been a top 100 baby name for decades, and It remains popular in part because it can be spelled several different ways. 

And this makes it a versatile choice no matter what you plan to do with your daughter’s birth certificate. Spelling variations include Deanna, Déana, Deeanna, and Dianna.


Deana is also one of the country girl names. The meaning of Deana is the Feminine form of Deneze. Pet form of names ending with -dene or -donna. Invented by Walt Disney for one of his characters in ‘Cinderella.’

And a famous bearer was the American actress Deanna Durbin (1921-2013). See also Donn, compare with another form of Deana.


Ella, one of the most popular country girl names, was originally an English name. But it’s become increasingly popular in other cultures, It means shining light, and it’s believed to be related to Helen.

From Charlotte Brontë to Mark Twain, Ellas has been populating bookshelves for a long time. And If you love classic names with a vintage flair. You have to consider Ella as your daughter!


Is Henley a girl’s or a boy’s name, and what group of people name their babies Henley? Henley is one of the country girl names with a complex origin. Henley originates from English American Hebrew Teutonic: Hebrew: Oak clearing: a form of Hannah. 

Also, variants include Hennessee, Hennessey, Hennessey, Heynes, Henrietta (used for girls), Henrietta, Kenneth, Hershey, Harriett (used for girls), and Hachette. Alternate spellings for Henley include Heeney; Hash is another possible form. 


Is Cate a girl’s or a boy’s name, and what group of people name their babies Cate? Cate belongs to one of the country girl names, and it’s of multiple origins, French, Latin, English, and Latin. It’s a variant of Kate and means blessed or pure, used in a different context. 


It is one of the most popular country girl names but has its root in Latin and means well.


Another one of the country girl names that has an English origin and meaning is the laurel tree. A familiar name that was among the top 1,000 words at last count.


It also has its origins in the English language, and it means sweet, also one of the country girl names. A little reminder to you not to overeat candy! And no, we are not talking about spice or floss here.


French in origin but one of the country girl names. Derived from the Greek vocabulary word ‘Elle,’ which means ‘she.’


It has its roots in Old English and is also one of the not-so-popular country girl names. It means pale or dark. 


This gorgeous Scandinavian is one of the country girl names; it has been popular for baby girls for several years. She was ranked within the Top 200 from 2007 to 2010. During those years, Eva was most popular in Minnesota. 

And It jumped up from 463 to 347. Could it be making a comeback?


You’ll have your choice of several different traditional English names when you name your baby girl Evangeline.

As an elegant name, it is one of the country girl names that has always been considered a classic. No matter what period or place in history you look at. 

But on top of that, it also is associated with a story by Longfellow that many people are familiar with. This means there’s quite a bit to love about it already. 

The story tells about a woman named Evangeline who meets a young man and falls in love with him. But he leaves without telling her his true identity. She waits for him for years but never sees him again and eventually dies on her wedding day.


If you are looking for country girl names that are Short, simple, and sweet, then you have to pick Evie. Keep your child grounded as they grow up with a reputation as beautiful as Evie.

If you’re looking for an incredible baby girl name just as charming as your daughter, look no further than Evie.

There are lots of reasons parents adore this classic moniker. But it might have something to do with its many nicknames!


Faye is one of the English country girl names. In English, The meaning of Faye is Life; spirit. A variant of Faith, Fae, Fay – a fairy or nature spirit. They are used for both boys and girls.

However, a girl or woman in rural areas; a rustic Pronounced: fee, Origin of Faye American, English. Usage on BabyCentre UK: More popular than usage in the USA. Fay as a boy’s name (also used more commonly as a girl’s name): Short form of words beginning with Fa-

Also possibly derived from the Old French word ‘fair,’ which means ‘to agree. Popularity rank in England & Wales during 1880-1889: 2. Usage rank in the United States during 1880-1889: 1 Source iden


One of the country girl names is derived from Latin Eugenia, and the meaning of Genevieve is ‘well-born.’ The name Eugenia itself is a feminine form of Eugene (Greek). Eugene means well-born or noble, a surname that shares its roots with the English word noble. 

Also, Eugene can be used as a given name, one of many versions of Eugene. This stems from oinos (wine), which share their roots with words such as young, new, fresh, and wine.


One of the most popular country girl names, Georgia ranked 23 in 2014 for baby girls born in 2014. It was 3% more popular than Georgiana, another form. It reached its highest popularity ranking of 7 in 2006 with 511 occurrences. 

However, there were six times more babies named Georgia than girls named Georgiana born that year. See where Georgia ranks among all girl baby names


Harriot is a French name of German origin, meaning army ruler; It is a feminine form of Harold. It was used in Britain since 2010 and popularized by explorer Sir Walter Raleigh’s (1552-1618) daughter. Who gave her name to two counties. 

And the surname Harrington is an alternate spelling variant that has been used as both masculine and feminine. Literary: In 1858, English author Charlotte M.Yonge first used Harriott as a character name in her novel The Daisy Chain. Since then, it has appeared regularly in books written for young readers.


One of the best country girl names, a variation of hay, means hay field usage. Although not found frequently in recent data, Hayley was bestowed upon 0.004% of baby girls in 2015. How famous is Hayley? It is a prominent first name for women (#1418 out of 4276, Top 75%). 

But an unusual last name for both adults and children. (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Which version is better?


Henrietta is a variant spelling of Henriette (English). The meaning of Henrietta is lord. You can read more about Henrietta. Male & Female form: Henry, Henrie, Henry. 


Aishwarya is a Sanskrit name for girls. It’s one of the uncommon country girl names. The meaning of Aishwarya is glowing like gold. Read more about Aishwarya. 


Rhiannon is a Welsh myth name for girls. The meaning of Rhiannon is prophet’s maiden; white-browed. Anise as a baby girl name: Anise means pleasant, soft, gentle.


While it’s still not all that common among all the country girl names, Hope is a pretty name for a girl. And it may even be becoming more popular as parents search for characters with the meaning behind them. The purpose behind Hope is what you would expect: Hope. 

And what could be more hopeful than naming your daughter after something so important? It means that she will always have Hope, no matter how much life throws her.


Iona is a Greek name for girls. The meaning is unknown. Iona as a baby girl name: In Greek mythology. Iona was a nymph or sea goddess who loved Zeus. Hera changed her into a fountain so that she would not distract Zeus while he seduced other women.

Kinsey as A Baby Girl Name

Contemporary, Unisex: There are no rating details yet for Kinsey. You can click to suggest your related baby names or meanings below: Find baby names on Nameberry.


A classic, Jane has long been a favorite female first name, especially in English-speaking countries. The popularity of Jane, which comes from an English pet form of Johanna, has remained steady since 1880. It rose steadily during World War II but has declined slightly in recent years.

And it’s pronounced Jah-nay. See also: Janet, Janis, Jayne, Jeanie, Jeannie.


The name Jewel is a baby girl’s name. The name’s meaning is `prized, precious’ (British English). The name Jewel is most given to English and Welsh girls.


Finding just one perfect baby girl name can be challenging with so many attractive name choices. But you don’t have to choose just one—if you know whether you prefer short or long words. Go with a top-choice and then a handful of other classic favorites that are close contenders. 

And don’t forget about your culture or heritage. You might consider using your family’s roots as inspiration for an original, beautiful name. 

So we’ll leave it up to you whether we should reveal our top girls’ names. But we hope these lists have inspired you with lots of possibilities!

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